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Le Dude
Click to view contentHi all. I have this issue and TBH, I don't even know how to ask the question.  So I created this surface tube with another object protruded through it.     So I was able to cut the protruded intake on the inside of the surface tube.   What I'm trying to do is to cut a hole so that the intake can have air pass through it.   I'm not even… (Show more)
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morgan Strong
The 3DEXPERIENCE World 2021 SOLIDWORKS Top Ten List is now live. Within the Top Ten List you can share your enhancement ideas for SOLIDWORKS products. After ideas have been submitted, all community members will be asked to vote on their favorite ideas.   Check out the SOLIDWORKS forum posting ( for more information.
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Farhan Hussnain
I am building a windmill blade and after creating planes, importing coordinates, converting and rotating when I try to loft these planes it doesn't get through. Can anyone please help me solve this issue.
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Kevin Wieczorek
I get handed Solidworks CAD files from industrial designers that are a complete disaster. So much so, that I often use their CAD file only as a reference to what the end result should be, and make a new CAD model to match. I am doing top down assemblies, with multi-body parts. These are injection-molded plastic cases. The I.D. creates a single… (Show more)
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Marek Petrzilka
Hi all,  is it possible to make a fillet up to some edge or point?? On the picture there is an example - I have chamfer for example 10,5x45 and I want to make a fillet with same size (but without need of measuring the chamfer size). Is there some possibility to choose marked point as "up to" reference for making the fillet?? Than if I would… (Show more)
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Terry Raymond
Click to view contentIn my gear model, I'm seeing the curve that Solidworks is generating is not accurate.  Perhaps I am doing something wrong.   Line perpendicular from any point on the involute curve should be tangent to the base circle.  Yet when I check with a line perpendicular to the generated curve, it does not intersect the base circle. Tip is off by ~2%… (Show more)
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Jaemo Koo
Hello. I am trying to model the attached image using Solidworks. I tried modeling with a sweep, but the path looks complicated and I can't draw it. Is there a way to model it like an image file, or is there a way to model that isn't the same, but can look similar?   I need your help Thank you!
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Andrew Miller
I recently made the terrible mistake of using SW (2015 SP 5.0) exploded view in a part. It wasn't working for me at all, so I deleted the explode configuration--problem solved, right? No such luck. Now I have a permanently exploded part that I can't un-explode.   For the uninitiated, this "feature" works by adding secret Body/Moves into your… (Show more)
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