• The three default planes differ from the orientation cube

    Hi everyone,    I hope you're all well and have been keeping safe.   A quick question/issue I am having. I have set my part template file to be Z-Up, however, when selecting "normal to" for the front ...
    Jack Elam
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  • Partial sketch cut from vortex to vortex

    Hello,   I can't seem to figure out how to partially select the grey sketch area inside the hash marks shown on the part in the attached photo and then how to get it to cut up and out to the exterior surface lin...
    Devon Hathaway
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  • Updated views keep reverting back to default

    Hi everyone,   I previously posted a discussion about the views and planes not completely matching up when switching to Z-Axis up. However, now I have found that my updated views in the template file have d...
    Jack Elam
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  • Write Thickness to Configuration Specific Macro

    I have a code, which should write to each configuration a parameter = thickness. Storis = Thickness But the "Thickness" comes as word - text. I want it to be as parameter of sheet thickness. I know that the culprit...
    Valdas K.
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  • How to make a curved, double-edged sword?

    Hi,    I want both edges to come together at the point and I'm unsure if the variable chamfer using hold line is the right method. I feel as though a loft wouldn't look clean and thought a cut would be easi...
    Michael Benson
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  • CREO 7 Multibody

    Historically one of, in my opinion, the biggest disadvantages of CREO is the lack of Multibody support. Earlier this year with the introduction of CREO 7, PTC has knocked down this limitation and drawn one step closer...
    Mark Biasotti
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    Hello, I am trying to print this nut 3D. The thread is custom (5/16-14 LH, modified). Can anyone please help with the THREAD START and THREAD TERMINATION so it can be printed properly. File is attached...
    Adam Folski
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  • Mass Properties

    This is a very common CSWP preparation question. I watched the tutorial and followed it. I am supposed to receive 13206.34 but I receive 13171.41 g. I would be very happy to know my mistakes. 
    Ubayed Bin Sufian
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  • How do I "fill in" a hollow solid model

     Hi folks    I've just made a model to be 3d printed (cooler mount for my laptop). I could have modelled this much better, but I essentially created the outline of everything and lofted it, then s...
    Sam Smith
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  • Surface and solid bodies

    Hi I am making a mould for a part (manually) and I used a surface plane to split the mould in the way I needed it to be split. now I cannot get rid of the surface body, so in my part I have 1 surface body and one soli...
    Michael Mullineux
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  • Structural Systems Corner Management

    Hi,   I am experimenting with Structural systems and I have an issue with the corner management feature.   The structure is basically 3 boxes placed on top of each other and the issue is that corner manage...
    Michael Mullineux
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  • Loft issue, real world bends question

    Hi,   I am having an issue with the loft part of this design. It is a silicone mold that is pinched closed at the top by a "peg". The main problem is lofting, I have added pictures of the lofting areas that are ...
    Michael Mullineux
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  • Counterbored and tapped hole

    What is the best method to model a hole that is counterbore then tapped thru? Do I actually do it as 2 hole features? How do I put the callout on a drawing? Thank you.
    Lonnie Cady
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  • Airplane Vertical Stabilizer Loft

    Hello guys, attached is a file of my fuselage and the vertical stabilizer. When creating loft for the vertical stabilizer Solidworks is not recognizing it as one whole tangent surface. After creating the stabilizer wi...
    Zhihao Liu
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  • Chamfer Begining and Ending

    I am attempting to create a chamfer as close to the first image as possible.  I am attempting to utilize the partial edge parameters with the chamfer feature, but by utilizing this feature the chamfer no longer f...
    Troy Druckenmiller
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  • Elipsoidal pipes end section misalignment

    Hello, as you guys can see on the screenshot, no matter whether I choose one or the other section/sketch as the first input, whenever I validate the function swept, it leads to the end section/ellipse not aligned to t...
    Ano Ano
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  • Parameterized material properties, density

    Given either a part property or global variable in `equations' representing the porosity of a material, is it possible to create a parameterized expression for material density which is some function of porosity? ...
  • BSP, BSF, BSW hole wizard

    Is it possible to select BSP BSW and BSF threads in the hole wizard and if not can they be added to the hole wizard in the same way you can add weldment profiles in the weldment menu?
    Ben Amos-Reed
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  • Hole Wizard Legacy Hole Counterbore

    Hi all,   I came across an issue this afternoon, I tried using a legacy hole counterbore and the depth does not quite equal what I input. Diameter is correct, counterbore diameter is correct, counterbore depth ...
    Kyle Mitchell
    created by Kyle Mitchell
  • How to Loft / Boundary boss from a Curved surface to a Plane surface ?

    Can I / How to -- Loft or Boundary boss from a Curved Surface to a Plane Surface ???    IS IT POSSIBLE ??   OR, How can i loft from a Curved surface to a Plane surface?
    R. Amarthya Sreechand
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