• Exporting individual STEP files from your SW Assembly?

    Is there a way to export individual part files to STEP from a SW assembly?  Perhaps Task Scheduler can do this?  Does this require a macro to do this?   We have lots of our vendors that prefer individu...
    Mark Biasotti
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  • Two Round Tube Assembly, Section Properties - Moments of inertia of the area

    Hello, I am looking at an assembly of Two Round Hollow Tubes running parallel next to each other. The tubes are 2.5in Diameter and 0.125in Thick. I would like to see how the separation between the tubes impacts the ...
    Dan Smith
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  • How to exploded a part on a different axis

    I'm running Solidworks 2020 and when I'm trying to exploded parts in an assemble, I used to be able to right click and select 'align to' and then click on a surface or a part to change the axis that the part exploded ...
    Sara Clarys
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  • Fragile angle mates

    Why are angular mates so fragile and constantly flipping around?  I nearly always do angular mates from reference plane to reference plane, which should be robust as no geometry is involved.  They still unex...
    Gary Lucas
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  • How to Sync Appearance of Mirrored parts with Original parts within Assembly?

    Hello, I have a question on the appearance of mirrored parts. The question is, when I mirror the part, with any orientation, the appearance follows. But when I mirror the part with opposite hand version, it does not...
    Minkyu Bae
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  • Animation Toolbar not appearing

    I try to create an exploded assembly by using the exploded feature.  This feature does its job well and the parts collapse in the proper manner.  However, when I try to animate the collapse by right clicking...
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  • Who still uses lock washers when designing machinery?

    As a many year designer of food processing equipment we are planning to start eliminating all lock washers and most flat washers from our designs.   This is to improve sanitation of our machines, as well as cust...
    Jeff Wygum
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  • Quick add automatically mates the copied part

    I'm using ctrl + click and drag to multiply an item instead of manually inserting a component. My question is, is there a way to duplicate a part and not have it automatically mate to the nearest part of the assembly?...
    Andrew Branch
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  • Replace configs parts by individual parts in config assembly

    Hello everyone, I'm facing a problem. And maybe someone may have the solution... I would be grateful...   The context is: -I've an assembly with 3 configurations -In each of this config assembly , a same part...
    Jean-Michel Krencker
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  • My display changed color and I can't see parts as well

    I'm working on a rather large assembly and all of sudden it changed color (it's a softer white and the parts are almost transparent). I tried toggling large assembly mode and it doesn't change anything. I open this sp...
    Andrew Branch
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  • How to use a subassembly's exploded view in an assembly

    I have an assembly with a sub assembly that I want to show exploded within the assembly exploded view.  I found an explanation of how to do this in Solidworks help, 2016 SOLIDWORKS Help - Using a Subassembly's E...
    Jonathan Gourlie
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  • Stationary Tensioner Belt Design

    I am trying to create a belt with a non-rotating tensioner (see attached image). The tensioner is in a slot to allow for vertical movement but I still get an warning saying one pulley is fixed. After some digging, I r...
    Taylor Oetelaar
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  • Edge to plane parallel mate removes 2 DOFs?

    MY SITUATION I'm trying to mate two plates having two holes each. I need the holes to match/align, and the plates to touch each other. But I have two constraints : I need the fewer possible mates, an most importantly ...
    Dara Kong
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  • Constrain Z axis rotation?

    I need a trick for not allowing rotation about -Z- (or an Axis) This seems to be missing from the Solidworks contraint list. You may not use any other geometric entities to accomplish this (due to them being in...
    Rex Jackson
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  • Insert component wont move by dragging....

    Occaisonally when i insert a part into an assembly, the part wont let me drag it about and re-orientate it to position. The only way to do it is to mate it with what i want to join it too. I have checked the moves...
    James Smith
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  • How to simulate overlapping parts in assembly?

    I am trying to create a model of a mechanical iris, which is made up of several overlapping leaves contained within a body. In reality, these leaves bend slightly in order to overlap with each other, but in ...
    Matt Black
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  • How to duplicate all parts and assembly without references to original parts

    Hi Folks,   I'm after a solution that I'm sure exists already however I can't currently find one.   I have been modelling within an assembly using the top down technique pulling references from other parts...
    Will Davis
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  • Unable to locate Assembly components

    I have one Assembly file(SLDASM) only, but when i open it, it says it cant find the components to the Assembly and the file gets suppressed.    WHAT TO DO?? 
    R. Amarthya Sreechand
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  • Idea - dissolve in BOM

    Please add this option: Dissolve in BOM to move all subparts 1 step up.   Also for those constantly reminding me:
    Damir Galic
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  • Property call-out change?

    Hello,   Has there been a change in property call-outs? Let me be more precise in what I mean.     We use a promoted assembly with multiple sub-assemblies inside it, each corresponding to different wi...
    Alex Lachance
    created by Alex Lachance