• Hello, I am trying to model a car. I made the outside surfaces but when ever i try to close it i get different error or the close body have some open surfaces which i cannot close

    Taha Nadeem
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  • Looking for size 50 single pitch roller chain I can place around 2 sprockets?  How do you do that?

    How do you all do this?
    Robert Eppig
    created by Robert Eppig
  • The missing 5% functionality - All Chapters

    This post will include links for all the chapters in "The missing 5% functionality" saga.   They refer to excellent tools implemented by the SOLIDWORKS development only 95% of the way. They did a brilliant job, ...
    Alin Vargatu
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  • Swept boss/base: need profile to be orthogonal throughout a helical path

    Hello all, I am trying to sweep a diamond-shaped profile in a helical path along a hemisphere. I want the profile to remain such that the diagonals are orthogonal and parallel to the base of the hemisphere throughout...
    John Jenny
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  • Error Measure only meters

    I need to measure in millimiters, but the program only show in meters. I tried to change to inch, centimeters, milimeters, but only show milimeters. Smart dimensions are in millimeters, but when I need to evaluate onl...
    Eliandro Dias
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  • Why are all my imported part features being rebuilt, even though they're frozen?

    See image. All ~3000 body features are being rebuilt when I make changes, even though the Freeze Bar is rolled down.
    Daniel Ferrucci-Herzberg
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  • How to suppress while keeping the extruded parts on its surface.

    I have a part with a certain extrude on the side. The extrude is ''up to body'' to follow the curves of the main body. Is there a way to suppress everything except the extrude, so that i can 3D print both parts separa...
    Friso Hofker
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  • Is there a way to extend a bend region of a sheet metal part?

    In this part I need to extend the lower edge down by 4" like how I have it in Tab1.   Everything I do wipes out the bend region for some reason.   I have used the Move Face tool but that creates a differen...
    Justin Pires
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  • How do I create a project curve of these enclosed profiles?

    Kahasim Brown
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  • Projection Decals in Solidworks 2020

    Looks like Decals in SW 2020 are completely broken. I tried to recreate this 2019 tutorial (projecting a decal onto a curved face: SOLIDWORKS - Using Decals on Irregular Surfaces - YouTube    And inste...
    Andrew Miller
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  • Limit of total parts and assemblies when exporting to STEP?

    Hello all,   I have three assemblies that I am working on that contain one big part and multiple subassemblies - one subassembly copied and mated differently to specific areas of the big part.   When I tri...
    Uchenna Offor
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  • Help to model T joint

    Hi I am trying to model the part given in the image. I am not able to model the T joint shown in the front view. If any could please help me out it would really helpful. I have also attached the part file for referenc...
    Harshavardhan Konka
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  • finding precise point between cylinder and curve when tangent mate

    hello guys.   i mated cylinder with square tube using tangent mate in assembly.   i'm struggling finding the precise tangent point.   this is the front view.  the gray is square tube, the blu...
    Dongjoo Kim
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  • How to "capture" the path of a moving part onto another part in assembly?

    Howdy folks.  I'm new here and a fairly novice SW user.  I accidentally posted this as a "discussion" last night, so I deleted the discussion and am re-posting it as a question. Anyway, I'm trying to desig...
    David Giles
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  • Anyone know why this sketch is wrong?

    I need to sketch this.      This is what I sketched but it's giving me a different value for Ixx. Anyone know what I did wrong?
    Adeel Iltaf
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  • No option to add "curve" tab

    As you can see from the screenshot, it would appear "curve" is missing; but I keep seeing that people have it on various Solidworks clips. What am I missing?
    Valery Volkov
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  • Shortcut to capture global variable equation to paste into custom property

    I read a post last year that described how to reference an assembly level global variable by copying it in equations and pasting it into a custom property in the drawing file.   This worked and I ended up with a ...
    Eric Bunn
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  • Read active Configuration in Assembly

    I've been trying to determine if there is a way for an Assembly to read what configuration is active of a part or sub-assembly.  I know that there is a "special" syntax language to make properties read data from ...
    Arthur McRae
    created by Arthur McRae
  • Flip New Mate Not Old

    Here it is
    Brian Brazeau
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  • Update to Surfacing Bible

    After 12 years I still get a lot of inquiries about updates to the SolidWorks Surfacing and Complex Shape Modeling Bible, or the Surfacing Bible for short. So I finally wrote something I call The Surfacing Episode (th...
    Matt Lombard
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