• Delete Face fails after rebuild, changes to face in another body

    All   I have a delete-face feature that fails when I do a ctrl-Q rebuild. One of the selected faces switches to a face in another solid body, which of course the delete-face feature cannot handle. The part start...
    Dwight Livingston
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  • Unflattening sheet metal suppresses holes

    Like others it seems flattening a sheet metal part, adding holes, then unflattening means you lose the holes. The solution posed in the past is to create a part, create your folds, unfold it, add the holes, then re-fo...
    Dan Cairns
    created by Dan Cairns
  • Solidworks cancelling 'Fillet' and 'Chamfer' features

    I'm currently running Solidworks 2019. Whenever I try to add a series of chamfers or fillets, Solidworks likes to cancel out of the action before I have time to select all of my edges. It doesn't seem to be consistent...
    Chris Polito
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  • Using Pattern Table

    Hi, Please it is possible I would like to receive help how to create Pattern Table Hole for this pdf sample part application, pattern table hole for these thread holes. I will appreciate very much, it is possible to...
    Sorin Albu
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  • Convert all parts to inches

    So, I'm aware of the following:   Using the System Options to set the default part template to inches Using the lower right drop down menu to switch to inches   This is great if you're making your own par...
    Salted Fish
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  • thread feature profiles

    Hi all,   Anybody an idea to where I can find thread profile data? I was trying to add a custom thread profile (M9x0.75) but Solidworks uses some kind of formula for the thread profile sketch. What formula is t...
    Alexandru Anghel
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  • How do you create solid from a cavity?

    I have a part that I have drawn and I would like to make a new part from the Cavity that is in the first part. I have tried drawing planes and using intersect but that has failed. I did not start the drawing out using...
    John Gaertner
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  • How do I repair a broken (-> x) external reference?

    I have a top-down part that somehow apparently lost its link to the base part (the part that I initially inserted that forms the foundation of the part under discussion here).   Is there a way to repair this lin...
    Michael Gera
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  • Create a radial (shadowing) extrusion

    I'm looking for a way to do the equivalent of an "up to next" extrusion, but starting from a point rather than a plane.  For some reason I can't insert my image of what I want to do so I'm attaching it instead.&#...
    Michael Foegelle
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  • SWPUC - SOLIDWORKS Power User Challenges

    Update: 347,000 points have been awarded to date in the first 26 SWPUCs. Let's see who will win the 1,000,000th point.       Articles about various SWPUCs:   https://www.engineersrule.com/impossi...
    Alin Vargatu
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  • Cloth feature

    Hello, it would be nice if developers would integrate "cloth" feature.   What I mean by that? So if you got a sheet metal or some coth (thin extrude or surface) over some beam structure and you want it leaning...
    Damir Galic
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  • Guide Curves on the Same Plane

    Let me say for a Loft guide curves (GC) are on same plane. Two ways you can have these type of guide curves:   -All the GC’s are on the same sketch.     -Each GC is independent of each oth...
    Maha Nadarasa
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  • Adding  revolve feature to library feature

    I am trying to create a simple revolve surface feature as a library feature, but after saving it as a library feature, it only takes the sketch into the library. Also no option to add the revolve feature into the libr...
    Jonas Mueller
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  • Separating a door

    Hi I'm trying to create a door for a product but am not sure how to proceed. This is an image of the outer casing of the product, and as you can see the front part gets attached to the body using screws on the outside...
    Stephen Rhee
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  • Looking for help/suggestions with complex fillet

    Hello all,   I am having some trouble with a complex fillet on my part and I am looking for some suggestions on how to get what I want.  The part has a linear "bar" that I am trying to blend into the "yoke"....
    Galen Woerner
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  • cosmetic thread problem

    When adding a cosmetic thread, the entire piece turns black  
    Arif Akbas
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  • Appearance of the part

    This part disappears in other than Shaded and Shaded with Edges mode. This file is originally in 2019v and opened in 2019v but other 2019v files do not have this issue with 2020v. What is the reason for that?   ...
    Maha Nadarasa
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  • Hole Wizard Favorites Not Setting Tolerance / Favorites Database Editing

    Hello all, We recently "upgraded" to SW2020SP3 from SW2019SP3 and were surprised to find that our hole wizard favorites for dowel holes no longer have the ability to set press fit / slip fit tolerances.  I am aw...
    Dale Slotman
    created by Dale Slotman
  • document does not display the file name

    Greetings of the day. We have installed Solidworks 2020 SP03 upgraded from SP01. After installation, when we open any Solidworks file, it does not display on top or header the file name. We have tried the same in o...
    Vijay M Patil
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  • Centering and merging two rings together

    I need to center an octagonal ring together with an internal spur gear and then join them together in a way that results in the octagonal ring being the outside of the gear. Could anyone give me advice on how to do th...
    Paul Lindberg
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