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Tom Keaton
Click to view contentHello,   I have imported an assembly and it does not give me the option to float the assembly when I right click on it. I went to the customization menu to check if the option was unselected and the option in customization didn't show up for it either.   These problem solving methods work for all my other components. Just not the imported… (Show more)
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Alin Vargatu
The best enhancement in SOLIDWORKS 2020 is the one that require no training or reading. You simply upgrade the software and your life changes. This is what users of large assemblies will experience once they upgrade to SOLIDWORKS 2020.   You know who else would be extremely happy? Their CAD Administrator! And this is why:… (Show more)
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Jody Wilkerson
Click to view contentIf I have all of the assemblies loaded as lightweight, I have to scroll down to the bottom of the assembly to find the primary planes for the assembly. I can't remember if this is the way it has always been. I haven't work with lightweight assemblies for a while but in order to pick the planes to create mates in the main assembly, it makes it very… (Show more)
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Philip Prendeville
When I open a main assembly file (500MB) and then open a sub-assembly to view all is well. When I want to switch windows back to the main assembly it becomes very slow. Any idea why this is. Is there a more efficient method for switching between large assembly files?
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Kevin Bruce
While in an assembly, I select a part face but the face will not highlight showing me that it is selected.  If I rotate the assembly with my 3d mouse, then the face highlights.  Does any one ever see this problem?
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Richard Kendrew
Click to view contentIs it possible to specify a parts dimension from an assembly (either from a sketch at assembly level or another part) and have that set at increments. Such as if the curve increases, 'X' maintains a minimum distance of say 10mm from the curve, and 'Y' increases in increments of say 5mm to be as close to the curve as possible within the… (Show more)
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Maha Nadarasa
Click to view contentWhen I go to edit mode in assembly file text color in the tree is dark blue and difficult to read. Is it possible set custom text color here only?  
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F. Leatin
Click to view contentI've been working on this assembly file. I recently realized that the instruction I was following has me adding the sheet metal portion while in the Assembly mode. The sheet metal is not a separate file it seems. Don't see any way to mate them later ? So my questions are: 1. how is this an assembly file and how with one be able to remove or… (Show more)
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Siva Praneeth
Click to view contentHello all, I am editing a sub-assembly in a main assembly and for some reason SW selects the edges through the faces of the objects I am trying to move. I am unable to select the faces of objects I want to move. None of the parts in the sub assembly are transparent. Below you will find a picture about what I am talking about.     Please help… (Show more)
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Andy Sanders
Click to view contentSolidworks 2016 SP5 on Win10 64 Bit   Has anyone experienced a instance of a derived component pattern changing itself to a different config other than the seed component on its own?   I and other users here have seen this multiple times lately.  In my screenshot below, I know for a fact that I did not change this screw.  I had no reason to at… (Show more)
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