• Using Pattern Table

    Hi, Please it is possible I would like to receive help how to create Pattern Table Hole for this pdf sample part application, pattern table hole for these thread holes. I will appreciate very much, it is possible to...
    Sorin Albu
    created by Sorin Albu
  • Convert all parts to inches

    So, I'm aware of the following:   Using the System Options to set the default part template to inches Using the lower right drop down menu to switch to inches   This is great if you're making your own par...
    Salted Fish
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  • Separating a door

    Hi I'm trying to create a door for a product but am not sure how to proceed. This is an image of the outer casing of the product, and as you can see the front part gets attached to the body using screws on the outside...
    Stephen Rhee
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  • cosmetic thread problem

    When adding a cosmetic thread, the entire piece turns black  
    Arif Akbas
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  • Centering and merging two rings together

    I need to center an octagonal ring together with an internal spur gear and then join them together in a way that results in the octagonal ring being the outside of the gear. Could anyone give me advice on how to do th...
    Paul Lindberg
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  • SOLIDWORKS Top Ten Final Survey

    Thank you to those who participated in the SOLIDWORKS Top Ten Feedback Survey!   We have created a new closed-answer survey from your open ended responses to the previous survey. This will help us...
    Alexandra MILLER
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  • Automated Part Coatings

    I have approx. 100 configurations of a single part, its a basic cylinder of various sizes. Is there a way I can added a coating to the part, either at part level or within an assembly that automatically updates to su...
    Richard Kendrew
    last modified by Richard Kendrew
  • How to create-add the existing weldment texture ?

    when we use the 3d geometric weldment, Under PRT-wld it work ok, and we can see SW add a "weldment texture", it's nice.   Under the new appearance panel (compare to previous SW before) i found how to add the t...
    The Merovingien
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  • Problem creating cavities inside a mold

    Good day all! I had a problem while creating cavities  inside a mold. I succeed to do the cavity of the nominal  part and the riser but  when I tried to do it for the gating  system and the collar...
    ama ouchen
    last modified by ama ouchen
  • Adding a custom thread type.

    I need to add a custome thread type with the hole wizards. I am looking to add an 8-40 and a 6-48. Is this possible, I could not locat anything in the help contents that indicates I can customize a thread. Thanks ...
    last modified by ANONYMOUS ANONYMOUS
  • Hole fit specification error: No match found for this classification

    Hi   I'm trying to set the tolerance of a bore. The input shaft is supposed to be 14mm h7 and I'm trying to design the bore for press fit (P6). However, when I select P6 and then the hole tolerance, I get the fo...
    Eg Gloo
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  • Why there isn't bearing hole wizard?

    I used hole wizard but we can only select screws and bolts.It would be very useful if we add bearing selection from the toolbox to it. For example, I can select f608zz, and hole wizard makes a mounting hole for it. 
    Onur Dorduncu
    last modified by Onur Dorduncu
  • Solid sweep cut, odd result, what am I doing wrong?

    Hello, I'm trying to do model kind of an odd cut over a hole where it breaks into a bore. At the end of the path, the sphere (solid body) is tangent to the bore which should give you an idea of the intended cut. If ...
    Blake Johnson
    last modified by Blake Johnson
  • Extrude cylinder through another cylinder and straight cut

    I am looking for a faster feature or process to control how far cylinder "A" protrudes into cylinder "B", and still keep a straight edge or cut (not coped). Please look at my picture for clarity. Currently, I ex...
    Brady Balzan
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  • How can I fold a metal sheet with cut faces lying inside after folding?

    Hi,   For my design, I have to extrude-cut the part.and the extrude-cut faces have to be inside the part after folding.   However, when I fold the part, it folds with the uncut faces inside, as shown ...
    Jayen Pillay
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  • Random Sheetmetal Weldment Bugs

    Is it just me or does each new version of SW bring an array of new weldment bugs. 2019 SP5 1. Individual sheet metal body flat patterns sometimes give wrong quantity. The quantity is correct in Cut list Table. S...
    Ian McLean
    last modified by Ian McLean
  • Extrude to multi surfaces?

    This might apply to molds but here is my problem. If I want to support a complex part in an area that has many different surfaces how can I do this. If I sketch a area under the surface and try to extrude up to it I c...
    last modified by 1-511CER
  • Part magic invisible faces

    Sometimes a part magicly turns faces invisible. Breaks mates if they use this suddenly invisible face. Not transparent, not display change, just random invisible faces. Ctrl Q is the only way to get faces back. di...
    Ned Hutchinson
    last modified by Ned Hutchinson
  • Warning: Dangerous use of "Make Equal" for lines in 2D sketches

    This may have been discussed somewhere else, but in a 2 minute search, I couldn't find it.   I am using SW 2018 SP5   OK, I use "Make equal" for lines all the time.  I prefer to use it instead of addi...
    Dan Pihlaja
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  • Modeling of screw holes

    Hi, I am designing some frames for motor. According to the company's schematic diagram, the holes are of size M2.5x.45 TAP DP 4.0 (max). Does that mean the diameter of the screw is 2.5mm, screw thread 0.45mm and the m...
    Peter Cohen
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