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Seth Tayfun
Change your whole crew with Design Table. It's frustrating and very unstable! Let's get real!
in Configurations/Design Tables
Jordan Kaulbars
Hi, I'm trying to make a linear XY pattern of one component with 2,500 configurations. Say 10 down and 10 sideways, I need the top left pattern instance to be config#1, then second from the left #2 and so on in a zig-zag pattern.  Is there a way to drive the instance number "Part1<1>" of the linear pattern AND the configuration together, through… (Show more)
in Configurations/Design Tables
J. R.
Click to view contentI have a part which has a lot of dimensions driven by a Design Table. I want to link this Design Table to an external file, so I can edit it via Excel outside of SOLIDWORKS (which is much more convenient, even more than the "Edit Table in New Window" option, because it allows me to check things in SOLIDWORKS without closing the Design Table).  … (Show more)
in Configurations/Design Tables
Karthik S.
I need to create a rule to suppress/unsuppress a feature in a part which has many configurations. I want the feature to be suppressed in all other configuration and it should be unsuppressed in a selected configuration only if the rule condition is achieved. Is there any way to do this in solid works modelling?   In other words i want to create a… (Show more)
in Configurations/Design Tables
Eric Abbott
I have a design table for an assembly and I want the table to reference the component description of a second embedded assembly. Is it possible for a design table to reference the component description of the embedded parts?
in Configurations/Design Tables
Lauritz Berg
Solidworks 2019 offers the amazing feature to add a sheet metal gauge/bending table to a material. We implemented our different brake presses into this table already (thanks to these blogposts: Spotlight on Features: Sheet Metal Bend and Gauge table working rules (Part II)) although some questions remain unanswered:   Change of tooling If we… (Show more)
John Heath
I am relatively new to SW 2012 (many years experience with ProE) and have an issue. I created a design table and have changed the dimension name from D1@SKETCH1 to SS@SKETCH1 and I keep getting an error message stating "Column heading ss@sketch1 contains and invalid dimension name "SS" Are there chracters that I can and cannot use? In Pro-E I… (Show more)
Mason Cobb
   I have about 150 parts with individual design tables with roughly the same properties. The design tables do not currently display dimensions about the component. Also the parts were designed a long time ago with 'not excellent' design intent. I needed to change the drawings from having an individual sheet for every configuration to having a… (Show more)
in Configurations/Design Tables
Denny Peter
in Configurations/Design Tables
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