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Ben Richardson
I am trying to cut a sheet metal part so that it matches up to a bent tube for welding (see attached screenshot). I have tried both a Swept cut and a surface cut, which both cut the part how I want but neither have a "normal" option for the cut thereby making the sheet metal part unfoldable.   I could make normal cuts using the surface cut edges… (Show more)
in Modeling and Assemblies
Zephir Durand
Hello i try to learn SolidWork after Sketchup. -Why i can't select multiple evenement with the selection zone ? only one by one, terrible -Why when i delete a part of a sketch, that delete all the sketch, sometime yes, sometime no -How am i supposed to move sketches ? Sometime that work, sometime no. I can't translate on an axe properly, ALT… (Show more)
in Modeling and Assemblies
Varun Sharma
hi guys, I have to create a shop drawing for a base which has other parts welded on to it like structural steel members and angle iron. I need to create a solid works drawing file of each part and then a drawing of the whole part together.  Here is the image below of the structural steel member. So i'm not sure How I can actually split the parts… (Show more)
in Modeling and Assemblies
Ken Citrowske
WHEN USING THE LocalSketchPattern the parts do not carry the mates into next assembly. I insert rivets in a door using the pattern. They have all fixed with mates.   When I insert the door into the final assembly the rivets created by the sketch pattern are floating out in space. The original rivet is still good. When I manually move the door … (Show more)
in Modeling and Assemblies
Walter Fetsch
When adding toolbox parts to my assemblies, the components come in with the name of the parts configuration.  The problem I've run into is that if I change the configuration of the toolbox part, the name does not update.  I've checked and unchecked the setting called "Update component names when documents are replaced", but the name still does not… (Show more)
in Modeling and Assemblies
李 加 贤 李 加 贤
What are your most impressive tricks of solidworks, Please spread this question to more people. It is better to list 5~10 tricks for others, we will accumulated more and more in future.
in Modeling and Assemblies
Alp Selin
Hello everyone     I am currently working on a sketch blocks in Assembly - in Layout module - and I would like to do a Motion Study of this sketch. The problem is in the motion study there are distances I would like to limit because it 'breaks' the mechanism. So I tried to add a 'limit mate' between two different blocks. The problem is… (Show more)
in Modeling and Assemblies
Alex Lachance
We use a 3rd party program that generates all our properties to simplify our work. We've been working with it for 5 years now and the more we work with it, the more we add custom properties.   I was wondering if there was such a thing as too many custom properties? My guess is no but I'm sure there is some sort of limitation. We're currently at… (Show more)
in Modeling and Assemblies
Wyatt Trevithick
Hello, I am trying to customize the default environment when creating a new part or assembly. I want to customize it such that when I click to open a new part I have the X Y Z axis load in as well at the default top, right, and front planes. I know how to do this via reference geometry but it is a pain to repeat for each part.    
in Modeling and Assemblies
Chris Pratt
When creating a extruded cut from a "surface/face/plane" with the direction "up to vertex" the order in which you select those two options changes the output. For example, if I select "extruded cut" -> "surface/face/plane" (Figure 1) -> "up to vertex" (Figure 2), the direction of the cut will be correct (from the surface, towards the vertex).… (Show more)
in Modeling and Assemblies
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