• How to make components collide

    I do not have the option to enable collision/physics when I choose the ball and select move component. I am attempting to shoot a ball out of a barrel, it is working except it falls through the barrel. How do I make t...
    Dan King
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  • What is the best mouse?

    Bill Bruorton
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  • [Challenge] Easiest way to create a slot in a thin panel for an intersecting beam

    I have an advanced modeling question. I have a project in which curved beams go through thin panels (sheet plywood). These panels need to have appropriate slots so these beams can go through. Assembly is created Top-D...
    J. R.
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  • Best Practices for Modeling a Steel Frame

    I would like to hear people's opinions on the most time effective way of modeling a relatively small steel structure. Let's say it's a mezzanine. There are two ways to do it in my mind. One focuses on fast 3D modeling...
    Aaron Gradeen
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  • Helix curve length issue

    Hello, I created helix curve then added straight line and set constraint on it to be equal. However as you can see in the picture, they are not. Does anyone know reason why? Regards,
    Velibor Marjanovic
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  • Loft failed due to geometric condition

    I feel like I must say that I really do try to find my own answer before resorting to the forum, but it seems like lofting (and boundarying...is that a verb?) have a lot of subtle problems that I wouldn't work out on ...
    Curt Fredrikson
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  • How to get the material properties for Formlab resins

    I have been trying to add the material data for the Formlab black resin but I cannot find them online. Does anyone have a recommendation for a material to use in order to approximate these values? I was goin...
    Ryan García
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  • Hole Wizard "hole" feature sizes holes for machine screws incorrectly

    Why does the Hole Wizard "hole" feature size holes for machine screws incorrectly? It creates a smaller hole for a #6 screw than it does for a #4 screw. It has machine screw sizes in the opposite size order from real ...
    Jake Reel
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  • SolidWorks 2019 External References fail

    Hi! I work and teach a method since SolidWorks 2013 that consist to use a single and representative part and use topDown method by creating a new part in context of assembly and making an Offset Surface function at 0...
    Martin Pelletier
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  • Hiding the feature tree

    I'm placing smart fasteners and as I go to change the fastener type the feature pops up to the right of the manager window. It's slowing down my assembly and making it aright PITA to change these fasteners. any idea h...
    Filip Kubaszak
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  • Center of mass feature not available for parts?

    I've looked on individual parts and I cannot use the center of mass feature as its grayed out. I've checked in the mass feature properties where the box usually is and the box for adding the CG feature is missing ther...
    Al Beau
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  • Issue with left button 'double clicking' to rename a Feature Item Design Tree item

    Has anyone else experienced an issue with left button 'double clicking' to rename a Feature Item Design Tree item no longer working or without numerous attempts? Appears to have happened after one of the 2019 SP upgra...
    Hal Seltzer
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  • Lofting operation failed to complete

    I am attempting to wrap a lofted boss with an elliptical outer surface around the casing in the attachment.  The end profiles for the lofted boss are planar surfaces and there is a guide line at the center o...
    Curt Fredrikson
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  • Does anybody here have experience with routing in solidworks premium?

    My company builds wire harnesses and I was wondering how many electrical components (wires, cables, connectors, splices, ETC.) can Solidworks efficiently handle? Some of our larger harness can be 100 wires and cables ...
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  • Share your Custom Properties Tips and Tricks

    How many different ways SOLIDWORKS users have for creating, editing accessing and using Custom Properties?  I tried to find as many different places and reasons to access custom properties as possible here: ...
    Alin Vargatu
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  • Future Version 2019 to 2019

    I just reloaded Solidworks 2019 and attempted to open a parts file I created in Solidworks 2019.  However I get the following message: "Future version file opened.  Solidworks CAM will be deactivated for thi...
    O'Neal Williams
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  • Sketch driven component pattern

    Hello everybody, I'm having troubles when using 'sketch driven component pattern'. I need to pattern an insert to be fitted in the three hex holes on a sheet-metal part. I don't like using 'sketch driven component ...
    Sergio Monti
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  • SW2020 Assembly file loading with INVISIBLE parts & sub assemblies

    We recently upgraded to SW2020 SP0 and for the most part everything has gone smoothly..... However we have a Large assembly file loading which when opened does not show various parts & sub assemblies in the g...
    Matthew Davey
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  • Curve driven pattern alignment

    I've ran into some modeling issues where I have needed the option to pattern a feature or body along a curve, keeping the alignment tangent to the curve but also keeping the initial orientation of the feature or body ...
    Harold Black
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  • How do you change the origin of an assembly after the assembly is completed?

    Hello, everyone! I'm in the difficult position of being the new guy in the office and have been tasked with making new assemblies and models based on existing assemblies and models.  It's a mess, as it's clear t...
    Kristi Stevens
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