• Top-Down Modeling SW Features to Avoid

    When I was first starting out with top-down parametric designs I found myself using many innate SolidWorks functions that seemed very well suited to designing in the assembly level to control part features only to fin...
    Shawn Fernandez
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  • Troubleshooting Shell operation errors

    This is my first attempt at a more complex part, and am learning as I am going.  I am attempting to shell the part, but am receiving errors (That I frankly don't fully understand):     The yellow hig...
    Neon Beer
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  • Custom Properties disappeared. Not empty. Gone.

    This is at all not related to what was experienced in this other thread: Custom Properties disappearing from part file even after Saving and Checking into PDM Standard!! He describes it as disappeared, though the prop...
    Tom Gagnon
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  • Adding draft to a slot on a curved cylindrical surface

    I am struggling add draft to the slot circled in red. This is a shelled out cylindrical object with a slope on the inner and outer walls. I need to add some draft to this slot.   What I've tried so far that has...
    Justin Blommer
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  • Importing STEP Assembly as Solidworks Assembly with Parts

    I received a file from a supplier that is a STEP assembly of the entire part, with STEP components. I believe it was originally modeled in Fusion 360.    The goal is to be able to manipulate the assembly an...
    Justin Blommer
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  • Fold creates strange geometry

    Hello! I´m trying to fold back this sheet metal piece after cutting it. However for some reason it modifies the geometry of one of the cut parts on the right side. I don´t know what i´m doing wrong h...
  • split geometry in swept boss

    Hi Everyone, I am getting an error while doing a swept boss/base option. I have a 3D sketch I want to give a rectangular cross-section with dimension 3x 2 cm. But while giving this value the surface of the geometry i...
    Suhail P.
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  • Data Validation drop down disappears

    I have a design table in an assembly and it controls newly created configurations per project. It can create a new configuration by a few selections and a button. I noticed today that all my Data validation lists disa...
    Scott Baugh
    created by Scott Baugh
  • Flip New Mate Not Old

    Here it is
    Brian Brazeau
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  • Angled and Curved Confusion

    I need to re-create the middle feature onto another model. But I have no idea how to create this.   I have the original stp file, but cannot dissect how it was sketched.   Is it a revolve? A spline? A swee...
    Rebecca Evans
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  • Help with angle bottom slots/cutouts

    My question is I am modelling round part with the slots going from center out, the slots are not through part and not through sideways, the slots have angle bottom(for blind slots), starting from different circumferen...
    Sarabjit Mannbub
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  • Configuration BOM's - Suppressed items at the end?

    I have a BOM that I am showing two configurations and I want all the major components at the top of the BOM and all the fasteners at the bottom of the BOM.   There is one item that is suppressed in the active co...
    Scott Baugh
    created by Scott Baugh
  • Is there an opposite function to Boss thicken?

    Hi, I went through the tutorial on Loft but it seems to create surface of zero thickness. It seems that I could use the Boss Thicken function to make the shell with a user specified thickness. Given an irregular 3D ob...
    Peter Cohen
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  • Downloaded sldprt files with issues

    I have a couple of file issues that I'm hoping to understand.  Neither of these are a big deal, but I'm trying to figure out what is going on.  (It is possible I am doing something wrong.)   Almost all...
    Scott Perman
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  • Activating Plane Grid like in Rhino 3D

    Hi everyone,    I'm new to Solidworks. I worked in RHINO 3D mostly and a little in FUSION 360. In both software i had the option of having a grid plane . For me it helps me orient around the scene and get a...
    Robert Salamon
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  • TrimExtend non Weldment bodies

    Hello, what is the best way to do a "TrimExtend" in non weldment bodies? i have lots of situations like the attached images, in weldments its easy to do it, i would like to know if there is a similar command for nor...
    Bruno Frade
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  • Wrapping a decal image on an angled cylindrical surface

    I am trying to put a label (rectangle image) on a cup, the surface of the cup is on an angle and is cylindrical. The issue i am having is creating a small gap or having the ends touch each other. No matter what I try ...
    Jtyry Srytry
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  • How to fix "One of the selected pulleys is already fixed" error in belt/chain mate ?

    when I gave the very first belt/chain mate then there was no problem.but as soon as I gave the second belt/chain mate a bunch of warning and errors popped up. showing "no solution found". and after the belt/chain mate...
    Rakibul Islam Prince
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  • Feature Suppression From Assembly

    I've got a part that is going to grow and shrink based upon a global variable at the assembly level. Above a certain length, I want that part to suppress and unsuppress two features.   The idea is that when I on...
    Nicholas Faust
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  • Model moving parts that need to be drawn in place?

    I know this might sound silly, but i need to draw a part that i want to be able to move within an assembly, but i need the size of the space its going in to be able to model it to the correct size which is in a differ...
    Sam Johnson
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