• How to Use 3D Texture  in SOLIDWORKS

    Hello,   Now that SOLIDWORKS 2019 SP0 has been released I wanted to repost a blog from the beta program that talks about the new 3D textures feature. This blog post was written by myself and my colleague Xiao Liu...
    Marlon Banta
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  • How to Create Grayscale Heightmaps for 3D Textures

    In a previous blog post I discussed the new 3D Textures functionality that was added to SOLIDWORKS 2019 ( see How to Use 3D Texture  in SOLIDWORKS ) . One thing that was discussed in that blog post was the fact t...
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  • Featured Content - Our Blog Has Moved!

    The Featured Content blog has moved to the New Tech Blog! Update your  bookmarks to the new address. You can now subscribe to the posts and get notified of any new activity. Check it out!     Note: ...
    Keri Prasky
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  • Featured Author Blog Index

    The Featured Author Blog Index allows the user to view an archive of past blogs from our professional SolidWorks Users. To view the archives, you must be on Subscription Services. We offer the current blog along with ...
    Kimberly Richardson
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  • Opening Adobe Illustrator Files

    The interoperability between Adobe PDF, Illustrator and Photoshop files is important to Engineers and designers. Fortunately, SolidWorks has strived to improve compatiblity with these important design formats.  ...
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  • SolidWorks Part Reviewer

    With SolidWorks 2012 SP01 there is a new add-in, the SolidWorks Part Reviewer. For the 2012 release, the primary focus is to leverage this as a learning tool to help users walk through a part and see how it was create...
    Keri Prasky
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  • How to quickly split parts

    Here is a little tip on how to split parts in half or quarts (or more) very quickly. I discovered this not too long ago and I find it very useful.   Launch the Symmetry Check from the Tools menu. There, you will...
    Michel Cloutier
    created by Michel Cloutier