• Design table not starting

    Hey,   I have a wierd problem, when I try to create a new design table the tool starts (I keep the basic settings) and hit the green tick to start the table creation on auto, nothing happens. Program just doesn'...
    Esa Lehtinen
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  • Can't create a new Design Table

    SW2010SP2.0 (with both hotfixes), Win 7 x64, Microsoft Office 2007 SP1   I can no longer create a new Design Table. All the button clicks are there, the Design Table Property Manager has all the usual options (B...
    Steve Rauenbuehler
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  • Global Variables and Configuration

    What is the way to have different Global Variable values for each configuration? Because even though I gave a different Global Variable values for each configuration, it took up the default configuration values.  ...
    Maha Nadarasa
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  • Show/Hide Reference Geometry in Configurations

    Is it possible to manage the hidden state of planes and axes within parts or assemblies using a design table. I have parts with many configs and when planes are created they appear visible on all configs and I don...
    Jason Corl
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  • Configure error message

    When I click on a feature in the tree, then RMB on a dimension and choose Configure Dimension I get this error message.   After I click OK it works fine, but what do I need to do to fix it?  (I hope it's ...
    Glenn Schroeder
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  • Displaying driven dimensions in a design table (or in a drawing).

    First off, apologies for asking a question which seems to get asked a lot - I still cannot find the answer I'm looking for despite much searching!   I am trying to display driven dimensions from multiple configu...
    Graeme Hyson
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  • Design Table Crash

    Excel design table locks up SolidWorks after closing.  Excel closes, but then all menus will not respond.  It does not always happen, but about 75-80% of the time it does.  Thoughts?
    Rodney Bame
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  • Need way to make a part configured but only in an assembly

    I have a part that has 32 different configurations. Some of the 30 configs have a second layer of configurations (derived config). Each configuration wither top level or derived config has there own unique part number...
    Shawndra Products
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  • How to deal with springback within sheet metal gauges? And how to deal with a change of tooling?

    Solidworks 2019 offers the amazing feature to add a sheet metal gauge/bending table to a material. We implemented our different brake presses into this table already (thanks to these blogposts: Spotlight on Featu...
    Lauritz Berg
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  • Design Tables - Can't insert, but can edit existing

    Problem: If I try to insert a design table into a part or assembly document, nothing happens.  Like literally.  Nothing happens at all.  No errors, not screen flash, nothing.   Any file that alrea...
    Josh Brady
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  • Unable to save design table changes

    We have a design table to create different sized screws.  The part with the DT is checked into PDM.  We've had a situation where another user checked out the file to add additional configurations with the DT...
    Brian Stoddard
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  • Part configurations not showing in Assembly Design Table Dropdown

    I have an assembly with a number of configurations, each configuration has different configurations of the parts within the assembly. I've added new configs to a part and now when I edit the design table wi...
    Richard Kendrew
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  • Please share good  solidworks supported desktop configuration for solidworks animation.

    desktop configuration
    Saurabh Priyadarshi
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  • Configuration breaks on negative dimension values

    I'm not sure if I'm doing something stupid here or if SolidWorks has a bug:   When you enter negative dimension values, the sign for this dimension changes in all configurations.   Is this by intention? I ...
    Axel Dahmen
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  • Copy exploded view between assembly

    How to copy an exploded view between different assemblies?
    Danil Levin
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  • How to add "Configuration Description" to Custom Property Builder?

    Hi all,   I've been searching this answer for more than 3 hours and still no luck. Does anyone know if Properties builder have any expression for the description in the configuration properties? As shown in the ...
    Bou-Yea Chen
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  • Design table - Re-Design!!

    Change your whole crew with Design Table. It's frustrating and very unstable! Let's get real!
    Seth Tayfun
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  • Linking design table to a file makes file saving slow - how I keep the link without saving?

    I have a part which has a lot of dimensions driven by a Design Table. I want to link this Design Table to an external file, so I can edit it via Excel outside of SOLIDWORKS (which is much more convenient, even more th...
    J. R.
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  • Feature control based on configuration

    I need to create a rule to suppress/unsuppress a feature in a part which has many configurations. I want the feature to be suppressed in all other configuration and it should be unsuppressed in a selected configuratio...
    Karthik S.
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  • Design Table reference embedded assembly

    I have a design table for an assembly and I want the table to reference the component description of a second embedded assembly. Is it possible for a design table to reference the component description of the embedded...
    Eric Abbott
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