• Cutting Parts with Moving Parts (with clearance) in an Assembly

    Howdy,    Is there an method of using a moving part in an assembly to produce a mated-cut (with clearance) as either part is moved into/through the other?
    John Fitzgerald
    created by John Fitzgerald
  • Mate references - only active in one config?

    I have a mate reference in a part that is active only in one configuration.  If i select another configuration of the part, the mate reference is greyed out and is not active in an assembly. Is this how mate ref...
    Pete DeRaymond
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  • Help with "Copy with mates"

    Hi everybody,   I am just having a little trouble with the "copy with mates" function while making an assembly. I am trying to copy mated spacers multiple times so I don't have to sit there and do concentric and...
    Taylor Begay
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  • Ball And Socket Constraint Ideas.........

    Hi all, I've search the forum for a similar post but only really found one from 2012 that wasn't fully resolved. So in the hope that idea's and functions have changed, could people please give me their best suggesti...
    Dave Bear
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    Hello, I have an issue that I can't find any forum topics on.  The situation: I have an assembly open, and I want to insert a part. I launch the "Insert Part" dialog box and choose the part to insert, then hover ...
    Bret MacKie
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  • Rebuilt issue

    Hi to every one . I inserting a subassemply with some configurations , into an assembply . Now when i change the subassembly config i have the rebuilt icon ,and i don't know where is the problem .Does any of you know ...
    Kostas Stergiopoulos
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  • In assemblies loaded lightweight, why are the primary planes?

    If I have all of the assemblies loaded as lightweight, I have to scroll down to the bottom of the assembly to find the primary planes for the assembly. I can't remember if this is the way it has always been. I haven't...
    Jody Wilkerson
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  • Cannot drag parts after adding mate?

    I've got an assembly that is behaving strangely. Components no longer move by dragging if they have ANY mates. Components will drag freely if NO mates applied.   NO the component is not fixed. NO the componen...
    Brian Titus
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  • Assembly mates get broken after re-opening file

    I have an assembly in which I am using a manual press that is secured to a base plate.  All of the mates are satisfied but when I close and then re-open this assembly, the mates have problems (both WARNING and ER...
    Tommy Kowalczyk
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  • can't modify mate using edit feature

    Hi everyone.   I'm having a very stupid problem and I don't know how to explain it, so I'm sorry if it's unclear.    First, I need to specify that I have a brand new computer and I transferred my SW 2...
    Karine Vallerand
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  • Limit distance and limit angle flip to wrong side

    Limit distance and limit angle are very convenient mates, however, I have repeatedly encountered situations whereby the limit distance and angle mates lose their zero reference, and flip to the opposite direction of t...
    Simon Muska
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  • Mate to point ball joint in a specific direction

    I have an assembly that I'm having trouble mating correctly. I have a ball joint which is off axis to a target and a given distance a way. The ball joint is free to rotate and I want to set a mate that will force it t...
    Matt S.
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  • Add a Cutout with the cover plate on a part in an assembly overlapping the cutout by 20mm each side with 7mm holes all around with a maximum distance between holes to be 140mm and a minimum of 100mm, is this possible to achive?

    Add a Cutout which can be edited with the cover plate on a part in an assembly overlapping the cutout by 20mm each side with 7mm holes all around with a maximum distance between holes to be 140mm and a minim...
    Rohit Athmaram
    created by Rohit Athmaram
  • Mates, get modified on drag

    Using Solidworks 2016 SP2 and have a problem.   When I move a component in an assembly Solidworks pops up a dialog box to modify the last mate and if I do not pay attention then it deletes the last mate I did. &...
    Ashok Anumula
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  • Mating complex shapes

    Hi,   I'm trying to connect the interface between the spars and ribs of my UAV, but I can't seem to mate it since it has the shape of my airfoil. Is there any way I can easily mate these two parts? I have tried ...
    Sergio Alza
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  • Making a part flexible in 3 points using a mate

    Hello,   I design sofa beds and one of my my bigegst problems doing so is transforming what happens in reality to SW. You can see on the attached picture that the part shown on the PrtSc with the 3 circles isnt...
    Joel Filipe
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  • Q: How to Mirror a large assembly (150 parts +) with weldments and sheetmetal

    Hello,   I am needing to mirror a large assembly (opposite hand mirror)   I wish to keep the parent within the same model so any updates to the parent will be instantly viewable in the mirrored state. ...
    Ben Fulton
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  • Mate a Sketch Point to a Surface

    In an assembly, is there a way to mate a sketch point in one part to a surface in another part where the point is free to slide around the surface but stops when it hits the outer edge of of the surface?  Current...
    M. B.
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  • Is it possible to Section view (or extruded cut) a single component of an assembly?

    Ive been working with SW for the last 6 months or so. Mainly in image manipulation and exploding views with routing lines. nothing fancy. I make work instructons for my company and im wondering if it is possible to ba...
    Tyler Hines
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  • Mate with different assemblies

    Hello guys.   I have 2 different subassemblies, and I want to give two different mates to one of them.   In the main assembly i have this space to put drawers and in the other one I have the drawer. One ma...
    Pedro Oliveira
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