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Ashok Anumula
Using Solidworks 2016 SP2 and have a problem.   When I move a component in an assembly Solidworks pops up a dialog box to modify the last mate and if I do not pay attention then it deletes the last mate I did.   Not sure where to turn this option off or is it a bug in Solidworks.   Thank you
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Ivan Silva
Hey folks, how can I hide some components of an assembly when in assembly drawing? For example, I have a ladder steel structure and I need to dimensioning its angle-irons but there are some checkered plate in its front.
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Rocky Reynolds
I know when you first drop a part into a new assembly there are two (maybe more) ways to align the 1st part's origin to the assembly's origin. Without clicking in the drawing area click the eye and engage the origin button and drag the 1st part, still attached to the pointer, to the origin and left click.  The origins will coincide and the… (Show more)
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Martin Jensen
I'm spending most of my days looking at the "SOLIDWORKS is busy running the ### command" window . Pretty much anything I do, results in that window. The window itself is not the problem, but the time wasted while SW is processing a function.   I am well aware that some commands takes longer than other, and I often work with some quite large… (Show more)
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Yago Tuneli
Hello   I'm Yago and I'm from Brazil.    I need to print a 3D part and this part need to be a negative form of an assembly (M600 PRO Drone image attached). I'm tried to do this using the combine tool from Solidworks 2017. My question is how can I save an assembly as a part to use the combine tool? The part needs to appear like a solid body and… (Show more)
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Kostas Stergiopoulos
Hi everyone . I have made a box in assemply and i made a second (same with the first) with -copy as - method .At the second assemply box i have many questions marks why? (src44) Can anyone tell me where am i wrong and how can i fix it? Thank you for your time Regards 
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Colleen Christie
I have noticed recently that I have several parts within sub assemblies in my top level assembly that are not showing even though they are not hidden or suppresed in the feature manager.  If I selct the part in the feature manager (its icon shows yellow) hide it, then show it it reappears.  I have tried to rebuild and do ctrl+Q and that doesn't… (Show more)
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Greg Welch
I'm having problems with a particular set of assemblies using Pack and Go.  When I have the "Keep full folder structure" option selected, I get the "folder does not exist...." error message.  I've tried this on multiple folders on multiple drives, including brand new folders in my C: drive.  I suspect the problem is related to several 3D… (Show more)
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Zhe Chen
I know there are several ways to make dimensions from different parts linked or equal. But here is my problem. I need the two dimensions undefined, such that they can be draged or freely changed in the assembly since the dimensions are not defined or specified.  Hope I have make myself clear. I have this question because I want to freely… (Show more)
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Joel Filipe
Click to view contentHello,   I design sofa beds and one of my my bigegst problems doing so is transforming what happens in reality to SW. You can see on the attached picture that the part shown on the PrtSc with the 3 circles isnt flat with the sofa structure.   I want it to be able to twist like it does in reality. I've been experimenting with coincident mates:… (Show more)
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