• How can I mirror this part and delete the original?

    I want to create the following part from   from this part    I have created this part and changed the top extrusion to a rectangle as the drawing instructs, but I am unsure on how to mirror this. Whe...
    Adeel Iltaf
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  • Modeling a Medical Needle

    Hello everyone, Attached is a view and a sectioned view of a needle I am trying to model. I am trying to find a way to create the filleted surface near the tip (marked by the red elipse) but haven't been succes...
    Amit Militanu
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  • Flange dimension will not accept Global Variable

    I am attempting to create a plate with a flange across the top. Since the plate has breaks in it this translates into 4 different flanges. Thinking it would be nice to have them all be controlled with one dimension I ...
    Jim Steinmeyer
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  • How to model this ss part.

    Hello Folks, i am wondering that how this ss part can be modeled.i tried sweep feature, but not getting desired result. 
    Gaurav Shah
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  • Appearance Different

    Amber LED appearance was in placed on part directly from Default Appearance in SWX. Same color was made PNG file and considered as a custom color and placed on part. But both shows different appearance. What is t...
    Maha Nadarasa
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  • How do I create this projection curve?

    Kahasim Brown
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  • Adjusting Bevel Angle

    Hi all.    I'm learning how to do this gears tool and I'm stuck with the part of making sure that the angles on both bevel gears match.  I'm not even sure how to ask the question.  All I want is f...
    Le Dude
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  • Sheet Metal flat pattern export bend lines and sketched to dxf not working

    I have been having a problem for a while with sketches not showing up when exporting flat patterns to a dxf, but today is the first time i have had a problem exporting the bend lines too. Does anyone have any suggesti...
    David McCullough
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  • Variable Pattern and Instance

    One instance is missing in Variable Pattern. How to fix it?  
    Maha Nadarasa
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  • How Do I Specify the Angle of an Extruded Cut?

    I’m trying to cut six evenly spaced grooves into the top of this piston model. On a mill, this would be relatively easy with an indexing head, but I haven’t figured out how to do this in SolidWorks. Below ...
    Matt Nesbitt
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  • Is there a free 3D model of internal human organs (pancreas, liver ect)?

    I would like to get a 3D model of internal organs, for development of laparoscopy tools. Are there such models available for free?   Best Regards Amit Pascal
    Amit Pascal
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  • How do I scale my pictures perfect like the heights

    Kahasim Brown
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  • How can I fillet this extrusion?

    I created an extrution, but I don't want it to end straight. Instead I want the extrusion end filleted. I tried many different filet options, but to no avail yet.   Can someone please give me a hint and tell me ...
    Axel Dahmen
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  • How to thicken surface without creating height?

    I have a surface of faces which I want to "thicken" by 1mm to fit inside a case. When I use the thicken feature to do this is works fine apart from the upper left curve where it has added height.   What is the b...
    Alex Price
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  • How to use trim with depth?

    Hi, A very new user coming from Freecad. I've got a complex surface (a lens) which I'd like to "chomp" or trim both fore and aft. You can see that I've created a planar surface where I'd like this to occur. Using th...
    Alex Price
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  • making notches in plywood ideas?

    i'm trying to index some plywood into another piece at say a 90deg angle with notches. does anyone have any good techniques? thanks.
    Ryan Gilmore
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  • Face Curve

    What determine the orientation of this lines? Is it possible to change the orientation of lines?  
    Maha Nadarasa
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  • How do I scale my pictures perfect like the heights

    Kahasim Brown
    created by Kahasim Brown
  • Assigning a mass to a part/surface model

    Good Morning,   I have poked around for a situation similar to mine but I have been unable to find one, so here is what I am looking at.   We were given a 3D model of a component from an OEM.  We have...
    Innoviator Flight Science
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  • Text does not render Property with a Variable in the expression

    Hi folks,   I'm trying to embed the value of the part id field in a text field on the part. However, when I use $PRP:"part id" in a text field, the text expression shows up. (The whole thing is c...
    Joshua Vasquez
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