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Shawndra Products
I want to have the evaluated expression shown as 240 to show 240". I have my (") mark turned on and the dimensions set to fraction. How do I get it to display in the evaluated field?
in Configurations/Design Tables
Martin Miller
Click to view contentHi all,   I am having a problem which is sending me round the bend. I apologise because I know this has been asked before however I have read all of the threads regarding weight updating problems and I still cannot get a list of weights for all of my configurations which is updated.   I am using SW2011 SP4.0 and have a part which has over 50… (Show more)
Bart Kolkman
Hi everybody,   Our company makes parts with a lot of small differences. I want to make a part with multiple configurations and but want to know how i can do this the most efficient.  The part is setup as followed: Feature A has option 1, 2, 3 Feature B has option 4, 5, 6 Feature C has option 7, 8   All combinations are possible. This would… (Show more)
in Configurations/Design Tables
Dragos Popovici
Hello, i am facing the following problem: I have an assembly consisting of 5 parts  The assembly have 8 dimensional configurations I ned to put all the configuration in another Large assembly.   The problem is that when I put other configuration all changes.   Thank you
Danil Levin
 Как скопировать разнесенный вид между различными сборками?
in Configurations/Design Tables
Bas Vandeursen
When using derived configurations dimensions are linked to the parent. These links can be broken and restored (see attachement). The same behaviour seems to apply to changing configurations of components/subassemblies within the assembly, however the option to 'Link to Parent Configuration' is missing. So when I accidentally change the… (Show more)
in Configurations/Design Tables
Maha Nadarasa
Click to view contentWhat is the way to have different Global Variable values for each configuration? Because even though I gave a different Global Variable values for each configuration, it took up the default configuration values.     A window pop-ups but it has two separate question with one answer.     Yes I want to save changes to the current configuration… (Show more)
in Configurations/Design Tables
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