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Prasanna Ashok
Hi All,   I have a question on using higher level assembly as a reference on one of its sub-assembly.    Main Assembly - A A contains assembly B, C D.   Now I want to show assembly A as a reference component in assembly B. If I try to insert, it will give me an error as Circular Reference.    What is the best way to do it? And I want that to… (Show more)
in Modeling and Assemblies
Shawn Chi
I'm guessing a constant fillet doesn't work. I tried variable fillets but couldn't have my model match the drawing. You may need to apply your own fillets to have it match the drawing. 
in Modeling and Assemblies
Josh Armstrong
Click to view contentI am trying to put a label (rectangle image) on a cup, the surface of the cup is on an angle and is cylindrical. The issue i am having is creating a small gap or having the ends touch each other. No matter what I try the image always gets distorted in this area.       If I use the cylindrical mapping I get the following issues:   There is… (Show more)
in Modeling and Assemblies
Tyler Nichol
Click to view contentHello forum,   How do people generally handle bulk items like paint or thread sealant in an assembly BOM? We would like to have a line-item in the BOM and the quantity to be listed as "A/R" or "As Req'd" or such. We don't need a balloon callout pointing to where in the assembly the sealant is to be applied, as we would make notes pointing to… (Show more)
in Modeling and Assemblies
Joe Larson
Click to view contentI am looking for a way to turn off the "flip mate alignment" popup that appears after adding a mate in an assembly (see attached image). I do not want to uncheck the "show quick mates" check box in the customize menu as this turns everything off and not just the alignment popup. I get this for all mate types and not just certain ones.  
in Modeling and Assemblies
Ahmad Shumayal
Solidworks 2018 Issue in INTERSECT6 and PLANE26 I am trying to measure volume as a function of height. I keep decreasing the height and the volume keeps decreasing as expected however towards the end, it doesn't decrease to zero or negative. But continues to list me weird values of around 600 Liters+ at 1100mm from the top (PLANE 26) while the… (Show more)
in Modeling and Assemblies
Erci Cheung
I moved the location of a PEM Nut which is greyed out in the External References for sheetmetal part. Is there a way to replace or edit the PEM Nut file location without having to re-insert and constrain them?
in Modeling and Assemblies
Dale MacKey
Is it possible to create the attached part? The Part already has a shallow radius contour and I need to form (or pull) one top corner over about 3". It affects the existing bend and I'm not sure how to approach it. Any suggestions are much appreciated. Thank you
in Modeling and Assemblies
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