• Can you control configuration in patterns

    I am trying to do pattern a part in assembly but I want to keep the patterned parts different configuration then the original part. I can go change them to different config but when I change the quantity in the patter...
    Mehmet Gultepe
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  • ASM Design Table, Drive Instance-Config

    Hi, I'm trying to make a linear XY pattern of one component with 2,500 configurations. Say 10 down and 10 sideways, I need the top left pattern instance to be config#1, then second from the left #2 and so on in a zig...
    Jordan Kaulbars
    created by Jordan Kaulbars
  • Adjusting measurements for furniture designs

    Hi All,   Basically I'm about a year out of uni and they didn't teach much solidworks - only basics such as using a few tools in the feature toolbar. That's all well and good for uni when you have long time frame...
    Joshua Sharp
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  • Macro to Update Design Tables on Assemblies and Parts modeled Top-Down

    Attached is a simple macro that will update all the design tableson a complete assembly. This is functionality that solidWorks should have... but at thistime if you have multiple design tables driving a parametrica...
    Mauricio Martinez-Saez
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  • SolidWorks Design table - Microsoft Office 365

    Does SolidWorks Support Microsoft Office 365 SolidWorks Design Table - How handling Cloud Excel Data
    Muthukumaran B.
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  • Multiple configuration of the same assembly

    Hello, i am facing the following problem: I have an assembly consisting of 5 parts  The assembly have 8 dimensional configurations I ned to put all the configuration in another Large assembly.   The probl...
    Dragos Popovici
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  • Configuration reference in title block

    Hi all   Here's the problem.   I have one part with several different configurations. due to this part being a module in a greater modular assembly system. In the drawing of this part, I've made a refer...
    Glennglenn Felthaus
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  • Who uses equations to suppress features/components respectively which further enhancements would you like to see?

    Hi All,   a couple of releases ago we did enhance the equation functionality with the capability that you can suppress/unsuppress features/components through equations.  I.e. it is possible to use condition...
    Frank Ruepp
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  • Failed To Launch Server Application

    Is Excel open and running in the background when this happens? We haven't seen this error in a long time but when we did it always happened when Excel was already open. If this is the case, close Excel and try opening...
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  • Who is using DriveWorks, Tacton or similar products?

    Hi All,   I am wondering how big the topic of design automation is for you?  In SolidWorks we have built in functionality like equations and configurations that help you to automate your design.  But a...
    Frank Ruepp
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  • create derived configurations in a design table

    Can anyone explain how to create derived configurations in a design table?   I currently have two configurations with derived configurations but they were created before the design table was created
    Kurt Jensen
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  • bend table

    what number am i supposed to put left to right at the top of the chart in my k-factor bend table? the default heading says radius/thickness and the error i recieve says that and a ratio between the two so im t...
    Chris Bennett
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  • Looking for Pillow Block Bearing

    Does anyone know where I might be able to find a standard pillow block bearing that could be saved in our design library? We have not been using SW very long and trying to get our library setup. Thank you for any h...
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  • unable to open the design table using excel 2003

    anybody had this message and found a solution? "unable to open the design table using excel 2003" The only thing working seems to be to completely restore a backup. very frustrating, when this happens i lose...
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  • Can SW limit a minimum extruded thickness while ignoring anything above the minimum with an equation?

    I have a plate that has a minimum extruded thickness of 1.25 inches. Is there a way that I can add an equation in the equation manager or design table that will simply do this:   if "d1@boss-extrude1" < 1.25...
    Alfred Jelinek
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  • Re: Change configuration of part based on another part in assembly

    I'm away from SOLIDWORKS at the moment so on't be able to check the files. But please move this post to design table category (use move option on right side under actions)   Let me explain   Part 1 has con...
    Deepak Gupta
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  • notification about design tables

    I have just been working on an issue with design tables for a couple of hours, and found the solution. Let this post be a little note to other users, who may face the same problem, because I didn't find anything simil...
    Ben D.
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  • Who is using an external parameter file to drive parts and assemblies?

    Hi All,   with SolidWorks 2011 we have added the capability to use an external parameter file that gets linked into different parts and assemblies.  The purpose of this approach is that you have one place w...
    Frank Ruepp
    created by Frank Ruepp
  • Workaround for how to suppress a line as part of a weldement profile sketch

    I have finally figured out a workaround for how to suppress a sketch entity such as a line in a Solidworks sketch.   Here's how I did it for multiple lines in my configurable weldement profile.  By the way, ...
    Cordell Hollingsworth
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  • What are the best practice for parametric top-down assembly

    HI there,   I would like to know which practices are considered best in a top-down assembly. I use it for small assemblies of lathe parts, very similar one to another, only some dimensions change   My pra...
    Etienne Magnoux
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