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Barry Watkins
I am editing a part created by someone else and the sketches aren't showing. The show all sketches option is grayed out in the menu under the eyeball icon. The individual sketches I'm wanting to display are set to show, but the global setting appears to be set so that no sketches show. Can anyone tell me how to display my sketches? I've attached… (Show more)
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Vincenzo Rosa
Hello, I've a problem with solid 2020 SP1.0. If I change a dimension or  in sketch of extrusion function or cut or revolved o any other function , sometimes i don't see any change on the model, though rebuild. You know if is bug? This  one it's rosolved only if open and close function . Sorry for my english  Thank you
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Mikas Butrimas
Hello,  I've been using solidworks since 2015 and had always had save auto-recover function turned on. But i recently had a big crash and lost all my progress. When i checked auto-recovery folder last file was from 2017. and since than solidworks stooped saving, even though the option is still on. ( i have since then upgraded 2 times from 2016 to… (Show more)
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Alexander Ermoshkin
Click to view contentReferencing a global variable in an equation driven curve causes a build error when the sketch is inserted into another part via the "Insert Part" feature.    Does anyone know how to get around this issue?   Edition: Solidworks 2018 SP 4 Resulting Error:   Steps to reproduce: 1) Create a part with a global variable  2) Create a sketch with… (Show more)
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Rob Edwards
Click to view contentI've been on at the boss to get some professional photography for our appearances for a while now and he's finally on board.  So much so I've got a meeting with the photographer lunchtime tomorrow.   I'm thinking we should photograph of our wood in the raw condition, with as flat lighting as possible, then add any colours required in… (Show more)
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Kevin Chandler
Click to view contentHello,   This macro, once started, will display a dialog whenever a part is saved without a material being specified:   It does this by traversing the features and material, whether it's shown in the tree or not, is always before the Front plane. The macro finds the Front plane and examines the feature name prior to it. If this feature's… (Show more)
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Eric Henderson
Click to view contentI think there's a bug in the fill pattern feature. I create my sketch, and enter all of my parameters for the pattern and everything works fine. However if I need to go back and edit my anything, all of my values in the feature change.   Before:   During revision:     Its strange because the new values are always the same and I have no idea… (Show more)
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Bradley Veatch
My geometric tolerancing symbols, like the diameter symbol, has gone missing and I get a "System library file gtol.sym is missing."  How do I fix this as I can's seem to even locate the file?
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Sergio Alza
Hi,   How do I make the circular cuts be perpendicular to the surface? As an example, the cuts shown by 'cut-extrude38' tend to be a top plane view extruded cut directly downwards. I need the cuts to be perpendicular to the surface rather than the top plane. I tried using the hole wizard and dimension the hole on the surface but it won't let me… (Show more)
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Lucas Silva
Click to view content  The square sketch on the picture is the source. The rounded square is the projected curve. Obviously, it's supposed to be projected on the top side of the cylinder, not on the bottom   What's the solution without "workarounds" ? I'm tired of working around this software's glitches   SolidWorks 2013
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