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Andrew Overby
Hey there,    I can't seem to figure out the issue on why this is happening, but I have SolidWorks Premium and cannot use the Surface Flatten feature. Could someone be a huge help and flatten the attached surface for me please? It would be greatly appreciated. What would be even more appreciated is someone helping me solve this problem as well!  … (Show more)
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Maha Nadarasa
Click to view contentI want to find out and mark the invisible apex point on the narrow part of the airfoil, so that I created a tangent Ruled Surface and marked center point of the  ruled surface and measure the minimum distance between the apex point and marked center point of the surface. Now how to mark this apex point? or let me know a precise method to mark this… (Show more)
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David Fite
I used a loft cut to create an opening in a part.  I'd like to create a plug for the opening by using the original part prior to creating the opening and using the same loft definition to remove everything outside the loft boundaries.  Can't seem to find anyway to do this.  I'm probably missing something obvious... help!   Basically, instead of… (Show more)
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Ryan Navarro
Edit: Updating this post to make it clear it's an April Fools joke for anyone searching in future Glenn wins the points for making me laugh. Thanks everyone and stay safe!   Original Post: Jacob is a colleague of mine and I can't help but think the modeling workflow he presented here is a little strange    3D Printing with 2D Technology -… (Show more)
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Alexandru Anghel
Click to view contentHi all,   Stumbled against this issue. Not sure if I did something wrong. I checked it a few times and the surface should be flat because it is going towards one direction. This is just extrude cut feature not following any curves. Funny enough is when I wanted to cut along a curve with extrude loft, it didn't worked and now I'm getting this… (Show more)
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Tim Warris
Click to view content  I am attempting to create the twisted bar in the image above. Not something I've done before and am struggling with the most efficient way of doing so. The twist needs to look like metal that has been twisted, while that seems obvious, most of the techniques I have tried produce an artificial look. Any suggestions how I should go about making a… (Show more)
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Gary Acosta
Afternoon everyone, I modeled up a pistol grip that has a particular sweep cut pattern "knurl" in it and I was able to get it exactly the way I want however it was very very cumbersome and I had to use numerous planes, surfaces and sketches making it very time consuming and most likely very fragile to changes and rebuilds. I was hoping someone… (Show more)
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Dan Deford
Click to view contentFirst of all, let me apologize - I posted this a little bit ago and received a couple of replies and then attempted to upload my SW file and inadvertently deleted my post and the kind replies that people gave to help.   To recap: I'm a newbie. I've been trying for the last week or so to learn Solidworks and tried to cut my teeth on a 3d printable… (Show more)
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Marcus Solis
Click to view contentI am trying to replicate the following drawing:   The problem I am encountering in solidworks is creating the radius around each of the four corners of the main body of the part. I tried using a variable fillet and set the initial radius to 0 and the final radius to .03, but it wouldn't accept a 0 radius fillet. I have also tried splitting the… (Show more)
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Richard Kendrew
Click to view contentI'm trying to create a ring like in the below image, where the thickness changes from one side to the other. Any ideas on how this can be achieved?   
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