• Part drawn in MM; Need in inches

    I have a newbie who started modeling a part on the default template which as you know uses mm as the default units.   I don't want to redraw the part from scratch on a "inches" template; how do I scale the part ...
    James Sorrentino
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  • BS EN 960:2006 Headform creation

    Hi All,   12/11/2013 - PROBLEM UPDATED AS PER REPLY   I am creating a headform (size designation 535) according to BS EN 960:2006, I have plotted the spherical coordinates (given in the standard) using con...
    Chris Leadbetter
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  • SOLIDWORKS Top Ten Final Survey

    Thank you to those who participated in the SOLIDWORKS Top Ten Feedback Survey!   We have created a new closed-answer survey from your open ended responses to the previous survey. This will help us...
    Alexandra MILLER
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  • Use Hole Wizard on Curved Surface

    Hi,   How do I make the circular cuts be perpendicular to the surface? As an example, the cuts shown by 'cut-extrude38' tend to be a top plane view extruded cut directly downwards. I need the cuts to be perpendi...
    Sergio Alza
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  • Can't show all sketches in part

    I am editing a part created by someone else and the sketches aren't showing. The show all sketches option is grayed out in the menu under the eyeball icon. The individual sketches I'm wanting to display are set to sho...
    Barry Watkins
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  • Solidworks auto-recovery not saving files

    Hello,  I've been using solidworks since 2015 and had always had save auto-recover function turned on. But i recently had a big crash and lost all my progress. When i checked auto-recovery folder last file was f...
    Mikas Butrimas
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  • Macro utility: Notify on part save when no material is specified

    Hello,   This macro, once started, will display a dialog whenever a part is saved without a material being specified:   It does this by traversing the features and material, whether it's shown in th...
    Kevin Chandler
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  • How can I have SolidWorks show dialog for adding new parameters to design table?

    Hi guys,   I have the following issue and it'd be great if you could help me out of this misery:   A couple of days ago I went through a tutorial demonstrating design tables. So I added some relations, g...
    Axel Dahmen
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  • Custom Properties - Part of a file name

    The file naming convention that we use, has the part/drawing number first, followed by a description.   For example:   123456-001 - FRAME WELDMENT 123456-002 - TANK 123456-003 - SHAFT 123456-102 - AXLE ...
    Sebastian Acosta
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  • Unable to see spline handles

    Hi All,   I am unable to see the spline handles. Please find the attachments. Am i missing something in here ?   Thanks, Vitul
    Vitul Raj
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  • Invalid member profile, struggling to make it to work

    Hi all, I created a library feature part and when I try to use it as a structural member, it's telling me it's and invalid member profile. I've created it the same way as my other profiles so I don't know what the p...
    Pami Prevolnik
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  • Adding CNC router reliefs into corners

    I am modeling 4mm thick sheet parts that will be machined with a CNC, and then assembled with tab-and-slot joints, like here:     The CNC bit that will be used to machine these parts has a diameter of 3.7...
    J. R.
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  • Dependent dimensions not updating

    In the past we've used "='D1@Sketch1'*2" had it's update when D1 is changed, as example. Recently, maybe in last 4 months, something has been changed that it no longer updates the dependent dimension when D1 is change...
    Greg Gayman
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  • STL to Part file

    How do I convert an STL file to a Solidworks Part file or an IGES file? Regards Ashok
    Ashok Kumar
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  • How to activate "Recognize Features"

    I am trying to run the feature recognition on my imported geometry(STP profile), which is a surface body. However, the "Feature Recognition"  is not active. I've already added in the FeatureWorks and run the impo...
    Amy Liao
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  • Extrude cut not recognizing a close contour/number

    I am trying to model a D10 and am in the process of extruding the numbers on each face. I am having issues with the 6 face as only the circle made by the 6 is being cut or extruded.
    Samantha Zhao
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  • Laser Weld Path? Can SW Do This?

    I can't figure out how to do a laser path. The picture has a red squiggly line that I started with a spline. I was wondering if there was a way to pattern a "sine wave" looking radius or line similar to the splin...
    Dan Bovinich
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  • Two direction Hole Wizard

    Wouldn't this be a nice feature? While I know you can use Cut-Extrude, it would be convenient coming off a plane for a cylindrical part.
    Mike Agan
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  • View the measurement sensor permanently on the graphic area

    Hello,   After adding the sensor the value disappears from the graphic area. We need to click on the sensor to show up in the value. Can anyone tell me if we can display the measurement sensor value on the gr...
    R. Vignesh
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  • Help with flex

    I haven't used Flex very much and am struggling to get this to do what I want.   I attached a STEP file of a model. I want to flex the area between the two sets of vertical marks and rotate it by some angle - sa...
    Matt S.
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