• Issue with using 'form new sub-assembly'

    I am getting this prompt when trying to use the 'form new sub-assembly' in an assembly.  Would it be due to the fact the parts were designed 'in-context' of the assembly?  
    Ray Fulks
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  • Your use of breadcrumbs

    How do you personally use breadcrumbs in SW? I like the function, but I keep forgetting to use it. Do you have any really compelling cases where you use this functionality?
    Matt Lombard
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  • How should I model this sweep?

    I have a sweep that I want to transition from a full radius into a 3D sweep. I am trying to model how a radius tool would cut the part if it were lifted vertically while maintaining tangency with the inside circular s...
    Colt Carson
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  • Opposite hand mirror feature in assembly saves parts in wrong orientation

    Hello! I'm new to the forum so sorry if posting in the wrong place. I am looking for the solution of the following problem and would be very happy if someone could help... When I am creating opposite hand versions...
    Dariusz Oleszczuk
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  • Parent transparency and linear component pattern

    We created a linear component pattern of a sub-assembly within a .sldasm file.  The parent sub-assembly itself has two sub-assemblies.  At the time the linear component pattern was created, one sub-assembly ...
    Chris L'Esperance
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  • Questions about screw and hole unit dimensions

    Hi, on the specification of some components, it states that the hole is M2.5. However, when I measured in SW, the hole is 2.05mm in diameter. Are they the same thing? I cannot find such relationship by googling. Also,...
    Peter Cohen
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  • How to add a base to a box?

    Hi, I made a box with both top and bottom opened. If I want to add a base to the bottom of the box with thickness specified by me, what is the best way to do so?  I plan to 3D print the object so the two componen...
    Peter Cohen
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  • The missing 5% Functionality: Bill Of Materials (BOM)

    I believe I posted this in the wrong place. Go here instead:   The Missing 5% Functionality: Bill Of Materials 
    Brian Graves
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    I am assembling a large number of tiles that have spacing between them.  The spacing is a repetitive dimension always the same but I want to be able to change this dimension once it is all assembled.  Using ...
    Michael Thomas
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  • What is this mechanism called?

    Hello, I've got a project that I have to do. All I have is an exploded view of a system. I need to figure out how the mechanism works and do an assembly in Solidworks. I know that it's a system that changes flow of wa...
    Ramunas Puke
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  • Configure change transparency?

    I’d like to change transparency on a couple of components in one configuration of an assembly and leave transparency unchanged in another configuration of the assembly. Is there a way to do this? I'm working in ...
    Andrew Buc
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  • TARDIS Parts

    I just spent the morning trying to determine why an assembly file size was larger than one gigabyte, when the assembly consisted of about 30 (primarily prismatic) parts with a few downloaded McMaster Carr models. ...
    Jim Sculley
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  • Fully defining spherical surfaces with DimXpert

    Hello, I have been trying to do some model based definition on this lens part with the DimXpert tool so that I can use TolAnalyst to see how their individual tolerances stack up in a system of lenses. However, I can't...
    Nick Tillmann
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  • Structural member on a 3D imported curve (Rhino3D file)

    Hi all Solidworks community, hope you can help me.   Here's my deal:   I need to put structural member on a imported curve form a from 3D Rhino model file (it's a spline)   So I try to sketch arc ove...
    Alexandre Vincent
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  • Why should I spend my time in making sure the software gets better rather than doing my job?

    Jim Riddell wrote:   Matt Peneguy wrote:   Alin Vargatu wrote:   Jim Riddell wrote:   How about full and complete user help files? i.e. I search for a topic and the (abbreviated) description ha...
    Eric Snyder
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  • Pack and Go Relationship Trouble - Exploring Counseling xp

    When Pack and Go decides not to move relationships over in a sneaky way... Please don't yell at me for working off of my desktop.  =p   This Pack and Go from a 20K to 10K (in its own folder) had me fightin...
    Rebecca Bennett
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  • crown gear involute

    Hello soldiworks teachers, I am trying to create a zipper like the one shown in the image below: the idea is to create a zipper as I already mentioned. but how to generate the teeth envelope for the crown and pinion. ...
    Victor Orrego
    created by Victor Orrego
  • unstable Routing behavior! why nobody didn't fixed it yet!

    Like a joke! I have over 15 years of experience by solid works (2005 to 2020!) never ever I remember that there was a stable behavior when I did some thing with pipe routing elements! the simple example see below!! W...
    Ali Farahmand
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  • Please explain this feature

    I drew an open sketch. When I extrude with Thin Feature, "One-Direction" creates slanted wall but "Midplane" creates a straight wall
    Shawn Chi
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  • Need help on this model

    Can anyone help me on what to do next? I'm stucked for like 4 hours
    Shawn Chi
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