• How do I get my Rotate Context Toolbar to show back up?

    I have the box checked in the Insert Part Command Manager, but the floating toolbar doesn't show up anywhere, not even on the side toolbars. It's not hiding in any corners either, so how do I get it to show back up on...
    Brady Whitney
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  • Who still uses lock washers when designing machinery?

    As a many year designer of food processing equipment we are planning to start eliminating all lock washers and most flat washers from our designs.   This is to improve sanitation of our machines, as well as cust...
    Jeff Value
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  • Why does this keep popping up?

    Lately, when I've been working in an assembly, and doing some measuring, when I click on a surface the program will hang up for moment, and I get a box that says:   "Want to save you rchanges to 'SW Drawing TEmp...
    Sean Johnson
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  • hide sketches in 3D view/annotation

    hello, im having trouble hiding sketches in my 3d views and annotations. i made sketches in my assembly for my 3d views but i cant seem to show just one sketch specifik for my 3d view/ Annotation. for example i have a...
    Albin Dagner
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  • can't modify mate using edit feature

    Hi everyone.   I'm having a very stupid problem and I don't know how to explain it, so I'm sorry if it's unclear.    First, I need to specify that I have a brand new computer and I transferred my SW 2...
    Karine Vallerand
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  • Getting the following error "openclipboard failed" when inserting part into assy

    When I try to insert a part I get this error.  
    Ryan Sturko
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  • open step file

    Hello all I open a assembly file with step format . When open file I can not access  the part in feature design tree How can I fix this problem .
    Taghi Nasiri
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  • Envelopes to Drive In-Context Relations in SW2020.  Game Changer for SSP?

    Don't let that change slip by you!  So you can now make your Skeleton Sketch Part an Envelope and set this setting...Now SW won't allow part to part relations that aren't to that SSP.  I haven't played with ...
    Matt Peneguy
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  • Generating profile parts drawings and order lists per top level.

    One of the most common yet time consuming tasks engineers in metal working have is generating profile parts drawings for vendors. The details required by the vendor are always the same.... Material type, material thic...
    Dale Johnston
    created by Dale Johnston
  • Limit distance and limit angle flip to wrong side

    Limit distance and limit angle are very convenient mates, however, I have repeatedly encountered situations whereby the limit distance and angle mates lose their zero reference, and flip to the opposite direction of t...
    Simon Muska
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  • Mate to point ball joint in a specific direction

    I have an assembly that I'm having trouble mating correctly. I have a ball joint which is off axis to a target and a given distance a way. The ball joint is free to rotate and I want to set a mate that will force it t...
    Matt S.
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    Hello, I have an issue that I can't find any forum topics on.  The situation: I have an assembly open, and I want to insert a part. I launch the "Insert Part" dialog box and choose the part to insert, then hover ...
    Bret MacKie
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  • Add a Cutout with the cover plate on a part in an assembly overlapping the cutout by 20mm each side with 7mm holes all around with a maximum distance between holes to be 140mm and a minimum of 100mm, is this possible to achive?

    Add a Cutout which can be edited with the cover plate on a part in an assembly overlapping the cutout by 20mm each side with 7mm holes all around with a maximum distance between holes to be 140mm and a minim...
    Rohit Athmaram
    created by Rohit Athmaram
  • Large Assembly Performance Boost in SOLIDWORKS 2020

    The best enhancement in SOLIDWORKS 2020 is the one that require no training or reading. You simply upgrade the software and your life changes. This is what users of large assemblies will experience once they upgrade t...
    Alin Vargatu
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  • Mates, get modified on drag

    Using Solidworks 2016 SP2 and have a problem.   When I move a component in an assembly Solidworks pops up a dialog box to modify the last mate and if I do not pay attention then it deletes the last mate I did. &...
    Ashok Anumula
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  • Lightweight won't switch off

    I cant stop my assemblies loading lightweight. The odd thing, is that this has become a problem since implementing PDM standard. But  I don't understand how that can mess with my system setttings. Other sys...
    Gordon Rigg
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  • Mating complex shapes

    Hi,   I'm trying to connect the interface between the spars and ribs of my UAV, but I can't seem to mate it since it has the shape of my airfoil. Is there any way I can easily mate these two parts? I have tried ...
    Sergio Alza
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  • Directional Lights Turn Off Unexpectedly

    Since upgrading to SolidWorks 2015, I've had two co-workers have an issue where some lights in their assembly are turned off without their input (at least that we know of).   The lighting setup in our assembly t...
    Andrew Johnson
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  • Fuzzy Contour

    Hello Again   I got another question.   This happened most in the 'assembly'.  I'm trying to mirror parts in the 'assembly', then all of a sudden the whole assemby bodies and contour turn 'fuzzy'. ...
    Do Brach
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  • How can I save an assembly as a part to use the combine tool? (create a negative shape)

    Hello   I'm Yago and I'm from Brazil.    I need to print a 3D part and this part need to be a negative form of an assembly (M600 PRO Drone image attached). I'm tried to do this using the combine tool ...
    Yago Tuneli
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