• Design table - Re-Design!!

    Change your whole crew with Design Table. It's frustrating and very unstable! Let's get real!
    Seth Tayfun
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  • Linking design table to a file makes file saving slow - how I keep the link without saving?

    I have a part which has a lot of dimensions driven by a Design Table. I want to link this Design Table to an external file, so I can edit it via Excel outside of SOLIDWORKS (which is much more convenient, even more th...
    J. R.
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  • Feature control based on configuration

    I need to create a rule to suppress/unsuppress a feature in a part which has many configurations. I want the feature to be suppressed in all other configuration and it should be unsuppressed in a selected configuratio...
    Karthik S.
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  • Invalid dimension name in Design Table

    I am relatively new to SW 2012 (many years experience with ProE) and have an issue. I created a design table and have changed the dimension name from D1@SKETCH1 to SS@SKETCH1 and I keep getting an error message stati...
    John Heath
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  • Design Table, reference a property only. Do not change the property on configuration, similar to how reference dimensions work with design tables?

       I have about 150 parts with individual design tables with roughly the same properties. The design tables do not currently display dimensions about the component. Also the parts were designed a l...
    Mason Cobb
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    Denny Peter
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  • Show/Hide Reference Geometry in Configurations

    Is it possible to manage the hidden state of planes and axes within parts or assemblies using a design table. I have parts with many configs and when planes are created they appear visible on all configs and I don...
    Jason Corl
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  • Configured instance count of component pattern. Issue when opening after closed.

    I have an assembly with a linear component pattern. It's configured for different types, and for each type I'm using derived configurations for lengths. The instance count of the linear component pattern is differen...
    Kristian Strømstad
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  • Design Table, cant create new configuration line

    Can someone please try to add a new line to Design Table in these parts? I just cant add. i Called Solidworks, they were not help either. If you  re able to do it, then i would know that i have a problem with m...
    Seth Tayfun
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  • Solidworks unresponsive after Design table

    why does Solidworks become unresponsive after a close Design table in Excel? Does anyone have a solution for that. This is taking lots of productivity from my work. Thanks
    Seth Tayfun
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  • Adjusting measurements for furniture designs

    Hi All,   Basically I'm about a year out of uni and they didn't teach much solidworks - only basics such as using a few tools in the feature toolbar. That's all well and good for uni when you have long time frame...
    Joshua Sharp
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  • Cannot create design table in Solidworks 2019

    Hi, im having problem with design table in Solid 2019. it has been working fine in 2017 and now when i updated i cant seem to get it to work. im running excel 2010. i can still edit already made design tables but only...
    Albin Dagner
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  • Design table not starting

    Hey,   I have a wierd problem, when I try to create a new design table the tool starts (I keep the basic settings) and hit the green tick to start the table creation on auto, nothing happens. Program just doesn'...
    Esa Lehtinen
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  • Quickly find the differences between configurations?

    Does anyone have a utility (tool or macro) for quickly finding all the differences between configurations?   I've got a part file that was created by someone else.  There are 16 different configurations tha...
    Steven Soeder
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  • Macro to Update Design Tables on Assemblies and Parts modeled Top-Down

    Attached is a simple macro that will update all the design tableson a complete assembly. This is functionality that solidWorks should have... but at thistime if you have multiple design tables driving a parametrica...
    Mauricio Martinez-Saez
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  • New Sub assembly Configurations not appearing in Assembly Design Table drop down menu?

    I have a subassembly with configurations, and an assembly run by a design table which contains this subassembly.   When imputing new configurations into the sub assembly, they dont appear into the design table o...
    Ryan Sultana
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  • SolidWorks Design table - Microsoft Office 365

    Does SolidWorks Support Microsoft Office 365 SolidWorks Design Table - How handling Cloud Excel Data
    Muthukumaran B.
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  • Multiple configuration of the same assembly

    Hello, i am facing the following problem: I have an assembly consisting of 5 parts  The assembly have 8 dimensional configurations I ned to put all the configuration in another Large assembly.   The probl...
    Dragos Popovici
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  • How to copy an exploded view between different assemblies?

     Как скопировать разнесенный вид между различными сборками?
    Danil Levin
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  • Link from derived configuration to parent

    When using derived configurations dimensions are linked to the parent. These links can be broken and restored (see attachement). The same behaviour seems to apply to changing configurations of components/subassemblies...
    Bas Vandeursen
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