• What is your project at the moment?

    Luis Calado
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  • Virtual components missing in original file after Pack and Go

    Is there any way of resolving this problem: In Solidworks 2019 I have just finished an assembly that took about 50 hours to design. Once the design was finished I have exported a Step file and afterwards I did a ...
    Zan Brezec
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  • How to show component type on BOM

    I want to show a component type e.g ASM or PRT. I don't want to use the intended bill option because - "others" can't read the BOM table and understand the top level is an assembly.   I wanted to create a colum...
    Douglas Folk
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  • how to toggle between Diameter and redius working with smart dimasion?

    Working with circles in sketch and dimensioning, it automatically toggles between radius and diameter, how can i set it manually?  (Most of the times it shows Diameter)
    Meysam Agazadeh Par
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  • macro to control plane and axis visibility?

    Before I try to create one, I would like to have a macro that runs and steps through a visibility cycle for axis and planes using the view hide/show function. Axes and planes off Planes on, Axes off. Planes and Axe...
    Gordon Rigg
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  • delete motion study

    Hi there – I have just started experimenting with Motion Study and I have what seems like a pretty basic question but I can’t figure it out:   How do you either reset or delete a motion study from you...
    Peter Dougherty
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  • How to show Assembly-level origin only?

    Is there any way of showing ONLY the top level assembly origin and hiding all the individual part origins without manually hiding each part  origin individually? I have an assembly with hundreds of  parts an...
    Christopher Buckley
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  • Non-removeable appearance preventing proper rendering/transparency

    I have a part in a large assembly that has a default appearance, and I can't figure out how to remove it. I've assigned multiple separate appearances on different features of the part and they appear fine, but if I ch...
    Rourke Sekelsky
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  • Wrap??

    Emboss gives me Deboss  Deboss gives me Emboss   This happens when I make the sketch horizontal length to match the perimeter of the cylinder using equation.      But If the length is less ...
    Shawn Chi
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  • Rack and Worm mate

    I am trying to design a rack and worm to translate rotational motion to linear motion for a project. Due to a space constraint It was decided to use a rack and worm assembly since it takes up less space than typical r...
    Jahsiah Toby
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  • Rendering Transparent materials

    Hi,   I am trying to render a simple glass of whisky and appear some stripes. I tried clear plastic, glass, other materials and increase the opacity, I tried different materials inside (instead of the whiskey ap...
    Agg Nik
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  • Model moving parts that need to be drawn in place?

    I know this might sound silly, but i need to draw a part that i want to be able to move within an assembly, but i need the size of the space its going in to be able to model it to the correct size which is in a differ...
    Sam Johnson
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  • Random / equation driven Hole Pattern

    Hello all, First post, hope this is in the right place.   I'm looking for a way to create this sort of panel - holes are in a set position (Standard CNC grid). Ideally, I want to drive the hole suppression wit...
    Nathaniel Bailey
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  • how do I turn off flip mate alignment?

    I am looking for a way to turn off the "flip mate alignment" popup that appears after adding a mate in an assembly (see attached image). I do not want to uncheck the "show quick mates" check box in the customize menu ...
    Joe Larson
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  • Problem inserting a bearing from the ToolBox

    I am a student with Solidworks on my PC. I have been trying to insert bearings from the toolbox with no success. I tried to create a part so as to get the bearing size I required but got an error message, "The folder ...
    Duncan Githinji
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  • Planes show as shadows

    I have an issue since updating to SW2020 (SP2.0). Planes show as shadows after switching visibility of panes off as in screenshot below . How do I get rid of this?  
    Jonas Mueller
    created by Jonas Mueller
  • How can I combine all the parts into one?

    I want to combine all the parts of the model into one.   I am unable to combine the parts of the model below by using combine feature of Solidworks.   The error message: 'Unable to create this feature bec...
    Jayen Pillay
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  • The missing 5% functionality: PROPERTY TAB

    This is another post from the "Missing 5% functionality that makes users avoid this tool" novella.   This is a great example of SOLIDWORKS getting inspired by an existing application, virtually copying most of i...
    Alin Vargatu
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  • Edges do not align

    I am brand new to Solidworks and need all the help/advice I can get. After I add thickness to my surface in solidworks the edges do not align. I have attached my part below. Does anybody know how to fix this?
    Riley Kelly
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  • Edges do not align

    I am brand new to solidworks and cannot get my edges to align. Once I add thickness to my surface loft I do not get my edges to align. Can anybody provide a solution and fix my part?
    Riley Kelly
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