• 'On Edge' relations between sketches

    Hi   I'm looking through this part of a bicycle frame, which has the geometry laid out on a separate sketch. Each feature has a 'On Edge' relation to the geometry sketch. Does anyone know how it's created? These...
    Eg Gloo
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  • Equations in Custom Properties

    I am trying to add a text suffix to an equation value in a custom property as I would normally do with a dimension value (IE: mm, in etc.). The problem is as soon as I add the suffix (in this case a tolerance) the eva...
    Gary Penelton
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  • How to create a macro to rename the configuration with the same file name?

    Hi   1- I needed to create a macro where it is possible to rename the active configuration with the same file name, how can I do this? 2 - Possible when saving a document to run the macro together?    
    Adalto Junior
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  • Removing Part Appearances - Takes Forever

    Hi all,   Quite often I work with mold files from customers.  After saving off the assembly as a part file I want to remove all appearance properties (a lot of these molds come in with every part a dif...
    Iain Hendry
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  • Part is grayed out after saving

    This keeps happening somewhat at random, but the part I am currently working on becomes grayed out after saving. It almost resembles a .step file but it was created entirely in Solidworks 2020. I can still edit the pa...
    Gabriel Davalos
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  • Assembly name into part property feature

    Hello,   I'm looking for a certain SolidWorks built in feature. What I'm looking is a way to link an assembly's name into its part's file properties.    So basically something similar to $PRP:"SW...
    Andre Gallant
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  • Free tutorials for part modeling. A large series follows.

    Solidworks modeling - Tutorial 0055     tutoral video_tutorials free
    Ivan O'Blak
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  • Spiral tube modeling

    Hello. I am trying to model the attached image using Solidworks. I tried modeling with a sweep, but the path looks complicated and I can't draw it. Is there a way to model it like an image file, or is there a way to ...
    Jaemo Koo
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  • Creating a solid body and

    Brian H.
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  • Solidworks: Cutlist Weldment and Assembly "Mating Weldment". What is the difference?

    Hello, I have been greatly bugged by core Solidworks dilema:   What is the true way to do weldments in Solidworks? For example weldment profiles are is designed to be done from Part, while using Weldment. S...
    Valdas K.
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  • Multibody Sheet Export to DXF with Cutlist Naming

    Hello, is there a way to export all metal sheets' flat patterns from a multibody part to separate DXFs with naming from their cultist parameters? If part has many sheet metals,  I want to export them all with nam...
    Valdas K.
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  • Support Ribs on Rubber Pipe

    I am trying to create a rubber pipe but need to add ribs for support so the pipe doesn't cave under pressure. See below for an example I'm basing this off of.   I can make the pipe itself using a swept boss...
    Dustin McMillan
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  • Can you apply a linear pattern to extrude cut along a lofted, contoured surface?

    Hello all,   I am new to the forums and apologize in advance if I am not following proto when it comes to posting. I am here seeking help/advice to learn how to apply a linear pattern to a lofted, contoured surf...
    Dan L.
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  • FYI: Configurable Weldment Profiles

    I just came across solution S-076397 in the knowledge base which includes a ZIP file of configurable weldment profiles for the ANSI, AS, BSI, CISC, DIN, GB, ISO and JIS standards.  The configurable models are NOT...
    Jim Sculley
    created by Jim Sculley
  • The missing 5% functionality:  Slot Wizard

    The slot feature in Hole Wizard is a feature I was in favor of, and I do use it often, but it feels unfinished.  I had suggested check boxes in the feature manager for "horizontal", "vertical", and "angled" (wher...
    Glenn Schroeder
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  • The three default planes differ from the orientation cube

    Hi everyone,    I hope you're all well and have been keeping safe.   A quick question/issue I am having. I have set my part template file to be Z-Up, however, when selecting "normal to" for the front ...
    Jack Elam
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  • Partial sketch cut from vortex to vortex

    Hello,   I can't seem to figure out how to partially select the grey sketch area inside the hash marks shown on the part in the attached photo and then how to get it to cut up and out to the exterior surface lin...
    Devon Hathaway
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  • Updated views keep reverting back to default

    Hi everyone,   I previously posted a discussion about the views and planes not completely matching up when switching to Z-Axis up. However, now I have found that my updated views in the template file have d...
    Jack Elam
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  • Write Thickness to Configuration Specific Macro

    I have a code, which should write to each configuration a parameter = thickness. Storis = Thickness But the "Thickness" comes as word - text. I want it to be as parameter of sheet thickness. I know that the culprit...
    Valdas K.
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  • How to make a curved, double-edged sword?

    Hi,    I want both edges to come together at the point and I'm unsure if the variable chamfer using hold line is the right method. I feel as though a loft wouldn't look clean and thought a cut would be easi...
    Michael Benson
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