• How to check if all balloons are added to assembly drawing.

    Hello all, I have a question about balloons in assmebly drawing. When i use manually way to add balloons to assembly, is there some tool, which can compare and check balloons with components in BOM ? In case that i fo...
    Michal Mrazik
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  • Cannot snap to the center of Arc with the Measure Tool

    I would like to measure as in the screenshot but I am forced to choose Point To Point to get approximately close to the desired measurement.   When I select the arcs with Point to Point disabled, it measures acr...
    Ahmad Shumayal
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  • How do I make the blue lines on my Helix/Spiral feature disappear? Please help

    Ronaldo Zhang
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  • History Tree blues

    With SW 2014 I am building a bike frame that will be molded with carbon fiber.  Since there are very few shape limitations, I tried to make it as smooth as possible by lofting most of the tubes.  It is looki...
    Larry Newman
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  • How do I get the surface to cut to work correctly?

    Kahasim Brown
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  • derived assembly?

    We have our manufacturing department make a derived part to do their programming on. By doing this it allows them to work on a model that updates if any changes are made to the released model and do any changes they n...
    Matt Juric
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  • Error message popup again and again while changing orientation views?

    While changing views either from orientation tab or using space bar in part/assembly environment, this message popup again and again on every click.  Version : Solidworks 2020 Sp3 Anyone else faced the similar ...
    Rishabh Sharma
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  • Exploded view disables all

    Hi all,   Using 2020 SP3 for couple of days now. Found this killer today. After I create an exploded view in my assembly I switch back to the default configuration and it gets stuck there. Found no oth...
    Ashistaru Dey
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  • Swept Boss. Why does choosing the curve for the path and the straight line for the guide curve works but not the other way around?

    This is the problem I have with Swept Boss in general. I don't exactly understand what it is that SWX is doing or what it wants. Not only the order in which Sketch Profile and Path Profile are created matters, it seem...
    Shawn Chi
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  • How do you draw a curve on irregular surface that divides it half?

    Shawn Chi
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  • Hole Wizard not recognizing cylindrical surface.

    Using SW2019 Pro sp3 When I select a cylindrical face and using 3D sketch, the point appears to be in space. If the green check is selected, I get error, "Points to locate hole are not valid. They may not be constrai...
    Dale Grossnickle
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  • What Sheet Metal Feature has been used here?

    Hi All,   i'm trying to figure out what sheet metal feature has been used here. I'm currently drawing up this bracket and have no 3D models for it. Its on a flange section of the part. The middle bit is angled o...
    Babar Firasat
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    I've checked the forums and this question has been asked a while back but with no answers, so I 'll try.   I cant see anywhere to be able to do this off the bat. So if I have a hole that I want to pattern up a p...
    Steve Crompton
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  • Mass Properties does not list 0 zero or negative volume

    Solidworks 2018 Issue in INTERSECT6 and PLANE26 I am trying to measure volume as a function of height. I keep decreasing the height and the volume keeps decreasing as expected however towards the end, it doesn't dec...
    Ahmad Shumayal
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  • smart components losing smart features

    I've created a smart component with one extruded cut. When you first open this assembly you can see the cut in the smart feature folder. Once you attempt to activate the smart comp the extrude feature fails and the fo...
    William Vana
    created by William Vana
  • Can't edit properties in Assembly Visualization

    Hello, My first question to the SW forums, patience greatly appreciated.   I'm having issues editing properties from within the assembly visualization (AV). 2018 SOLIDWORKS Help - Editing Property Values ...
    Ramzi Rebeiz
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  • Uncooperative Loft

    I am trying to create a loft, but i's not being the least bit cooperative. (I have better luck getting my 5-1/2 year old to put his pajamas on).. Sometimes I get a nice general message saying that the loft failed to ...
    Joe Tonkin
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  • Pierce Point in Assembly

    Hi,  i have an assembly where i want to connect a sweep feature (Name: hanger) via sketch (from the main assembly) to another sweep feature (name: wire rope). This has worked via a pierce point on the first coup...
    Stefan Geissdoerfer
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  • SW2020 Assembly file loading with INVISIBLE parts & sub assemblies

    We recently upgraded to SW2020 SP0 and for the most part everything has gone smoothly..... However we have a Large assembly file loading which when opened does not show various parts & sub assemblies in the g...
    Matthew Davey
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  • What is the best way to obtain an external surface area to estimate an area for painting?

    In SOLIDWORKS, we have the Measure tool and surface area property of all faces, but they are not so specific to the purpose of the project's painting area.   I noticed that some people need to estimate the exter...
    Leticia Pizzi
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