• How do I add a mate that works only when there is contact between 2 parts?

    I have a mechanism that will open a ramp of an elevator cabin by sliding a bar when it makes contact with a wheel/slider. I currently have a tangent mate between the wheel and the bar that simulates the movement when ...
    Andres González
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  • Parts Within Assembly Look Strange

    I am working with an assembly and suddenly all of the parts started loading very oddly where certain aspects of the parts are see-through or do not appear solid (see attached picture). A good example is to look at the...
    Lucas Pompeo
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  • File not found but still appearing in Assembly

    Hey guys,    I opened up my assembly and deleted a bunch of files in the root folder (to clear it of unused parts) expecting it to fail on the parts that are already opened. It actually deleted a bunch of f...
    Kelvin Cheung
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  • How to embedd the head of M2 and M2.5 screws?

    Hi, in the past I was told to use Counterbore to embed the head of the screws under the Hole Wizard. However, when I chose Counterbore, the minimum size is M5. How come? I want to embed the head of screws like the fol...
    Peter Cohen
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  • Coincident

    Hi to everyone.I have two parallel panels (vertical) and i 'd like to add a third panel (horizontal) with a coincident mate on two panels . In one panel its OK but when i try to make coincident mate to other panel i h...
    Kostas Stergiopoulos
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  • Unable to Rotate Subassembly "Hinge" in Main Assembly

    Could anyone please help me look at the assembly I attached? I was unable to rotate the leaves of the hinge subassembly within the main assembly. I have already made my subassembly flexible.
    Anthony Chen
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  • Middle-Click with Drag to Rotate Problems

    For as long as I can remember, SW would occasionally behave badly when rotating models with the standard middle-click drag operation.  The entire model would disappear completely, as though the rotation center wa...
    Jim Sculley
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  • Motion Analysis Issue w/ Path Mate

    I have made an assembly of a modified slider crank mechanism for a school project. I used a path mate to have it function properly, since for some reason I was unable to get the Slot mate to work properly. The assembl...
    Zachary Geiselman
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  • Envelopes to Drive In-Context Relations in SW2020.  Game Changer for SSP?

    Don't let that change slip by you!  So you can now make your Skeleton Sketch Part an Envelope and set this setting...Now SW won't allow part to part relations that aren't to that SSP.  I haven't played with ...
    Matt Peneguy
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  • mates - planes or surface features

    I have a question and would like to hear peoples opinions. I just always figured when you did solid models you would build them like in the real world. Mate surface to surface. Hole to hole. In our product dept. they ...
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  • The missing 5% functionality:  Pattern Driven Component Pattern

    The "Pattern Driven Component Pattern" is a tremendous asset when working with assemblies containing hardware (and I occasionally use it for non-hardware components).  However, that "Select Seed Position" checkbo...
    Glenn Schroeder
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  • What is the best approach to duplicate part of an assumbly?

    Hi, I want to duplicate part of an assembly but the parts of the duplicated one should be able to move independently from the originals. Also, if I modify the components of the original part, the corresponding compone...
    Peter Cohen
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  • Assembly Custom property to add part properties

    Hello, the question sounds terrible but I will try and describe it better.    So    I need an Assembly Custom Property to add part custom properties.    For example  I have 3 dif...
    Bri Guy
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  • Supress folder in multiple configurations

    Hello, does anyone know if you can supress a folder in specific configurations at the same time, or does anyone have a macro for it? thx!
    Albin Dagner
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  • Hole Series auto-sized hole too small

    Hi   I'm trying to use Hole Series to create a hole, but the size automatically selected appears to be too small. My assembly has a metal spacer with a M3 tapped hole and a plate. When I create a clearance ...
    John Munroe
    created by John Munroe
  • The missing 5% functionality:  Choosing the configuration in Assemblies

    Being able to change the configuration of a component directly without needing to open the Component Properties dialog box was a great enhancement.  However, making your selection from the drop-down and then righ...
    Glenn Schroeder
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  • Moving Limit Mates

    Since reading about the limit mate in last weeks post I have tried it out and notice that when I move the part I have limited, it does not move to it's limits when dragged with the mouse, but always stops short. I hav...
    Mark Matthews
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  • Why is the functionality "simplify" not active

    according to solidworks help, I may use the "simplify" function ( 2018 SOLIDWORKS Help - Simplifying Parts and Assemblies  ) on assembly. There is nowhere written that the assembly should comply with some restric...
    Thierry Bottaro
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  • Blue icon in Solidworks part files ?

    Im working with assembly that has several parts. In Windows Explorer shows small blue arrow like below. This icon has only on Solidworks part files.     What is the reason for this?   Thank in advance
    Nandika Sirinuwan
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  • One Assembly Affecting Another

    Hi, I'm trying to create an assembly of many different components from online for a robotics project. For two of the components, I've found that the order with which I load them affects how they load. For example, if...
    Ravindranath Johnson
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