• Data driven dimensions

    I am trying to learn if there is a way to set up certain parameters/dialog or input boxes to allow faster overall dimension changes in top level assemblies. For example: a roller conveyor can grow from 12” wide ...
    John Padron
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  • Mirrored components (in Assembly) do not change configuration with the original component

    Hi All,   I thought if I mirrored the right hand component, whenever I change it's configuration the mirrored one should also change to that new configuration. Is there a way to make it do that? Without desig...
    Chris B.
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  • How to edit layout sketch - after creating parts

    I built up a sample layout model. I would like to know: how can I go back to the original layout if I need to edit any one of the blacks. Can I have a configuration to show the original layout only? How can I defin...
    Roy Wickrama Arachchi
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  • Can someone please help me flatten this?

    I'm unable to flatten this entire sheet metal. I cannot seem to fix this issue? Attached is the part. This is the fattened configuration and there are four bent features that cannot flattened. I need to flatten these ...
    Ernie Lorenzo
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  • Lightweight part showing as transparent, solid when resolved?

    I have a part in an assembly that shows up as transparent even thought the transparency is not set that way. If I change the part from lightweight to resolved it shows up as Solid. I'm sure there is a setting somewher...
    Brian Darcy
    created by Brian Darcy
  • SolidWorks Sheet Metal - Issue with Jog for angled face

    Hi,   (Before I start, I know that the part I am making, can be created using base flange and extrude cut too)   I am create this part shown below : I have initially created the side profile and tried to ...
    Jehan Kothari
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  • Solidworks stuck loading, but memory is 50% and CPU is 20% ?

    So I'm working with a large assembly and a bunch of imported 2D sketches - I can't work in Large Assembly mode because then I stop seeing those sketches. I can't work on a faster level of details because then the sket...
    Valery Volkov
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  • How to show Assembly-level origin only?

    Is there any way of showing ONLY the top level assembly origin and hiding all the individual part origins without manually hiding each part  origin individually? I have an assembly with hundreds of  parts an...
    Christopher Buckley
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  • Equation driven offset

    How can you, drive a sketch offset dimension using a global variable or equation reference?   I use equations to drive all kinds of dimensions in my assemblies, but there still seems to be a few things the equat...
    Christopher Buckley
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  • Solidworks "muscle memory" - auto-mates without me telling it

    So there are times where I delete an item that I once mated, then I place it back and when I start the mating process it automatically finds its old position (I may have to only click 1 mate and it finds the rest of t...
    Valery Volkov
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  • Can we change sub assembly configurations with equations yet? Is there a non macro way to do this?

    I have a pretty complex assembly with many subassemblies. There are about a dozen subassemblies with around 10 to 15 configurations. We are using all standard parts to get custom applications for our product. I would ...
    Josh Hixon
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  • No "open part" from assembly command

    I just downloaded Solidworks 2018 and I opened up a STEP file that I'm working on and noticed 2 issues. "open part" option in the assembly is no longer there. I also can find the feature in the custom menu options. ...
    Bruce Pla
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  • Network traffic during selection of component from assembly....

    EDIT: SW 2018 SP5 NVIDIA Quadro P2000 Driver version Intel Xeon W-2125 CPU @ 4GHz   OK, here is the deal....   I have an assembly that I opened from a network folder location.   ...
    Dan Pihlaja
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  • Can't edit properties in Assembly Visualization

    Hello, My first question to the SW forums, patience greatly appreciated.   I'm having issues editing properties from within the assembly visualization (AV). 2018 SOLIDWORKS Help - Editing Property Values ...
    Ramzi Rebeiz
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  • Inventor Content Center to SolidWorks Toolbox

    My organization has recently made the switch to Solidworks from Inventor. I haven't run into major trouble as far as part conversion, but I would like to set-up a SW Toolbox that would accurately account for the hardw...
    Camden Boston
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  • How to create a spring of a spring?

    I have a spring designed like this   How would a make a spring that wraps around this spring? Is there a way to get the outline of this sweep so that I could make that as the path for the second spring?  ...
    Sharan Ravigopal
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  • How To Interpret The "Template Used For Making The Derived Part" Dialog Box (and how to change your answer)

    After choosing "yes" to the dialog box below (invoked in a part file when using Insert>Features>Save Bodies...) I now want to try the second ("No") option. This came up after converting to a new origin coordi...
    Gaye Bullock
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  • Make configuration derived under another configuration

    Dear modellers,   Is it possible to make a normal configuration derived under another configuration? As below example:     I'm looking forward to your response!   Regards,   Igor van Haa...
  • macro to control plane and axis visibility?

    Before I try to create one, I would like to have a macro that runs and steps through a visibility cycle for axis and planes using the view hide/show function. Axes and planes off Planes on, Axes off. Planes and Axe...
    Gordon Rigg
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  • Zero-thickness error despite intersecting solid bodies, unsure where I'm going wrong.

    Hey everyone, I'm working on modeling a cell scaffold and I've hit an error that I'm unable to resolve. I've written a MATLAB code that generates "filament strands" as random xyz coordinate splines (each spline h...
    Sean Clifton
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