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Jim Sculley
I have an assembly I've been working with for a couple of days with no problems.  Suddenly, when rotating the shaded model in the display window, the geometry 'jitters' as though components are being moved, even though I am only rotating the display.  When I stop rotating, the components 'stay' in the wrong places.  If I then switch the display… (Show more)
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Pete DeRaymond
I have a mate reference in a part that is active only in one configuration.  If i select another configuration of the part, the mate reference is greyed out and is not active in an assembly. Is this how mate references are supposed to be?
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Taylor Begay
Hi everybody,   I am just having a little trouble with the "copy with mates" function while making an assembly. I am trying to copy mated spacers multiple times so I don't have to sit there and do concentric and coincident mates forever. I have attached my assembly through a zip folder created with pack and go, so you can all toy around with it… (Show more)
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Nandika Sirinuwan
Click to view contentIm working with assembly that has several parts. In Windows Explorer shows small blue arrow like below. This icon has only on Solidworks part files.     What is the reason for this?   Thank in advance
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John Howell
I have a part that has two SolidWorks configurations. One configuration has a few features suppressed while the other does not.   This part gets mirrored as a component in an upper level assembly. Both configurations come over to the mirrored part - however they do NOT correctly reflect the corresponding geometry from the same configuration in… (Show more)
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Rene Ruiz
in SW 2016, is there any way to permanently disable the "open summary?" It causes my assemblies to either hang and solidworks to crash, or take an excessive amount of time to open. This was not present while using sw 2015. thanks.
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Alex Yang
Click to view contentSolidWorks 2019 SP3   Currently having an issue with saving an assembly as a STEP file and opening the STEP file.  Step file is missing components that is there in the assembly file.  None of the components in the assembly file is suppressed.  It only happens on this specific part (MET-0027-02...).  I made other assemblies using different part… (Show more)
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Axel Dahmen
Click to view contentI accidentally added some parts to a folder in Feature Manager and hit "save file".   Now I want to move these parts back to the Feature Manager root. But that doesn't seem to be possible.   Whenever I do, SolidWorks tells me that I cannot move items to their identical location:     This seems odd to me. So, how can I move parts from a folder… (Show more)
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Gordon Rigg
Click to view contentI cant stop my assemblies loading lightweight. The odd thing, is that this has become a problem since implementing PDM standard. But  I don't understand how that can mess with my system setttings. Other system settings do remain as set. So it seems each time I open solidworks I must re-uncheck that box i have ringed in red? why? All my… (Show more)
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Dave Bear
Click to view contentHi all, I've search the forum for a similar post but only really found one from 2012 that wasn't fully resolved. So in the hope that idea's and functions have changed, could people please give me their best suggestions on how to constrain my ball and socket. Both these parts are self made as I'd rather learn how to make them than just… (Show more)
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