• How to reference different features to different parts within an assembly? SW says I need to unlock the feature, but the feature is already unlocked.

    How can I reference different features to different parts within an assembly? SW says I need to unlock the feature, but the feature is already unlocked. Also, all other features externally referenced to another part a...
    Diego Torres
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  • Top-down design (huge assembly) based on Layout in Assembly: To re-define the plane created in layout sketch design

    I created the layout sketch in assembly. More to be built-up in the sketch. Up to now having created some sketches on several planes (created from within layout sketch), I created another plane (Plane-5) and some ske...
    Rohana Wickrama Archchi
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  • assembly references

    I have a fixture assembly I built with machinable top plates for a vacuum fixture. How do I save the top plate to a new assembly file and break the reference to the original assembly?   It seems that no matter ...
    Dan Labonville
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    Still, I can't do this. I tried so much time today, but without success. Need to find the parent in the browser. Please shed me with some light! THANKS.  
    Rohana Wickrama Archchi
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  • pinion and rack and slot

    Hi there, Im quite beginner with SolidWorks. here i faced a problem: I know how to mate the parts in other to get rack and pinion relation. But how to do when it comes to a rack and pinion assembly which has to move...
    Pascal Turcotte
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  • Cavity feature

    Hi I've inserted a cavity feature to a part and trying to add parts to it. But some of the parts I am trying to add were created as mirror images of other parts. So, while I can add the original parts to the cavity, ...
    Lev Dorosinskiy
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    I have run into this particular issue several times I have multiple configuration in my assembly some of which have exploded views.  The problem I have is when I switch to another configuration the parts that wer...
    Jeremy Bollen
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  • material totals in an assembly

    I'm looking for a way to create a chart that will add up all like materials in an assembly.  Such as total ABS, PP, Steel etc. We are now required to report the % of materials in our products. 
    Dave Stevens
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  • Phantom Assembly and Reference Parts

    In the process of my modeling I have a sub-assembly which I do not want to show up in BOM but the parts contain in the sum-assembly. This is equivalent to phantom assembly in Autodesk Inventor.   Also, I have so...
    Rohana Wickrama Archchi
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  • Master Sketch opens without sketches (and planes) invisible!!

    When I have several documents open and switch to the master sketch, the master sketch shows basically no sketches. I need to click and click again, "Hide All Types" in HUD to get the visibility.   Please see IT...
    Rohana Wickrama Archchi
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  • Save As keeps prompting for saving READ ONLY (not checked out) documents!

    My top-down model is going on well. I got a lot of support from this forum - Thanks.   My current issue:   When I save the assembly (Ctrl+S), I keep getting to save a bunch of read only documents. Only opt...
    Rohana Wickrama Archchi
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  • Skeleton Sketch Part (SSP) and Global Parameters

    I've been lurking here for quite some time and as I haven't seen anyone address this issue specifically when it was something that I was looking for solutions to ... so I thought I'd share what I have found that ...
    Shawn Fernandez
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  • Form New SubAssembly Here and In Context References

    Is it possible to add a part which contains in context references to a new subassembly and maintain any existing in context references in the part? For example, say I have an assembly made up of Part A, Part B, and P...
    Dennis King
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  • File not found but still appearing in Assembly

    Hey guys,    I opened up my assembly and deleted a bunch of files in the root folder (to clear it of unused parts) expecting it to fail on the parts that are already opened. It actually deleted a bunch of f...
    Kelvin Cheung
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    Hi All, 2016 SP3. I have an assembly drawing that I placed an overall dimension on. The design changed and now the dimension is dangling, it cannot be reattached or deleted. When I select the 12.18 dimension to reatt...
    Bob Tosi
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  • Hello I have a part assembly with welds and I would like to modify the total length without repeating my assembly. but when I change the length it doesn't change. How to modify the distances of a part in an assembly with welds? I am enclosing the document

    created by ISMAEL DIAKITE
  • hey mates , i am lalkishen from india  , trying to do a assembly video for my fsae car . i have added the exploded steps in the the exploded view but when i animated the initial position of the parts are changing . can any specify how to rectify it . it w

    Lal Kishen
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  • Exporting individual STEP files from your SW Assembly?

    Is there a way to export individual part files to STEP from a SW assembly?  Perhaps Task Scheduler can do this?  Does this require a macro to do this?   We have lots of our vendors that prefer individu...
    Mark Biasotti
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  • How to embedd the head of M2 and M2.5 screws?

    Hi, in the past I was told to use Counterbore to embed the head of the screws under the Hole Wizard. However, when I chose Counterbore, the minimum size is M5. How come? I want to embed the head of screws like the fol...
    Peter Cohen
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  • Assembly features not showing up?

    I think I'm having the same issue discussed here: https://forum.solidworks.com/message/764327#comment-764327?q=assembly hole feature See below. I have holes in the assembly, scope to cut through a single part, and w...
    Camman Lighting
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