• How can I choose the default slot mate type to be 'centered'?

    Also, is there a way to lock rotation on slot mated parts?   For reference, I am using SW 2016 SP4.
    SWME Eng2
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  • An assembly cut that doesn't cut, WHY?

    A co-worker was attempting to make a cut to an item in an assembly and the cut would not show. I took the assembly and can reproduce the issue but have also been able to make the cut work. I was wondering if someone c...
    Jim Steinmeyer
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  • Translucent parts in-assembly without being set as "Transparent"?

    Hiya, I'm trying to show an acrylic part in an assembly as translucent, but there doesn't seem to be an option that makes it translucent without also turning on Transparency and making it so I have to shift-click on t...
    L. Winiarski
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  • Cannot Make Imported Assembly Float

    Hello,   I have imported an assembly and it does not give me the option to float the assembly when I right click on it. I went to the customization menu to check if the option was unselected and the option in cu...
    Tom Keaton
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  • The new AMD Ryzen 5-3600 vs i9-9900K for Large Assemblies

    Has anyone tried the new Ryzen? It seems to match the single-core performance of the i9-9900K for a fraction of the price.   https://cpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Intel-Core-i9-9900K-vs-AMD-Ryzen-5-3600/4028vs4040
    Alin Vargatu
    created by Alin Vargatu
  • Phantom parts in assemblies

    I am new here, and figuring  things out on the fly. I have several assemblies in another assembly that I am using as reference geom. I would like these to show up in phantom lines. Also how can I keep these refer...
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  • Cannot delete dangling dimensions in an assembly (NOT drawing...ASSEMBLY)

    We often make driven dimension in our assembly.  But when these dimensions loose their reference and end up dangling, they seem to be impossible to delete.   Please note: I am NOT talking about dangling di...
    Doug Seibel
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  • Suppression by equations depending on component state

    Hi, I need to suppress few assembly components depending of the suppression state of one particular component. In other words, if that component is suppressed, then other components follows that state. Equation like b...
    Aleksandras Korolkovas
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  • Assembly Saving attempts to save unmodified components

    I have been using solidworks for some years now, but am working ona  project that is a little cumbersome in part qty's. I have inserted quite a few parts inthis assembly, and it seems every time I do so it wants ...
    S. Casale
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  • how to constrain pipes to elbow

    Hi,   I am doing an assembly, in which I have to join a 90º elbow to a pipe of the same section. With the "mates"  command, using both "concentric", "coincident" and "tangent", I can align my two compo...
    Hugo Silva
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  • how to set distances between components in an assembly

    Hi,   I am doing an assembly in Solidworks 2018. I have 3 elements, which are different parts. These parts are already made and are in .step format. I just need to insert them onto a large plate. I can place th...
    Hugo Silva
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  • How to create a chain pattern with a tab every 5"?

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to create a chain pattern using an ANSI 40 roller link and a connecting link. Every 5", I need to add an A-1 tab connecting pin. Unfortunately, the chain pattern feature only allows two separat...
    Thomas Johnson
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  • Moving part in assembly

    Hi, Is it possible to move the part in assembly even when the part is fully defined. In my case, i have placed one part in assembly and fully defined. In later stage, i found it is conflicting with other. i want to ...
  • Empty assembly loads super slow

    Hey, since upgrading to Solidworks 2019 SP3, we have some assemblies that take very long to load, like minutes during the "Open components". There are other assrmblies, also much bigger ones, that load very fast. ...
    Michael Fink
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  • Hinge an assembly

    I would like to hinge a similar assembly to what I have attached. The complete assembly will have cable routing inside it and I want to open and close the "box" on the hinge point and see how cable responds. Please vi...
    John Frahm
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  • What causes some simple components to have very long open times when I open a large top level assembly?

    I used the performance evaluation tool to see which components in my top level assembly are taking the longest time to open and surprisingly many of the components that take the longest are very simple parts such as b...
    Michael McCann
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  • Best Practices for Large Assembly Management in SOLIDWORKS

    I am inviting you to a crazy brainstorming session Monday, the 1st of February, in Dallas. If you would answer YES to any of these questions, please meet me at 10:30 am in Ballroom C1 at SOLIDWORKS World.   Do...
    Alin Vargatu
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  • How to position a sub-assembly 90 degrees in relation to a surface of other component of the assembly

    Hi, I have an assembly composed by 3 components   I inserted this assembly as a sub-assembly of a larger assembly. I would like to rotate this sub-assembly as to have a 90º C with a reference surface of ...
    Hugo Silva
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  • Vote for Fast Large Assemblies and Drawings

    This is the best time of the year to make our voice heard by the Product Definition Teams at SOLIDWORKS. Voting for the SOLIDWORKS World Top Ten Ideas is a civic right for all users who pay for subscription. I would c...
    Alin Vargatu
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  • How to make components of an assembly fixed to each other but not the assembly itself?

    Hi!   I have an assembly composed by 3 components. I did 2 mates to fix the two components to the other one. However, if I try to move the assembly together, as one, the 3 parts with displace and scatter from t...
    Hugo Silva
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