• New Sub assembly Configurations not appearing in Assembly Design Table drop down menu?

    I have a subassembly with configurations, and an assembly run by a design table which contains this subassembly.   When imputing new configurations into the sub assembly, they dont appear into the design table o...
    Ryan Sultana
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  • SolidWorks Design table - Microsoft Office 365

    Does SolidWorks Support Microsoft Office 365 SolidWorks Design Table - How handling Cloud Excel Data
    Muthukumaran B.
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  • Multiple configuration of the same assembly

    Hello, i am facing the following problem: I have an assembly consisting of 5 parts  The assembly have 8 dimensional configurations I ned to put all the configuration in another Large assembly.   The probl...
    Dragos Popovici
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  • How to copy an exploded view between different assemblies?

     Как скопировать разнесенный вид между различными сборками?
    Danil Levin
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  • Link from derived configuration to parent

    When using derived configurations dimensions are linked to the parent. These links can be broken and restored (see attachement). The same behaviour seems to apply to changing configurations of components/subassemblies...
    Bas Vandeursen
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  • Configuration reference in title block

    Hi all   Here's the problem.   I have one part with several different configurations. due to this part being a module in a greater modular assembly system. In the drawing of this part, I've made a refer...
    Glennglenn Felthaus
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  • Allow all display states within all configurations?

    I am currently working on a part that has multiple display states, multiple configurations, and one appearance for each display state.  When I edit the design table the appearance assigned to the d...
    Michael Posner
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  • Unable to edit existing design table after creation

    Hello,   I have recently started using design for the first time on my computer. I have successfully been able to set up a design table for a part and create several different configurations. However, once ...
    Joshua Mack
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  • Design Table First Instance

    Why does SW always create a first instance when I insert a design table into a part that already has configs?  I've been deleting this instance from my configs, is this a problem?
    Wayne Bird
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  • Design Table Borders on DWG

    Good morning everyone! I don't know if anybody has ever seen/ had this kind of problem, so I'm open to any suggestion. I'm used to create multiple configurations for parts on the design table, and whenever I need to...
    Danilo Rauen
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  • Configurations

    Configurations Please, can someone confirm I have a 3D Sail shape with/Graphic layout  If I just move items about on the layout sketches dragging part of the sketches to a new location size and or chan...
    Andrew Wylam
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  • New Parts In Toolbox Question: Adding Parts

    I was wondering if there was a way to add parts into toolbox in a way that lets you edit the information inside of toolbox like you can with the default toolbox components?  I am wondering because it would make i...
    Darrell Conley
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  • Macro- for saving dxf flat patterns with configuration names.dxf

    I am checking to see if anyone has developed a macro that saves a flat pattern sheetmetal dxf file using the configuration name. I have sheet metal parts that have numerous configurations, all of the parts have unique...
    Chad Moles
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  • Design Table Edits cause Excel/SW to Freeze, Forcing Me to "End Task"

    Hello SW Community!   I have been struggling with design tables that open Excel 2016 within SW 2016. I have a fairly large design table that I have separate issues with not showing all the table data with in a d...
    David Hart
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  • Design table- no dimensions added with predefined configurations

    Hello, I'm dealing with problem which I can't solve by myself. I've created simple part with few configurations (no matter how many... I'm just trying to illustrate the problem) and I want to create a design table wi...
    Hristo Topalov
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  • Add dimension from part to an assembly design table

    How do I add a part level dimension to an assembly design table?
    Wayne Bird
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  • Configure the use of a subassembly

    I have an assembly file with two configurations:   Config. 1: Contains 10 parts and a subassembly. Config. 2: Contains the same 10 parts without the subassembly.   Here is what I want to do: In config. ...
    Samuel Wicoff
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  • Using a top-level design table to call configurations in components of sub-assemblies

    I am working on a very large SW assembly and want to drive some of its components with a design table.   If I have (as an example): Asm      Part1      SubAsm  &#...
    David Gervais
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  • Design Table Generating a Cosmetic Thread Error

    I've run into an issue where using a design table to change the length of a cosmetic thread is generating an error.   The goal was to create a simple internally tapped stud with configurations of different lengt...
    Matthew Wypych
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  • splitting of design table in drawing

    I have several hardware files that we use based on design tables. I would like to show these in their drawings, but some of our files have over 100 configurations. I can adjust what it shown in the tables via the de...
    Chad Coombs
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