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Tim Smith
We've been seeing the possibilities for using VR on the back end of the product development process. But when can I start using VR at the beginning, ie modeling?
in Modeling and Assemblies
Jaswinder Chopra
Click to view contentI need to model this twisted flat bar as shown in the pic attached. Can someone help me as to how I can do it? Have tried a few things but can't seem to get it figured. The plate I'm trying to make is marked red. The plate it is welded on is marked blue. Attaching both marked and unmarked images.       .
in Modeling and Assemblies
Mukesh Prasad
I am not sure what is the issue with my display but I isolated 2 components in a large assembly and when I zoom in close to the components one of them just disappear from the screen and I cannot see it although both components are really close to each other. I have to zoom out back and then that component re-appears again. Any idea how to fix this?… (Show more)
in Modeling and Assemblies
Robert Gillis
Hi, When I was using 2D software I could use it to design my projects and then detail the parts. I would like to be able to do the same with Solidworks, but I don’t know how. Can this be done, and if so, where can I buy a book or video that will show me how? I am using SW 2018 Standard. Thanks, Bob Gillis
in Modeling and Assemblies
Alex Rad
Hello everyone.   Does anyone know any good reference for some advanced part modeling exercises? I am looking for something similar to Model Mania but more complex, maybe with more surfacing features.   Thanks, Alex
in Modeling and Assemblies
Jim Paige
Click to view contentI'm not sure if there's been a change to the context toolbar behavior or if it's just my imagination.  Here's the situation...   While in an assembly, when I select two faces from the graphics area (or a plane from the FeatureManager tree and a face from the graphics area as shown below) the shortcut and context toolbars appear.     But when I… (Show more)
in Modeling and Assemblies
Gheorghe Dumitras
I have a general assembly with 6 subassembly. After opening all mates are missing. What is the problem?
in Modeling and Assemblies
Dale Johnston
This feature is maddening. There is no consistency with the method of mating and positioning of parts in an assembly, when I get one mate in place and add another the part flips upside down or does other goofy things, then when I change the position using the X,Y,Z tools it does away with the mates. Am I doing something wrong?
in Modeling and Assemblies
Marco Gigante
Hello I've faced two problems that maybe are connected, and that turn around one point: Lightweight settings changes after saving;   - in an assembly, after setting a subassembly in lightweight I save and reopenthe file; after reopening it, most of the parts the assembly is composed with become lightweight , even single parts that are not in… (Show more)
in Modeling and Assemblies
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