• Strange Purple Behavior in Assembly

    Hi all!  I had a co-worker run into a strange issue today with a legacy assembly and I'm not sure why it's happened or how to fix it.  I've never seen this before!  This assembly is fully constrained wi...
    Max Rodgers
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  • Cicular Pattern of Extruded Cut Not Working on Cylindrical Shape?

    I have having a problem with the Circular Pattern Feature of an Extruded Cut on my carousel. I want to make two extruded cuts on each compartment of the carousel as shown in Circular Pattern Cut image.   It show...
    Colin O'Dowd
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  • Can't  Trim/Extend Weldment at an angle

    I'm unable to trim the angled pieces in this weldment model.  All of the perpendicular pieces worked fine, and I've done this very thing in other weldments.    The Trim/Extend operation shows the corre...
    Powell Barber
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  • Display State not changing in an assembly

    When  I RMB a Sub-Assembly in an assembly and go to properties then select the Display State I want it doesn't change...it stays at Display State-1.  
    Ray Fulks
    created by Ray Fulks
  • Accurate screw mate

    Hi, I am wondering if there is a way to create an accurate screw mate in an assembly. I mean if we model the threads, this accurate screw mate can work the way the threads on bolt accurately contact the threads on nu...
    Ray Tajaly
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  • Preventing the View-Cube from Zooming Out but Still Using it?

    Hello SW Forums,   I like using the view cube to easily change views and rotate parts, but the couple of seconds it takes to zoom out so I can see the full cube is pretty annoying. Often I just want to snap norm...
    Victor Carosi
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  • Linear Pattern wont work

    Hi Guys, I'm modelling a stairs using weldments and sheetmetal and have to tried pattern the steps (sheetmetal) but the linear pattern doesnt seem to work for them. I have included the .jpg and the .prt file for you...
    Lee S.
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  • Turbine blade mold draft issue

    Hi, I'm looking for some help modeling a mold without undercuts for a wind turbine blade. I have spent a good amount of time trying to use the mold tools and no luck since the mold will not have a planar parting line ...
    Samuel Brunkow
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  • Sketch entities distorting in wrap feature

    I am trying to do a deboss wrap of a drawing of the Witcher onto a cylinder. When I did the whole sketch it only debossed the one entity. So I started doing the entities individually in their own sketches. Most t...
    Jacques Blom
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  • 2 rail sweep

    How do i go about sweeping a shape across 2 rails?  Please see photo.  In my mind it should be a two rail sweep.  Maybe i am not thinking of the correct command.
    Brian Carpenter
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  • What are your most impressive tricks of solidworks, Please spread.

    What are your most impressive tricks of solidworks, Please spread this question to more people. It is better to list 5~10 tricks for others, we will accumulated more and more in future.
    加 贤 李
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  • "This configuration" randomly changes to "All configurations" &%@#!

    COMPLAINTS Okay, let's start at the end...   I'm about to throw mt laptop out of the window because of this frustrating software called SolidWorks! SolidWorks exhausts my patience!!! I had many issues befor...
    Dara Kong
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  • Break view in Solidworks drawing

    I have a multi-body part that I created from a step file in Solidworks. In this part I created an exploded view and then I created a drawing. In the drawing view I applied a break view from Insert > Drawing View &g...
    Luiz Rodrigues Maciel
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  • 2019 Dowel hole fit spec in hole wizard missing

    Did they remove the fit specification from the dowel pins when creating them with the hole wizard. In previous versions you had options as to what type of fit the hole would be. This allowed the hole callout to be dif...
    John Lhuillier
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  • sketch with converted entities lines up when editing the sketch but not in assembly

    My assembly contains a pair of sheet metal parts:  head-wing-hinge's sketch is defined in part by converting entities from shell-wing-hinge's sketch.   When I am editing hwh's sketch, the points appear ...
    Elizabeth Brownell
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  • Warning:Dimension conflicting with its value in configuration

    I haven't a scooby doo what this means.  How can a configured dimension conflict with itself?
    Rob Edwards
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  • AHHHH!!!! What have I done?

    I was experimenting with "View Sketch Relations" because of a suggestion in another thread. Now either ALL the relations are visible ALL the time or they are not.   Prior to this all the relations where off unti...
    Matt Juric
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  • Shouldnt copy with mates be faster than manual placement?

    More of a rant than a question, but perhaps someone knows a trick I am missing.  Back in 2014 and earlier versions I used copy with mates A LOT because it was VERY fast.  Seems like many other "enhancements"...
    james demarco
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  • How to mirror all the configurations at the same time

    I have a part with multiple configurations (different dimensions and feature suppression). This part cannot be mirrored without the opposite-hand option.   When I mirror that part in an assembly, SolidWorks only...
    Dara Kong
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  • Filter graphic view not working while using enhanced graphics performance

    Hello Everyone,   Been having this issue in all of my PCs that run SW 2019 SP2 W10 Pro.   If the enhanced graphics performance box is checked, SW wont graphically filter the contents of assemblies. It...
    Victor Carruyo
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