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Jim Steinmeyer
Click to view contentA co-worker was attempting to make a cut to an item in an assembly and the cut would not show. I took the assembly and can reproduce the issue but have also been able to make the cut work. I was wondering if someone could explain why the cut is not working. The first image shows the cut working and the second shows the failure.       I… (Show more)
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L. Winiarski
Hiya, I'm trying to show an acrylic part in an assembly as translucent, but there doesn't seem to be an option that makes it translucent without also turning on Transparency and making it so I have to shift-click on the parts. I know the obvious answer is "then just use shift-click," but if it's an easy fix, I'd prefer to click on my parts without… (Show more)
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Tom Keaton
Click to view contentHello,   I have imported an assembly and it does not give me the option to float the assembly when I right click on it. I went to the customization menu to check if the option was unselected and the option in customization didn't show up for it either.   These problem solving methods work for all my other components. Just not the imported… (Show more)
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Alin Vargatu
Has anyone tried the new Ryzen? It seems to match the single-core performance of the i9-9900K for a fraction of the price.
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Martin Jensen
I'm spending most of my days looking at the "SOLIDWORKS is busy running the ### command" window . Pretty much anything I do, results in that window. The window itself is not the problem, but the time wasted while SW is processing a function.   I am well aware that some commands takes longer than other, and I often work with some quite large… (Show more)
in Assemblies
I am new here, and figuring  things out on the fly. I have several assemblies in another assembly that I am using as reference geom. I would like these to show up in phantom lines. Also how can I keep these reference assemblies from showing up in my BOM.
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Doug Seibel
Click to view contentWe often make driven dimension in our assembly.  But when these dimensions loose their reference and end up dangling, they seem to be impossible to delete.   Please note: I am NOT talking about dangling dimension on a drawing of an assembly.  I am talking about driven dimensions created in the actual assembly...not in a sketch, IN/ON the… (Show more)
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Christian Chu
It happened once a while. Can't select part in assembly shutdown SW and reopen - problem is gone
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Jack May
In my assemblies some of my parts tend to change configurations by themselves and it's driving me mad.
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Aleksandras Korolkovas
Hi, I need to suppress few assembly components depending of the suppression state of one particular component. In other words, if that component is suppressed, then other components follows that state. Equation like below not working: =if( "V1 CCW000<1>.Part" = "suppressed","suppressed","unsuppressed")   Any suggestions how to do that? p.s. I… (Show more)
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