• Cleaning up joints of intersecting swept bases?

    Hello, I am pretty new here - started taking an online course at a local college, and it got shut down for the pandemic and the course is now online.    Having a bit of trouble with a model I have been work...
    Dmitri Safonov
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  • Can't change component colors in section - I Must be Losing My Mind

    I really must be losing my mind.  I was changing the color of some components in an assembly model today.  Worked great!  Then, later I went to do the same thing.  WTF??!  Why can't I change t...
    Tom Helsley
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  • Circular pattern a sketch across planes?

    I made  a sketch on top plane and on front plane, and I would like to do a circular pattern of the sketch to have six instances of the sketch on 6 different planes to connect with the dots on the top plane. It do...
    Dmitri Safonov
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  • More than 360 degrees in mate controller. Possible?

    Hello all.   Due to Covid-19 i have to simulate our school project in SolidWorks instead of physical demonstration. In short, it is a line following robot.  I want to use mate controller to animate the whee...
    Jean Solagnier
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  • Assembly feature - hole wizard rebuild error

    Hi folks,   I have been having this problem for quite a while but never found a good solution:   1. I made holes on a plate using hole wizard in a subassembly level in reference to the hole centres on a...
    Xiao Shang
    created by Xiao Shang
  • mirroring and renaming

    Is there way to copy and mirror an assembly and rename all the componets? Something the design assist in Inventor?  
    Shane Stembridge
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  • Soliworks freeze after design table update

    When i create a design table for first time it doesn't create the new configurations. When i exit from excel design table and i reopend it ,after update of values , solidwdorks freeze in the state shown in picture.
    Cai Industries
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  • demote/promote action

    I'm working in Solidworks 2018 and was wondering if there was a demote/ promote you can use to bring parts from a sun assembly into a assembly like Inventor has?
    Shane Stembridge
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  • Save multiple drawings as TIFF

    Is there a method where I can save drawings of all parts in assembly group as TIFF files without having to do it one at a time
    Traphum Leelarueangroj
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  • Tip for surface draft

    HI. My name is Josh. I am trying to give a draft for a surface which I can't. This is cover with surface body. I made shall to make this solid.   And this is lower side of cover.   I have to make a...
    Jinwoo Chung
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  • The model is not visible in solidoworks

    When i create a model, it is not visbile. I tried to modify visualizations style but it doesn't work... 
    Cai Industries
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  • Your Workflow Sucks

    I've been working in Cad software since the mid 90's.  First it was 2D ACAD, Ideas then NX.  I started using solidworks in 2016, and became active on these forums in early 2019 (when SW2019 gave me lots of f...
    Scott Perman
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  • DriveworksXpress and Array

    I'll try my best to explain, but I am looking for ideas on how to use Driveworks to array parts based off of diameter. (Picture attached) We use a lot of sub assemblies where I have a round part (peach) and pending ...
    Brady Balzan
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  • Solid Cut with Surface (Ecternal Reference)

    Hi, Need Help Regarding Trimming Solid Model. Being a long time NX user I was in habit of Using Wave Lined Feature a lot within Assembly.   In SW2019, I was working in ASM1 >> Part 1+Part2 Now I want t...
    Sanjeev Kumar
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  • Issue with using 'form new sub-assembly'

    I am getting this prompt when trying to use the 'form new sub-assembly' in an assembly.  Would it be due to the fact the parts were designed 'in-context' of the assembly?  
    Ray Fulks
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  • Your use of breadcrumbs

    How do you personally use breadcrumbs in SW? I like the function, but I keep forgetting to use it. Do you have any really compelling cases where you use this functionality?
    Matt Lombard
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  • How should I model this sweep?

    I have a sweep that I want to transition from a full radius into a 3D sweep. I am trying to model how a radius tool would cut the part if it were lifted vertically while maintaining tangency with the inside circular s...
    Colt Carson
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  • Opposite hand mirror feature in assembly saves parts in wrong orientation

    Hello! I'm new to the forum so sorry if posting in the wrong place. I am looking for the solution of the following problem and would be very happy if someone could help... When I am creating opposite hand versions...
    Dariusz Oleszczuk
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  • Parent transparency and linear component pattern

    We created a linear component pattern of a sub-assembly within a .sldasm file.  The parent sub-assembly itself has two sub-assemblies.  At the time the linear component pattern was created, one sub-assembly ...
    Chris L'Esperance
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  • Questions about screw and hole unit dimensions

    Hi, on the specification of some components, it states that the hole is M2.5. However, when I measured in SW, the hole is 2.05mm in diameter. Are they the same thing? I cannot find such relationship by googling. Also,...
    Peter Cohen
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