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Blog Post created by Keri Prasky on Nov 28, 2011

With SolidWorks 2012 SP01 there is a new add-in, the SolidWorks Part Reviewer. For the 2012 release, the primary focus is to leverage this as a learning tool to help users walk through a part and see how it was created and view comments added to the part.  


General Information and Guidelines:


  1. SolidWorks will be posting examples for our Subscription service customers. These files are available within the SolidWorks Part Reviewer example files page. 
  2. For SW 2012, this is a learning tool (not a training tool).  We will be posting different types of part models. By loading these files in SolidWorks 2012 SP01 or later, you can learn some tips and tricks, design intent lessons, or even how to create interesting features.  Some of the models we plan to post will highlight areas such as; Sheet metal, Weldments, Surface and advanced features, Mold features, Functional piping/electrical parts, common consumer products, etc.
  3. We plan on introducing new examples every 2-3 weeks – so check back often!
  4. We we welcome any feedback you have on the Part Reviewer, or if you want specific examples added, please let me know.



About the SolidWorks Part Reviewer  

SolidWorks Part Reviewer example files