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Andres Kacerosky
Click to view contentHello there,    I am relative new to design tables in Solidworks so please excuse my ignorance. I will try to breakdown everything so I can make my question as clear as possible.    Background: We have different configurations that have different part numbers/names and dimensions. So one product would have a 3D model number, 2D drawing number… (Show more)
in Configurations/Design Tables
Glennglenn Felthaus
Click to view contentHi all   Here's the problem.   I have one part with several different configurations. due to this part being a module in a greater modular assembly system. In the drawing of this part, I've made a reference to the configuration name, placed in the title block. I'm trying to accomplish that for every sheet in the drawing, I can have a… (Show more)
in Configurations/Design Tables
Hasanain Shuja
Click to view contentIs it possible to have one pipe file with a design table that contains multiple configurations of pipe diameters and lengths and you can easily switch between pipe diameters while keeping the same length?     I was trying to implement this with a design table and I tried to use derived configurations. 1. I initially tried to include each pipe… (Show more)
in Configurations/Design Tables
Rodney Bame
Excel design table locks up SolidWorks after closing.  Excel closes, but then all menus will not respond.  It does not always happen, but about 75-80% of the time it does.  Thoughts?
in Configurations/Design Tables
Kristian Strømstad
I have an assembly with a linear component pattern. It's configured for different types, and for each type I'm using derived configurations for lengths. The instance count of the linear component pattern is different for each length. This assembly is then placed into an assembly at a higher level, and everything is fine until I close the model.… (Show more)
in Configurations/Design Tables
Haresh Meruliya
Hello,   I have two configuration from which I want to hide BOM and other details in one configuration and in second configuration I want to show all details. Is it possible I also tried using display states but it was not worked.   Thanks for always helping. 
in Configurations/Design Tables
Michael Posner
I am currently working on a part that has multiple display states, multiple configurations, and one appearance for each display state.  When I edit the design table the appearance assigned to the display state that was active upon editing the design table overrides the appearance of all the other display states.     In other words, the display… (Show more)
in Configurations/Design Tables
Joshua Mack
Hello,   I have recently started using design for the first time on my computer. I have successfully been able to set up a design table for a part and create several different configurations. However, once I have exited the design table I am unable to get back into it. I go to the configurations tab, right click on design table, select "Edit… (Show more)
in Configurations/Design Tables
Wayne Bird
Why does SW always create a first instance when I insert a design table into a part that already has configs?  I've been deleting this instance from my configs, is this a problem?
in Configurations/Design Tables
Danilo Rauen
Click to view contentGood morning everyone! I don't know if anybody has ever seen/ had this kind of problem, so I'm open to any suggestion. I'm used to create multiple configurations for parts on the design table, and whenever I need to detail those dimensions on a drawing, a make a separate table inside the excel, just so it has a better layout, linking the values… (Show more)
in Configurations/Design Tables
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