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Galen Woerner
Click to view contentHello all,   I am having some trouble with a complex fillet on my part and I am looking for some suggestions on how to get what I want.  The part has a linear "bar" that I am trying to blend into the "yoke".  The surfaces of the yoke do not flow smoothly into the bar and I would like to add a (possibly variable) fillet of around 4mm along the… (Show more)
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Arif Akbas
Click to view contentWhen adding a cosmetic thread, the entire piece turns black  
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Maha Nadarasa
Click to view contentThis part disappears in other than Shaded and Shaded with Edges mode. This file is originally in 2019v and opened in 2019v but other 2019v files do not have this issue with 2020v. What is the reason for that?      
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Damir Galic
Hello, it would be nice if developers would integrate "cloth" feature.   What I mean by that? So if you got a sheet metal or some coth (thin extrude or surface) over some beam structure and you want it leaning against beam profiles realistically, you can't do it unless it's simulated somehow. So it would be nice if you could basically lock… (Show more)
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Dale Slotman
Click to view contentHello all, We recently "upgraded" to SW2020SP3 from SW2019SP3 and were surprised to find that our hole wizard favorites for dowel holes no longer have the ability to set press fit / slip fit tolerances.  I am aware that there is an SPR for this (1150428), and my VAR included me on it. My question here is for anyone who may have played around with… (Show more)
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Vijay M Patil
Greetings of the day. We have installed Solidworks 2020 SP03 upgraded from SP01. After installation, when we open any Solidworks file, it does not display on top or header the file name. We have tried the same in options but dont see any features to enable. Please help. Regards.
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Paul Lindberg
Click to view contentI need to center an octagonal ring together with an internal spur gear and then join them together in a way that results in the octagonal ring being the outside of the gear. Could anyone give me advice on how to do this?   ***EDIT Solved, using the solution in the comments*** Thanks! 
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Lucas Silva
Click to view content  I'm trying to mirror a Cut Extrude using the Plane 6, but as the title suggests, the completed feature "propagates" instead of making a symmetrical sibling
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Alexandra MILLER
Thank you to those who participated in the SOLIDWORKS Top Ten Feedback Survey!   We have created a new closed-answer survey from your open ended responses to the previous survey. This will help us quantify your experience participating in the SOLIDWORKS Top Ten List on 3DSwym.   If you have participated in the SOLIDWORKS Top Ten List this year… (Show more)
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Florimond Laporte
Is it possible to display a reference geometry (axis, plane) but not its name? In other words, Can I hide the name of plane or axis?
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