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Andres Kacerosky
Click to view contentHello, I'm having issues when it comes to mating components inside a cross section view in an Assembly. First, I do a cross section view and then I start mating components,which makes it easier.    Issue: I select a face in the component but it either doesn't grab it or it shows an outlines somewhere else. See below.      I had my mouse where… (Show more)
in Modeling and Assemblies
Axel Dahmen
Click to view contentI noticed that the assembly toolbox doesn't provide enough space for the individual parts' descriptions: Currently, I can't find anything in the toolbox because the important, distinctive parts of the description (e.g. a part's ISO number) are hidden in the invisible remainder of the description text. The full text only appears when the user… (Show more)
in Modeling and Assemblies
Rohit Mehta
Trying to model a compression spring with closed ends. I'm not able to get a smooth transition between the helices. Model attached for reference. I'd like to create just one sweep rather than 3 sweeps.
in Modeling and Assemblies
Duncan Clark
I am trying to use the draft analysis tool for 2020 SP1 and it is glitching out. It's hard to describe so I've attached a couple pictures of what I see using a simple part. I'm using 4K monitors, but I tried scaling the resolution to 1080 just in case that was causing problems. It didn't work. Is anyone else having these problems?
in Modeling and Assemblies
Chenghsun Lee
Click to view contentHi, I tried to cir-pattern my Boss-extrude 3 to the opposite side, however, it showed I have to merge the part. When I created the Boss-extrude 3, I did cancel the merge option, or I cannot create the part. The curve sketch was project from the sketch not using wrap sketch. I put my part in the attachment.   Please give me some help. Thank… (Show more)
in Modeling and Assemblies
Kamy Khashayar
Hello My son Got me a new Bluetooth mouse and keyboard, mouse is not functioning well with SolidWorks Is anyone using Logitech M720 mouse for SolidWorks? If so how do you program it and how is the performance?
in Modeling and Assemblies
Victor Fernández Pazo
Tengo que agregar a un ensamblaje una pieza, cuando lo hago, me dispongo a hacer la simetria y me lo hace pero  en el plano contrario exactamente igual, no simetrico.  por eso mi pregunta es hay alguna manera de romper la simetria, para poder girar la misma pieza.
in Modeling and Assemblies
Raymond Diangelo
I'm making an inseparable assembly. Holes are being added at the assembly level. However, the datum hole keeps changing it's measuring location when I switch configurations (see attached pics). The pics show config 1 where the holes should be. When I correct the location of the holes in config 2, config 1 goes haywire in the opposite direction… (Show more)
in Modeling and Assemblies
Doug Pryor
I have an assembly that has gone thru several major iterations. Now whenever I insert a part into that assembly it comes in transparent by default. Is this a factor of large assembly mode or did I inadvertently change a setting? SW 2019 btw
in Modeling and Assemblies
Payton Adcock
I am trying to emulate military tan 686A, and I found the proper RGB values, yet on my parts and assembly, the color looks significantly darker than it should. Yet, in the preview of the color after I type in the values, it looks spot on. Does anyone have any advice regarding my problem?
in Modeling and Assemblies
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