• Rollback State Error

    Here's a weird thing I've had happen several times. I open an assembly. Open sub-assembly. Open part and edit it (not edit in asm), delete some features, add some new ones. Save and close part. I then get this error m...
    Ivan Loewen
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  • Copy with Mates - Under Defined Parts?

    Howdy Gang,   This is a SW 2019 question.   I have a pin I need to copy with mates. The pin is fully defined - mated. Now I want to populate the connector with the rest of these pins.   SW says: "Ma...
    Brent Theobald
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  • Neglected to realize that "Save as Copy and Open" only applies to the top-level assembly. Any easy way to fix this bone-head move?

    Hello, I am an idiot.   We have a lot of assemblies that use similar parts. When I'm going to make a new part, I will often find a part that is close enough in our library, and modify that file into what I need....
    Stephen Wilson
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  • Assembly part not deleting

    Hello,   I am using Solidworks 2017 and i am having trouble with an assembly not letting me delete any parts and they have a green arrow that points to the left. Also when i right click on the part there is not ...
    Sergio Trejo
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  • How do I convert an assembly of STEP files to an assembly of SLDPRT files?

    I am attempting to convert a STEP file of a circuit board assembly taken from Alitum to an assembly of solid parts. I can import the STEP files into SolidWorks and view the assembly, but each component remains a STEP ...
    Will Maxwell
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  • in context part in sub assembly

    I have these 2 sub assemblies, configurations of the same file.  The rectangular panel has the width in context within the sub assembly, set by a distance mate on the foot.    Will I only ever be able...
    Peter Fortin
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    I am comfortable with creating Tp-Down assemblies (big or small) using a master sketch. But, down the  road, I found the parts created from the master sketch carry all the sketches in the master sketch. That led ...
    Rohana Wickrama Archchi
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  • Pack & Go with External Global Variables

    Hi Everyone, I'm having an issue when I pack & go parent assemblies when the subassemblies each has its own externally linked .txt equations file. My basic file structure is like this:   12345_PARENT.SLDASM...
    Greg Sims
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  • Precision in equation table

    Is there a way to define the precision of "Evaluates to" column, in the Equations Manager of an assembly?
    Rafi Sokol
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  • Features defined in the context of another assembly

    Hi, I'm getting the "This part has features defined in the context of another assembly <old version.sldasm>..."   I've done some searching on the forum and see that checking tools> options> system o...
    Tyler D.
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  • Como realizar configuración ensamble para ocultar estos archivos

    Hola a todos, tengo una inquietud, al momento de crear un modelado en ensamble descendente, me sale unos archivos en el árbol de operaciones los cuales nunca había visto anteriormente, cómo los pued...
    augusto santuario
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  • The 28th SOLIDWORKS Power-User Challenge - Interface in Your Face, Power-Mating Edition

    Hello SOLIDWORKS Power-Users and welcome the 28th SWPUC!  Update: Added one more deadline, for those of you who want to beat the times recorded before April 14th.  First Deadline all Sections -...
    Alin Vargatu
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  • Can't delete part from assembly after deleting original .STEP file

    As title, after I've deleted an unnecessary .STEP file from my main assembly, before deleting the part inside solidworks, I can't delete it inside my assembly.   Here's a screenshot of what I see, It's like a su...
    Yaroslav Mudritsky
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  • Robust Top Down Design Techniques

    Hello,   I'm a long time Creo / Proe user (25+ years) who has just moved to a company that is using SW 2019.  I've been an occasional SW user for over 10 years as well, but never reached the level of master...
    Doug Schaefer
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  • Keeps Crashing and Keeps Opening All?

    The whole model was doing will. All of sudden, I am getting the application crashing when I try to do any thing.  
    Rohana Wickrama Archchi
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    Exploded view: I am trying to move in the direction perpendicular to the face selected. But, I am not getting any arrows in this direction. I request some one help me to get this around. Thanks.  
    Rohana Wickrama Archchi
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  • Point Cloud Disappears from Assembly & Part Files

    I am working with two parts that were built using scan data as reference geometry.  The scan data was imported using scan to 3D.  I have an assembly that contains both parts and a few others.   Here's...
    Kevin Bennett
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  • Scan Data not Showing up in Assemblies

    Hello, I am working on an assembly that incorporates a scan of a Turbocharger. This scan has been greatly downsized with the Scan to 3D addon, however each part is still ~30MB when saved. The problem I am having is if...
    Phillip Laplante
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  • How to reference different features to different parts within an assembly? SW says I need to unlock the feature, but the feature is already unlocked.

    How can I reference different features to different parts within an assembly? SW says I need to unlock the feature, but the feature is already unlocked. Also, all other features externally referenced to another part a...
    Diego Torres
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  • Top-down design (huge assembly) based on Layout in Assembly: To re-define the plane created in layout sketch design

    I created the layout sketch in assembly. More to be built-up in the sketch. Up to now having created some sketches on several planes (created from within layout sketch), I created another plane (Plane-5) and some ske...
    Rohana Wickrama Archchi
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