• Hole wizard and error message

    After upgrading to 2019v5, when I click the Hole wizard error message pop ups. I use standard holes only. Do you know the path for this?  
    Maha Nadarasa
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  • Visibility Problem

    Problem with 2020v. When I move the cursor over the part it disappears. How to fix it?
    Maha Nadarasa
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  • Hole wizard and error message

    After upgrading to 2019v5 error message pop ups when I click the Hole wizard . I use standard holes only. Do you know the path for this?  
    Maha Nadarasa
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  • Any reason why I can't use Fill Pattern on this?

    Hi all,   Can anyone explain why I can't use the fill pattern feature on this part?
    Victor Fagerlund
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  • Sketch bend vs Edge bends with step and iges files

    in sheet metal when i have SolidWork open and then open a step or iges file, solidworks does feature recognition and process the sheet metal flanges as sketch bends instead of edge bends. but if i reboot solidworks an...
    Rick Frank
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  • how can i draw plate in solid work??

    please help me how can draw ??
    Touraj Sh
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  • normal cut on for a laser cutter for tubes?

    How do i cut for square tubing for a laser cutter? It has to cut normal to my material. I know with round tubing to use surfacing, but with square tubing i can't figure it out.   Kind regards, Kevin   Edi...
    K. V.
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  • Unable to thicken surfaced part

    Hello, It is my first time working with surfaces. I tried to thicken the attached model by 0.4" but could not. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
    Ghazi Toutounji
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  • Have you used the "Advanced Hole" wizard?  Share your experience & thoughts...

    We first gave the "Advanced Hole" wizard a try when in came out in 2017.  We had zero success getting it to remember the favorites we would create, making the feature rather useless to us so we didn't really dig ...
    Doug Seibel
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  • Is it possible to use the pattern fill (seed cut) feature on a curved part?

    Hello, I'm trying to create a continuous pattern (like perforated metal)  using the seed cut in Fill Pattern on the attached curved part. However I haven't had any success with this feature on curved su...
    Dora Fori
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  • S key shortcut used to be vertical, now is horizontal

    no clue what happened, but when I came in to work today and fired up SW, my S key shortcut now has the icons loaded in a horizontal line.  friday when I left work, and for the previous 2 years of SW, the S key sh...
    Michael Paul
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  • Flex Feature Causing STL Issues

    I am using the flex feature to modify a part for 3D printing, but when I turn it into an STL, the STL file has a bunch of random facets? The geometry doesn't look broken since the facets are attaching to random vertic...
    Brandon Robertson
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  • Part - Component

    Hi to every one  Can anyone to explain me what is the different (meaning)  between the part and  the component? Thank you for your time Regards Kostas
    Kostas Stergiopoulos
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  • Hole wizard - Zero Thickness Geometry error

    Hi.   I have an odd problem.   I'm not able to make a hole in an edge flange. I've made several but this one returns a rebuild error???     Has anyone encountered this problem? Part is attache...
    Jens Peder Kristensen
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  • Can we undo the thin feature for the extrude?

    Hi, I set the feature as extrude with thin feature at the beginning but later I change my mind and want it to be solid extrude, but it seems it cannot be unchecked(the checkbox is grey as the attached pic shows). Does...
    Louise Yi
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  • Linear Pattern From Middle Out

    I have a circular sketch. I would like to create a Linear Pattern that equally spaces the Number of Instances out from this circle instead of starting at this circle and going one direction. If I have an even number, ...
    Tyler Braun
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  • Sketch text referencing other values

    I wish to reference other parameters in sketch text.  There seems to be hope in that a 'Link to Property' dialog box comes up.  Unfortunately, I can't figure out how to reference anything except Document Pro...
    Alan Thomason
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  • advanced holes and design library

    can any one please help me with this issue.   i need some one to tell me how can i make an advanced hole and use it as a design library   i already created my custom hole using the advanced hole feature an...
    Gustavo Avila
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  • How can I mirror this part and delete the original?

    I want to create the following part from   from this part    I have created this part and changed the top extrusion to a rectangle as the drawing instructs, but I am unsure on how to mirror this. Whe...
    Adeel Iltaf
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  • Modeling a Medical Needle

    Hello everyone, Attached is a view and a sectioned view of a needle I am trying to model. I am trying to find a way to create the filleted surface near the tip (marked by the red elipse) but haven't been succes...
    Amit Militanu
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