• Macro- for saving dxf flat patterns with configuration names.dxf

    I am checking to see if anyone has developed a macro that saves a flat pattern sheetmetal dxf file using the configuration name. I have sheet metal parts that have numerous configurations, all of the parts have unique...
    Chad Moles
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  • Multi-body Save Body configurations issue

    I have a test multi-body part with multiple configurations and with solids made from surfaces and from simple sketches. I'm trying to transfer the configurations of the multi-body part to Saved bodies parts but ...
    Dragos Rotundu
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  • Deleting Configurations using Design Table

    According to the [docs](2019 SOLIDWORKS Help - Deleting a Configuration Within a Design Table ) I am supposed to be able to delete a configuration by deleting the row associated with said config in the design tab...
    Christopher Buckley
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  • Design Table Crash

    Excel design table locks up SolidWorks after closing.  Excel closes, but then all menus will not respond.  It does not always happen, but about 75-80% of the time it does.  Thoughts?
    Rodney Bame
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  • SOLIDWORKS hang after edit design table

    Hi,  I try to edit design table in my SOLIDWORKS 2020 SP1, and use Ms. Excel 2019, but after input the value in excel and click in graphicas area SOLIDWORKS the software automaticly hang, cannot do anything, all...
    Rifan Suharyadi
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  • VBA in equation

    Hi, I read this : Question: If IIF function can be used, are there any others that work ? Answer: Yes, almost any VBA can be used in an equation! −Message boxes −String manipulation functions &minu...
    Alessandro Frattini
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  • Where to find error logs for Design Table?

    I am getting multiple error dialog popups after opening/closing my Design Table. These each detail a specific error, and only give me the option to press "OK" at which point the dialog closes. I want to resolve these ...
    Christopher Buckley
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  • Solidworks unresponsive after Design table

    why does Solidworks become unresponsive after a close Design table in Excel? Does anyone have a solution for that. This is taking lots of productivity from my work. Thanks
    Seth Tayfun
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  • Part Families

    any former NX users out there that can tell me if desighn tables can do the same thing as "part family" function in version NX4 and newer?
    Randy Schlemmer
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  • Design table not starting

    Hey,   I have a wierd problem, when I try to create a new design table the tool starts (I keep the basic settings) and hit the green tick to start the table creation on auto, nothing happens. Program just doesn'...
    Esa Lehtinen
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  • Design Table issues with Solidworks 2018 and Excel for Office 365

    I seem to remember being able to edit my Design Tables as recently as a couple of months ago, but now any attempt to edit them eventually hangs up Solidworks. The symptoms are strange. When I add a Design Table to a p...
    Jim Lancaster
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  • Some derived configs not showing in selection drop down

    Some of my derived configurations are not appearing on the configuration selection drop down.These are all in a design table. Has anyone seen this before/ know how to fix it?   I've found this: https://forum.so...
    Grant Kirkland
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  • Design Table Edits cause Excel/SW to Freeze, Forcing Me to "End Task"

    Hello SW Community!   I have been struggling with design tables that open Excel 2016 within SW 2016. I have a fairly large design table that I have separate issues with not showing all the table data with in a d...
    David Hart
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  • Macro to Update Design Tables on Assemblies and Parts modeled Top-Down

    Attached is a simple macro that will update all the design tableson a complete assembly. This is functionality that solidWorks should have... but at thistime if you have multiple design tables driving a parametrica...
    Mauricio Martinez-Saez
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  • How to Use Configuration Description in Configuration Specific Property

    Does anyone know how to use a configuration description in a configuration specific property?  Currently I have my configuration specific part number referencing the configuration name by $PRP:"SW-Configuration N...
    Wayne Bird
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  • Engineering Data for Digitization

    How digitization is changing the world of engineering?
    Chaitanya Patel
    created by Chaitanya Patel
  • Can't create a new Design Table

    SW2010SP2.0 (with both hotfixes), Win 7 x64, Microsoft Office 2007 SP1   I can no longer create a new Design Table. All the button clicks are there, the Design Table Property Manager has all the usual options (B...
    Steve Rauenbuehler
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  • Global Variables and Configuration

    What is the way to have different Global Variable values for each configuration? Because even though I gave a different Global Variable values for each configuration, it took up the default configuration values.  ...
    Maha Nadarasa
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  • Show/Hide Reference Geometry in Configurations

    Is it possible to manage the hidden state of planes and axes within parts or assemblies using a design table. I have parts with many configs and when planes are created they appear visible on all configs and I don...
    Jason Corl
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  • Configure error message

    When I click on a feature in the tree, then RMB on a dimension and choose Configure Dimension I get this error message.   After I click OK it works fine, but what do I need to do to fix it?  (I hope it's ...
    Glenn Schroeder
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