• Imported a file but can't determine some of the geometry

    I've imported an STP file and ran the diagnostics/FeatureWorks on it in order to get all of the geometry to load. However, there is a portion that I cannot view. I don't know how some of the cuts/features were created...
    Zach Procak
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  • How to change the width of this part?

    Hi I've been given this part where all dimensions appear to be defined. I'm trying to change the width, but I can't seem to find the dimension for width:     Does anyone know how the width can be changed...
    John Munroe
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  • Radii on a path

    Somebody has a better practice to add a constant radii of 5mm on this corner? I attached my solid file
    Ruben Rodolfo Balderrama
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  • The missing 5% functionality:  Slot Wizard

    The slot feature in Hole Wizard is a feature I was in favor of, and I do use it often, but it feels unfinished.  I had suggested check boxes in the feature manager for "horizontal", "vertical", and "angled" (wher...
    Glenn Schroeder
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  • Nut and Bolt

    Hi all.   I'm trying to figure out how to create a threaded hole in the blade and a screw that can through the middle of the blade to either push or retract the blade up and down.  I'm using the thread comm...
    Le Dude
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  • Weldment not working on Curve Feature

    Hello All,   I am modeling a Go Kart frame and it requires an odd "dual" bend in the "Side Main" Member. I have read that the Weldment features cannot do something like this. I am using the sweep but i need to t...
    Alexander Bulger
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  • [Updated v3] Macro utility: Notify on part save when no material is specified

    Update 01/28/2020: Per Josh Brady's kind assistance, #2 has been improved and is attached as #3.   Update 01/27/2020: Added "NotifyNoMaterialOnSave2.swp" which reads the part's material directly. No need to mod...
    Kevin Chandler
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  • Modeling Rant

    I've put my modelling hat back on after quite a few years, and am astounded (not really) to see that Solidworks hasn't fixed many of these very old annoying user experience issues:   Allow editing old extrudes ...
    Terry Raymond
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  • SOLIDWORKS Top Ten Final Survey

    Thank you to those who participated in the SOLIDWORKS Top Ten Feedback Survey!   We have created a new closed-answer survey from your open ended responses to the previous survey. This will help us...
    Alexandra MILLER
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  • Insert part into part with constraint option bug

    I have seen this bug for a long time and my regret is that I did not SPR it while I was working for Dassault. I searched the forum briefly and could not see anyone else mentioning it. Here it is:   Often times w...
    Mark Biasotti
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  • Trim structural member in weldment

    Hello, How can I trim the inclined leg from the lower side of the horizontal beam in the attached part. I tried it but did not work. SW2017 Professional. Thank you.
    Ghazi Toutounji
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  • STL to Part file

    How do I convert an STL file to a Solidworks Part file or an IGES file? Regards Ashok
    Ashok Kumar
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  • No Symmetric Relation - why?

    I don't get it:   In the attached project I selected three lines in the "no symmetry" drawing layer, but SolidWorks doesn't show me the Symmetric relation: I would expect to get a Symmetry relation after havi...
    Axel Dahmen
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  • Two direction Hole Wizard

    Wouldn't this be a nice feature? While I know you can use Cut-Extrude, it would be convenient coming off a plane for a cylindrical part.
    Mike Agan
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  • Save a Custom Legacy Hole

    Hello, is there an option to save custom legacy hole in hole wizard? I want to create custom shape that will sped up my workflow and make it easy to edit it if needed. As of simple example I want to extend start poi...
    Piotr Kluba
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  • Help with flex

    I haven't used Flex very much and am struggling to get this to do what I want.   I attached a STEP file of a model. I want to flex the area between the two sets of vertical marks and rotate it by some angle - sa...
    Matt S.
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  • Finding Radius

    I am trying to do a school assignment for solidworks but I am not quite sure what the radius R.11x2 means on the part. 
    Megumi Rees
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  • From parts to assembly

    Hello guys,   I have been trying to create an assembly through a part.   So Basically I have created 5 bodies in a single part, right now I have save 2 of my bodies as one part and the rest of the 3 b...
    Lee Zhen Yueng
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  • VOR Improvements (Verification on Rebuild - Extra Body Checking)

    VOR Icon Warning Option,.. (based on your VOR setting, On or Off),... upon opening, a Warning stating the files used were not created with VOR On.. or vice versa, Off? "Part was generated with VOR Off,.. do you want t...
    Paul Salvador
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  • Curve Driven Pattern Feature Rebuild Error

    Hello   I am have a problem using the Curve Driven Pattern feature.   When I try patterning the desired features (see attached file) it gives me this error: "The selected features could not be patterned u...
    Michael Cornette
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