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Mukesh Prasad
Click to view contentI imported this assembly from a Step file and I noticed that the sub-assembly and lower level parts has an Arrow pointing to the left. Anyone knows what this means? Also I cannot open the sub-assembly in a new window. I am not getting the option to open the sub-assembly nor any of the lower level parts.  
in Modeling and Assemblies
O'Neal Williams
I am designing a part made of tubes using the standard sketch tab.  I read that you can pull a model apart using "insert into new part".  I attempted to execute this method but it selected the entire model.  I am trying to build a model using pipes then pull the model apart so I can then make the pipe flat so I will have the coup contour as a flat… (Show more)
in Modeling and Assemblies
Anthony Goldstone
Click to view contentI have a part file with two imported surfaces of a propeller, one of each side of the blade. There is a gap between the imported surfaces which needs to be filled. I'm trying to merge the two surface imports and make a solid propeller model to run a static simulation test on it. I've tried knitting the surfaces and boundary boss/base, but both get… (Show more)
in Modeling and Assemblies
Paul Risley
Is anyone else having an issue with your Hole wizard favorites being corrupted in 2017   Clean install copy wizard settings and all of the happy stuff I get to do once a year.   An example:   1/2-13 thru hole class 1B.   How it is saved to come in:   Diameter .4375 thru all   Tapped thru all   No thread callout   Class 1B   What I get:… (Show more)
in Modeling and Assemblies
Derek Eldridge
Click to view contentHow would you prep this for Circuitworks use?   Insert Coordinate System at the intersection of 3 planes would come in handy right about now. (This would help me skip making a new sketch point for the new origin.) Then I could save as STEP, set the Option to "Output coordinate system" to the new origin. Reimport and save as sldprt. Then it's… (Show more)
in Modeling and Assemblies
Adrian Velazquez
Click to view contentThanks to Michael Spens got a hold of the Video from my SWW14 Presentation. Seems like it's still a very popular topic, now that Alin Vargatu has been heading on other SWW Presentations and Forum Discussions, most of the points I covered are still relevant, but there have been a lot of good updates to SW that improve things:         Related… (Show more)
in Modeling and Assemblies
Steven Mills
Specifically I want to be able to control size of several annotation sketches in a part.
in Modeling and Assemblies
Lavanya Jakka
I have tried using mate constraint. I am able to select one sheet surface but the second one can not be selected. I want to align one sheet over the other with out gap. (Since they are of different inclination, they won’t sit in each other when stacked)
in Modeling and Assemblies
John Wayman
I'm sure there is a shortcut for this, but I can't find it. When I mate a screw to a hole, I select the OD of the screw and the ID of the hole and SW helpfully pops up the mate menu, where I click Concentric. Problem is, that concentric mate is the wrong way round as often as it is the right way round. My workflow is to find the Mates folder… (Show more)
in Modeling and Assemblies
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