• Best Practices for Large Assembly Management in SOLIDWORKS

    I am inviting you to a crazy brainstorming session Monday, the 1st of February, in Dallas. If you would answer YES to any of these questions, please meet me at 10:30 am in Ballroom C1 at SOLIDWORKS World.   Do...
    Alin Vargatu
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  • Is it possible to list all suppressed or hidden parts?

    Is it possible to filter and show all the suppressed and / or hidden parts in an assembly?
    Chris Manger
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  • Is it possible to sort the assembly tree?

    hi all,   is it possible to sort the parts and sub assemblies in the design dree of an assembly?   i have a moderate sized assembly with a lot of repeated parts and the part instances are scattered through...
    Justin Sue
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  • Hole Series auto-sized hole too small

    Hi   I'm trying to use Hole Series to create a hole, but the size automatically selected appears to be too small. My assembly has a metal spacer with a M3 tapped hole and a plate. When I create a clearance ...
    John Munroe
    created by John Munroe
  • The missing 5% functionality:  Choosing the configuration in Assemblies

    Being able to change the configuration of a component directly without needing to open the Component Properties dialog box was a great enhancement.  However, making your selection from the drop-down and then righ...
    Glenn Schroeder
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  • Equation errors every time I open the assembly file

    Hello Everyone,   I have an assembly with equations that change part dimensions inside sub-assemblies. Everything is working as it should when I save the file. The problem that I’m getting is that every ...
    Jorge Bento
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  • Unable to create Hole Series: No bodies for the hole series feature to cut

    Hi   I'm having trouble creating holes using Hole Series in a simple assembly. I keep getting the error 'No bodies for the hole series feature to cut. I've selected the existing holes as 'Start' and proceeded fo...
    John Munroe
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  • Path Mate: How to limit the movement along an arc?

    Hello everybody, I'm getting insane about a problem I really don't understand. I'm trying to move a part along a circular path and limit the movement. But the movement does not stop at the end of the path. It seems t...
    Patrick Heidorn
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  • Top stack not available ifor smart fasteners

    When I insert smart fasteners, I have the option to "Add to Bottom Stack", but not the option to "Add to Top Stack". The help menu has gotten me nowhere. Am I doing something wrong, or is this a glitch in the software?
    Mark Pulliam
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  • Modeling pneumatic assemblies

    Hi, how do you draw pneumatic tubes and components in assemblies? Do you use solidworks routing? Do you make assemblies of those routing parts separate on drawing to make proper BOMs?
    Damir Galic
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  • Why is the functionality "simplify" not active

    according to solidworks help, I may use the "simplify" function ( 2018 SOLIDWORKS Help - Simplifying Parts and Assemblies  ) on assembly. There is nowhere written that the assembly should comply with some restric...
    Thierry Bottaro
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  • Attempting to mate two imported models.

    We have a pair of imported models that a coworker is attempting to mate. When he selects the first surface the dashboard shows the surface selected. When he selects the second surface both selections are removed from ...
    Jim Steinmeyer
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  • SWW2019 Top Ten - Provide Better Controls to Prevent Tangent and Other Mates from Flipping, continue the discussion...

    There was some great discussion under the SOLIDWORKS World Top Ten List for "Provide Better Controls to Prevent Tangent and Other Mates from Flipping".   This covers the scenario where a mate may have more than ...
    Nick Birkett-Smith
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  • One Assembly Affecting Another

    Hi, I'm trying to create an assembly of many different components from online for a robotics project. For two of the components, I've found that the order with which I load them affects how they load. For example, if...
    Ravindranath Johnson
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  • Suppressing assembly equations

    I have an assembly equations and multiple configurations. How do I suppress an equation pertaining to a part that is suppressed in a certain configuration?
    Michael Nguyen
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  • The missing 5% functionality:  Pattern Driven Component Pattern

    The "Pattern Driven Component Pattern" is a tremendous asset when working with assemblies containing hardware (and I occasionally use it for non-hardware components).  However, that "Select Seed Position" checkbo...
    Glenn Schroeder
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  • Envelopes to Drive In-Context Relations in SW2020.  Game Changer for SSP?

    Don't let that change slip by you!  So you can now make your Skeleton Sketch Part an Envelope and set this setting...Now SW won't allow part to part relations that aren't to that SSP.  I haven't played with ...
    Matt Peneguy
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  • Selected Face not highlighting

    While in an assembly, I select a part face but the face will not highlight showing me that it is selected.  If I rotate the assembly with my 3d mouse, then the face highlights.  Does any one ever see this pr...
    Kevin Bruce
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  • Pack-N-Go not appearing to change file names in tree, but they are?

    This is more of a puzzle than a problem.    My co-worker was having problems with a pack-n-go not saving all of the parts. He had placed a -x as a suffix on all the new part names and when he opened th...
    Jim Steinmeyer
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  • Cutting Parts with Moving Parts (with clearance) in an Assembly

    Howdy,    Is there an method of using a moving part in an assembly to produce a mated-cut (with clearance) as either part is moved into/through the other?
    John Fitzgerald
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