• Solidworks unresponsive after Design table

    why does Solidworks become unresponsive after a close Design table in Excel? Does anyone have a solution for that. This is taking lots of productivity from my work. Thanks
    Seth Tayfun
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  • Cannot create design table in Solidworks 2019

    Hi, im having problem with design table in Solid 2019. it has been working fine in 2017 and now when i updated i cant seem to get it to work. im running excel 2010. i can still edit already made design tables but only...
    Albin Dagner
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  • Solid works configuration tips?

    I had an assembly with many configurations. I need to copy the assembly and components to new name with only one selected configuration required. Is there any way to do this?
    Karthik S.
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  • Can you hide equations from sight?

    I've got parts and assemblies with several important equations controlling their features. Is it possible to hide these equations (just like you hide sketches or parts) from the Equation manager so that they...
    Antti Saari
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  • Design table not starting

    Hey,   I have a wierd problem, when I try to create a new design table the tool starts (I keep the basic settings) and hit the green tick to start the table creation on auto, nothing happens. Program just doesn'...
    Esa Lehtinen
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  • Quickly find the differences between configurations?

    Does anyone have a utility (tool or macro) for quickly finding all the differences between configurations?   I've got a part file that was created by someone else.  There are 16 different configurations tha...
    Steven Soeder
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  • New Sub assembly Configurations not appearing in Assembly Design Table drop down menu?

    I have a subassembly with configurations, and an assembly run by a design table which contains this subassembly.   When imputing new configurations into the sub assembly, they dont appear into the design table o...
    Ryan Sultana
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  • Custom Property Tab erases data within the List Block

    I've recently learned about the Custom Property Tab and think that I have found a bug where the list block erases data. It arose when I decided to create a template of my own, visible below.     ...
    Albert Homem
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  • ow to add (") mark to fraction in a equation evaluated expression?

    I want to have the evaluated expression shown as 240 to show 240". I have my (") mark turned on and the dimensions set to fraction. How do I get it to display in the evaluated field?
    Shawndra Products
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  • Configuration specific design table update problems

    Hi all,   I am having a problem which is sending me round the bend. I apologise because I know this has been asked before however I have read all of the threads regarding weight updating problems and I still can...
    Martin Miller
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  • Easy way to make multiple configurations?

    Hi everybody,   Our company makes parts with a lot of small differences. I want to make a part with multiple configurations and but want to know how i can do this the most efficient.  The part is setup as...
    Bart Kolkman
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  • edit features of a part of a subassembly in a design table

    Is it possible to edit dimensions of parts of a subassembly in a design-table?
    Ton Van Leeuwen
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  • How to copy an exploded view between different assemblies?

     Как скопировать разнесенный вид между различными сборками?
    Danil Levin
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  • Link from derived configuration to parent

    When using derived configurations dimensions are linked to the parent. These links can be broken and restored (see attachement). The same behaviour seems to apply to changing configurations of components/subassemblies...
    Bas Vandeursen
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  • Global Variables and Configuration

    What is the way to have different Global Variable values for each configuration? Because even though I gave a different Global Variable values for each configuration, it took up the default configuration values.  ...
    Maha Nadarasa
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  • configuration publisher

    Good evening, i have a part(to add in toolbox) with a design table and a configuration publisher, after add it to toolbox, configuration publisher will never show in adding component to assembly, just a dropdown menu ...
    Roman Mettler
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  • Why does my Design Table erase my newly-added configurations?

    I'm working on an assembly. Whenever I add new configurations to it in Excel, it erases some or all of them. I usually lose all but the first new entry, sometimes all of them, and sometimes it leaves two or three. Occ...
    Kevin Hansen
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  • Is it possible to have one pipe file with a design table that contains multiple configurations of pipe diameters and lengths and you can easily switch between pipe diameters while keeping the same length?

    Is it possible to have one pipe file with a design table that contains multiple configurations of pipe diameters and lengths and you can easily switch between pipe diameters while keeping the same length?   ...
    Hasanain Shuja
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  • Design Table Crash

    Excel design table locks up SolidWorks after closing.  Excel closes, but then all menus will not respond.  It does not always happen, but about 75-80% of the time it does.  Thoughts?
    Rodney Bame
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  • How to hide BOM and other details in configuration?

    Hello,   I have two configuration from which I want to hide BOM and other details in one configuration and in second configuration I want to show all details. Is it possible I also tried using display stat...
    Haresh Meruliya
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