• Renaming all subassembly component configuration Macro

    I want to write a macro, that can iterate and rename main configurations (not sub configurations). I wrote a code, form examples I found. It works. but it renames all configurations sequentially. Is it possible to ski...
    Valdas K.
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  • Smart Fasteners in middle of the stacked plates

    is there a way to insert smart fastener in between the sheets? (in this case i want to insert a nut and a washer in between the plates).  
    Valdas K.
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  • Dissemble a part to several parts

    Hello,   I have a Solidworks part file like below. I want to generate separate 3 parts highlighted in different colors.  How can I generate 3 separate part ?   Thank in advance
    Nandika Sirinuwan
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  • Feature Scope of cut extrude...

    Is there a way to have the feature scope of a cut extrude within an assembly to be all components by default? Kevin Beitel
    Kevin Beitel
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  • Switching between Windows is very Slooooow

    When I open a main assembly file (500MB) and then open a sub-assembly to view all is well. When I want to switch windows back to the main assembly it becomes very slow. Any idea why this is. Is there a more efficient ...
    Philip Prendeville
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  • Problem with Chain and Motion Study

    Hi   I have been working on a chain drive mechanism and I have a couple of issues I cannot figure out.  When I try and do a motion study there are errors in the motion.  Also, I have a traffic light sho...
    Peter Dougherty
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  • Exploded View - Select Same Components for Next Move?

    Let's say you have a bunch of components selected for an explode step.  You move them in Y.  Now in the next explode step you want to move those same components in X.  Is there a way to do this quickly ...
    Bjorn Sorenson
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  • How do I convert an assembly of STEP files to an assembly of SLDPRT files?

    I am attempting to convert a STEP file of a circuit board assembly taken from Alitum to an assembly of solid parts. I can import the STEP files into SolidWorks and view the assembly, but each component remains a STEP ...
    Will Maxwell
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  • Display glitch when perspective mode is turned off

    Hi all,   Long time lurker, first time poster. I've been having the following display issue with one assembly I've been working with. When the "perspective" graphics option is on, the assembly looks fine. Howeve...
    Amber Moin
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  • How to go from a multibody part to an assembly without failures?

    I started new as an engineer at a startup and got the CAD files handed over without further explanation, because my predecessor already left. He worked a lot with multibody parts, which I never used before. ...
    Tobias Winkelmann
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  • Saves unmodified parts

    What is up with Sw12. When I open an assembly, make a change to one or two parts, then save the assembly it "insists" on saving literally dozens of other parts that have had no changes and are not in any way reference...
    Gregory Page
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  • Verknüpfungsfehler Scharniere

    Hallo, ich arbeite oft mit Scharnieren aller Art und muss deren Bewegungsverläufe kontrollieren können. Jedoch generiere ich immer Verknüpfungsfehler sobald ich mehr als ein Scharnier in der Baugruppe v...
    Claudia Mechtler
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  • How to stop unwanted automatic global variable creation

    I'm using SW 2012 sp3. It just started automatically adding global variable quotation marks around new features (in assy mode, for now) I create and around anything I try to rename. It also I don't see them in the equ...
    Steve Grossman
    created by Steve Grossman
  • Add part configuration in assembly

    Hello, Can I add a new configuration to a part in an assembly without opening the part file? Thanks.
    Ghazi Toutounji
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  • Pattern sketch around spiral - ensuring the patterned bodies are connected

    Hey everyone,   I'm trying to pattern this highlighted blue line around this spiral (as one connected line/curve). I could try with a curve driven pattern but it's kind of guessing as to how many I need.   ...
    Jake Uyeda
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  • Asking for help with advance mates in Assembly

    Hello Forum,  I am trying to learn, on my own, advanced mates on a project that includes a fixed solenoid pushing/pulling a bell crank. My problem is I do not seem to understand how you constrain a shafted part l...
    John Gaertner
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  • Center of mass feature different from mass properties

    I have a concerning problem relating to center of mass.  I'm creating a balancing jig so this is pretty important.  I inserted a "Center of Mass" feature for this purpose. Then I can snap to this point and d...
    Dean Baragar
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  • Cant follow path like I want.

    Cant keep this guide to follow path without spinning. Like to keep it at an angle.
    David Becker
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  • deleted

    Umberto Zanola
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  • Lightweight won't switch off

    I cant stop my assemblies loading lightweight. The odd thing, is that this has become a problem since implementing PDM standard. But  I don't understand how that can mess with my system setttings. Other sys...
    Gordon Rigg
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