• SOLIDWORKS Top Ten List 2020: Voting is Open!

    Thank you to everyone who has posted an idea on the SOLIDWORKS Top Ten List! How to vote: Please see this help video for instructions on how to vote. Important Dates: Voting will end on 1/31/2020 3DEXPERIE...
    Alexandra MILLER
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  • NX Coordinate Systems.  And why I miss them.

    Let me preface this series by saying I’m doing this a little bit blind.  The last time I touched NX was 2/2017, and now that I’m in my 50’s, my memory isn’t what it used to be.  I wil...
    Scott Perman
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  • Non-merging weldment extend

    I've run into variations of this before. It involves multiple weldment profiles in the sketch sharing the same endpoints. This time, I had a gap where one channel had to be extended into the other to create its cope....
    Tom Gagnon
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  • 3DExperience World 2020 SOLIDWORKS Top Ten List

    The 3DEXPERIENCE World 2020 SOLIDWORKS Top Ten List is now live!   Please see the original forum posting for more details: 3DExperience World 2020 SOLIDWORKS Top Ten List top_ten_list top_ten...
    Shayna MILSTEIN
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  • Design metal frames for manufacturing

    Dear Friends,   I am Hussain from India and I have started working at a firm that manufactures desktop 3D printers. I have recently been tasked to build the outer frames of a machine using sheet metal. I have a ...
    Hussain Bhavnagarwala
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  • A part of my object disappears once I delete a sketch

    When I am deleting the extrusion, somehow an entirely separate part of my object disappears. I can still click on it and I can still change the properties of it, but it just isn't visible. Is there any way I can resol...
    Serkan Aslan Celebi
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  • How to make a volume from a surface in 3D

    Hello I have a surface in 3D sketch:   Now I want to make a volume like this from the above cross section:   I am not sure how I can do it. Any idea how to make it?  The SolidWorks fil...
    Jafar Arash Mehr
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  • Wheels on Hex Shaft Help!!

    Hello! I am a highschool student on a robotics team and am trying to find a way to put the attached 2 inch omni wheels and 2 inch mecanum wheels on a hex shaft (Named "3_8_Hex_x_165_ID_ThunderHex_Stock_36_217-5837" in...
    Taylor Cash
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  • Flatten a Curved Surface?

    Is it a simple matter to import and flatten the curved surface in these files?     https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2965309https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3783276https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1460364...
    John Weiss
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  • Best way to handle repeated component when pattern is not the option?

    What will be the best practice to assemble this components of radial engine by keeping in mind the drawing structure of single Top level assembly. I was thinking to create virtual sub-assembly of piston, master rod a...
    Jehan Kothari
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  • 'Rebuild errors' bug can't able to close the window! and facing many times

    I need to reopen SW to disappear in SW interface. So, give me if any option to close the rebuild error window without close the SW application  
    Lokesha Kj
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  • Problems with sub assemblies

    I have a sub assembly that is fully constrained.  It is up to date, with no warnings or errors.  There is one configuration and one display state.     When I open this subassembly in the pare...
    Scott Perman
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  • How would you model this?

    I am making models of some castings and I am having a hard time trying to decide how to tackle it. I did some simpler ones first and they took me several hours each. I don't need exact copies, just the overall same lo...
    Casey Cotter
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  • Exploded Step Switching Directions Arbitrarily?

    I have an explosion step that directs the selected parts out along the dotted line. If I adjust this location along this line/direction by selecting the step in the configuration tree it seems OK. However, if I select...
    Keaton Warn
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  • Exporting data from OrCAD to SolidWorks

    Hello. We use SolidWorks 2018x64 SP3.0 Professional. (SW) We have some problem with building 3D assemlies exported from OrCADv17.2 (the same in 17.4).  We are opening Stp-files imported from OrCAD by SW and re...
    Vladimir Sorin
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  • Creating an new part from a configuration

    Hey people, I have a bunch of beams modeled in just one document. I create a configuration for each beam profile according to a manufacturer chart. But now I want to convert each configuration into a new part. Is ther...
    Ivan Silva
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  • Can't create assembly cut

    I need to create an assembly cut but the cut isn't showing. I've created cuts in other assemblys, but now it doesn't seem to work. Running SW 2019 SP4. Anyone knows a solution for this or is it just ANOTHER solidworks...
    Berend Janssen
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  • Locking references causing sub-sequent referenced sketches to fail.

    Hi. I am wondering if you guys have tried the same. From an assembly i insert part (virtual) and mate to origin - i then edit part in assembly to copy (surface offset = 0mm) the surfaces i need. I open the part, sk...
    Søren Stærk
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  • Topographic Lake CNC Model

    I'm working on creating a 3D Model of a depth chart of a local lake so I can CNC it into a piece of wood for a custom cribbage board. I created the outline with the various depths in Adobe Illustrator. I imported...
    Brandon Condon
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  • Holes in part not getting converted to DXF

    Hello,   How to make holes visible in DXF ?   I am trying to get a part ready for CNC routing.   The part has a hole touching the edge of a wall. When I try to convert to dxf these holes do not get c...
    Hussain Bhavnagarwala
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