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Roy Wickrama Arachchi
Click to view contentWith modeling in progress, I sometimes need the measured data accurate with all the dimensions so that followup modeling goes 100% matching. But, I see, I get the results accurate for 2 decimals. I look forward to receiving help.
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Sara Clarys
I'm running Solidworks 2020 and when I'm trying to exploded parts in an assemble, I used to be able to right click and select 'align to' and then click on a surface or a part to change the axis that the part exploded on.  That option is missing and just moving the center ball to a surface is very inconsistent.  I'm also missing the rotation arrows… (Show more)
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Peter Dougherty
Hi   I have been working on a chain drive mechanism and I have a couple of issues I cannot figure out.  When I try and do a motion study there are errors in the motion.  Also, I have a traffic light showing in the feature tree at both the mates and the Chain Pattern, but I cannot see what is causing this – I assume this is why the motion study is… (Show more)
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Sean Johnson
This may be something simple, but I can't find it.   I made a Speedpak of an assembly.  I selected several bodies and a number of surfaces to keep.  No problem.  I can move the cursor over the areas I kept, and they show up fine in the cursor circle.   However, when I use that assembly in a higher level assembly, the selected surfaces and bodies… (Show more)
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Brian Hutt
assembly feature hole wizard holes do not appear in assembly unless propogated to part, is there a setting somewhere, or is this a bug?
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Gerry Arcand
I often have to convert batches of 4 to 12 parts to stl files. Is there a quick way to do this other than 1 at a time? What I do now is open each part in it's own window and do a "Save As" for each one.
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Mark Biasotti
Is there a way to export individual part files to STEP from a SW assembly?  Perhaps Task Scheduler can do this?  Does this require a macro to do this?   We have lots of our vendors that prefer individual parts instead of the entire assembly?   thanks Mark
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Kostas Stergiopoulos
Hi to everyone.I have two parallel panels (vertical) and i 'd like to add a third panel (horizontal) with a coincident mate on two panels . In one panel its OK but when i try to make coincident mate to other panel i have an error . How can i add the second mate?  (if its possible) Look scr(13) Thank you for your time Kostas
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Alin Vargatu
Click to view contentHello SOLIDWORKS Power-Users and welcome the 28th SWPUC!  Update: Added one more deadline, for those of you who want to beat the times recorded before April 14th.  First Deadline all Sections - 11:59 am EDT on Tuesday, April 14th 2020If you submitted your entries before the first deadline you are entitled to all the prizes as described below.  … (Show more)
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I try to create an exploded assembly by using the exploded feature.  This feature does its job well and the parts collapse in the proper manner.  However, when I try to animate the collapse by right clicking on the exploded feature in the configurations tab, it performs the animation and gets stuck.  Supposedly I am supposed to see an Animation… (Show more)
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