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Marc Fruchtman
Click to view contentI am encountering an issue involving Revolve. I can revolve the PART A contour shown below, and I can Revolve Part A + Part B in the same Revolve Feature. But, it refuses to Revolve ONLY Part B. This seems like a bug, because the excuse Solidworks is giving is that the Sketch is either "Open" or "Self-Intersecting" or "Intersects the… (Show more)
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Rachayl Duker
Has the matter of the error message that my file is "corrupt and cannot be saved" ever been solved?
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Brent Theobald
Hello,   I have something turned on and it is frustrating me. When I hover my mouse over parts edges automatically select. How do I turn this off?   Thank you,   Brent
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Philip Prendeville
Whats the best way of changing the position of a robot if you only have a step file of it? Is it to use the move bodies feature?
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Rick Becker
Playing off of this Blog entry by Trimech, what's on your personal list? Top 10 Features I Am Thankful for in SOLIDWORKS Library Features Power… (Show more)
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Alex Lachance
Click to view contentHello,   I'm having an issue which should be rather simple to fix for a single body part, except the issue I'm having is on a multi-body part with 10 bodies and multiple properties needing to be updated. I'm not able to do it from the SolidWorks interface as everytime that I do try to edit the name of the part inside the property SolidWorks… (Show more)
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Jim Mongiardo
In checking the performance in an assembly I'm creating I noticed a few components that I expected to be the biggest drag on performance.  But, at the top of the list is a simple part I just created (a small pressure transducer).  How can I see which feature is causing the trouble?  Not complex geometry unless chamfers or simple tapered cylinders… (Show more)
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Thomas Groppi
Here are some new tutorial ive made   Solidworks 03 - YouTube    Best Thomas
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Babar Firasat
Hello Everyone,   I'm trying to recreate a part which has no drawing, no dxf files, only a SolidWorks part file which I can't even open the features for it and I'm quite unsure of the feature used here. I have tried using extrude from x, y, z plane to create the curved bulge part circled in the attached file. I've tried pasting a sketch onto a… (Show more)
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Lee Zhen Yueng
Click to view contentHello guys,   I have been trying to create an assembly through a part.   So Basically I have created 5 bodies in a single part, right now I have save 2 of my bodies as one part and the rest of the 3 bodies as single part. But in order to do this, I have to individually combine the bodies, the assembly feature doesn't seems to have the function… (Show more)
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