• Left taskbar box disappears on mouse movement (Graphics Issue)

    Hey y'all, so, I downloaded Solidworks 2019, and when I try to draw a part, the taskbar on the left with the feature manager box, as well as the dropdown with "Features Sketch Evaluate"etc are disappearing. They aren'...
    Curtis Bell
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  • What is the best way to design/detail a large weldment

    Looking at designing/detailing a large structural steel weldment framing system.  The design requires a series of erection drawings and fabrication drawings.  I'm comfortable with weldments and assemblies, b...
    Jeffrey Gardiner
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  • How to make two circles equidistant to the edges of a square?

    Say I have those 4 elements selected (2 centers of circle, 2 edges of square). I now want the circles to be in equal distance from the edges. Isn't there a simple function for it so I won't have to do any calculations...
    Valery Volkov
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  • Can you configure the scale of a sketch block?

    My goal is to use artwork to create a cut extrude on a part. I want to change the size of this artwork in each configuration. My initial instinct was to configure the sketch block scale and be done with it. It can't b...
    Colt Carson
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  • How do you overlap a sheet metal corner with closed corner

    Hi all, I've been working on a sheet-metal model and I've gotten to the point of trying to close up the corners. For the corners I would like a 50% overlap for some sections and a butt join for others.    W...
    Pieter Skuse
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  • How to make typical form tool profile in sheet metal

    Please help to draw this part in the solidworks sheet metal. It should be flatten also.   Please reply.    
    Kamlesh Kumar
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  • Persistent error due to rolled back parts in sub assembly

    SW2019 sp2, PDM Pro Admin Doing top down design, reopening top level assembly I get this: Referring to a part in a sub assembly. I get this message for six parts in that subassembly. Neither the subassy or parts a...
    Al Larson
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  • The missing 5% functionality: PROPERTY TAB

    This is another post from the "Missing 5% functionality that makes users avoid this tool" novella.   This is a great example of SOLIDWORKS getting inspired by an existing application, virtually copying most of i...
    Alin Vargatu
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  • La versión SW Cad Proffesional admite combinar 2 relaciones mecánicas distintas (1 de bisagra y la otra de piñón -cremallera) en un estudio de movimiento?, imaginen una puerta que rota sobre sus bisagras y a su vez los pasadores de seguridad se desplazan.

    Anteriormente utilice la versión Premium del 3D y podía hacer animaciones compuestas o combinadas desde Estudio de movimiento... ahora con la versión Professional puedo asignar los motores correspon...
    Gaston Salinas
    created by Gaston Salinas
  • Derived Component Part Problem in SW 2019

    Derived component parts from an assembly no longer keep the assembly level features in SW 2019.  For example an extrude cut created through a component at the assembly level does not show up in the derived part. ...
    Eric Bunn
    created by Eric Bunn
  • How can I hide an assembly feature?

    I have an assembly. I created a cut using assembly features. This cut is an optional feature and I thought it could be controlled with "show/hide." As seen below, the eyeball is not available.    I know the...
    Jake Irvin
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  • Surfaces tutorial, sketch 5 not defined. How can I get it to be defined so I can perform a Swept Surface command?

    I am going through the tutorials and sketch 5 in the surfaces overview is saying it is not fully defined. I am attempting to perform the Swept Surface command. Please help!!
    Jeremy Sellers
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  • Hole fill pattern across multiple surfaces?

    I am trying to create a fill pattern that spans multiple surfaces but I can't get the hang of it. I have been able to do it on a flat plane but once I try to apply the same method to the part (see jpg with highlighted...
    Steven Nersesian
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  • How to Rebuild all configuration in solidworks 2015 ?

    Hello,   I have many configurations in my part files (almost 50), and when I complete work I need to rebuild all configurations. also when I can any value in sketch or feature, I need to rebuild all configuratio...
    Hardik Patel
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  • How to I get a part out of another part in assembly?

    I have this silly question:   When I add a part to an assembly, SolidWorks often automatically places the new parts inside other parts of the assembly: Is there an easy way of moving the new part outside the ...
    Axel Dahmen
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  • Thread

    In solidworks 2019 when you added a thread to the OD of a part you had to cut the thread and when added a thread to the ID of a part you had to extrude the thread. In 2020 it is the opposite and now my threa...
    Doug Helfrich
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  • How do I remap a part in an assembly to its correct location?

    In an assembly, I tend to "save as" an .stl to a separate folder to send to a 3D Printer - however, I recently accidentally saved-as a .sldprt. This means my assembly is now broken because the software (for some insan...
    Corey Wardrop
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  • How do I disable selection through opaque bodies in assembly?

    I am using Solidworks 2019. In assembly it is allowing me to select objects through opaque bodies. This makes it very difficult to work in assembly mode. How can I disable selecting objects through opaque bodies in as...
    Paul Worndl
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  • is there a way to display description or number fields in the pack n go dialogue window?

    in the pack n go dialogue window / interface, it only shows the part name. which in my case is the same as the part number (existing legacy). when choosing which components to copy and to re-use these part numbers are...
    Wesley Barnard
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  • Plane is dropping/losing its defining sketch reference when the sketch entity moves

    Good day SW people, I am working on a template for a sheet metal enclosure assembly. The assembly consists of 15 fabricated parts (hardware etc. is not relevant to my question here). The major relevant geometries of ...
    James Harvey
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