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Andrey Grigoryev
Click to view contentHi - I am trying to make a bowl with this pattern/texture of divots on it:   Basically imagine that on a concave surface with each black/white triangle pair pushed out of the surface. Sort of like this:   I've been beating my head against the wall for two days now trying everything I can think of..    I made the sketch of the pattern on a… (Show more)
in Modeling and Assemblies
Aaron Hayden
All,    I am attempting to model a helical cam path along a cylinder. That in of itself wasn't terribly difficult. However, I want the end of this cam path to transition to linear. The tricky part is the transition. I've tried extracting the helix in a 3D sketch and add a linear portion with a spline to transition between the two. However, I… (Show more)
in Modeling and Assemblies
Alex M.
Click to view contentneed help to make solid imprint of inner shape.  basically its a pentagon compilation from flat plates. i want to weld those together and for that i need to make a mold to i can align plates properly. I was able to design part but now im trying to figure out easiest way to make solid  so i can 3d print it and place parts on it for welding  … (Show more)
in Modeling and Assemblies
Douglas Kimber
I'm trying to model a race car suspension. Part of that involves suspension struts. The struts are a hex tube with heim (spherical) joints at each end. I've mated 5 of these struts, at each end (10 mate locations, 20 mates) so far, but the last one refuses to mate with the error "Please select from two different subassemblies...". The heim and the… (Show more)
in Modeling and Assemblies
Paul Ditullio
I've attached an image of a symbol that appears next to a sketch in the feature tree of my part. This sketch references a master file. I am unable to edit the sketch. Does anyone have any information on this symbol? Thank you
in Modeling and Assemblies
Ben King
I am trying to open a Unigraphics part in Solid works and keep the dimensions and sketch relationships that originally defined the part. I can open it and see and edit the sketch but they are all undefined.   The purpose of the model was to give us the existing tolerancing information as they build from the part not a drawing.
in Modeling and Assemblies
Clark Jacobs
Hi all,   I'm trying to sketch a line starting from a certain point on the perimeter of a circle. However, when I click to do so, the first endpoint of the line jumps to a seemingly random point in the circle. I've tried several times, but this is happening pretty consistently.   Any help is appreciated!   Thanks in advance,
in Modeling and Assemblies
Tyler Williams
Click to view contentWhy is there tension between fabrication shop technicians and engineers? Where does the disconnect lie? Come find out during my #3DXW21 30 minute breakout session! Tuesday, February 9 2021 at 1130am EST!     Session Description - Have you ever had a disgruntled technician on the shop floor get upset with you for the way you've presented your… (Show more)
in Modeling and Assemblies
David Lewis
I do not have a VAR, because I am part of a team that has been granted Solidworks Connected 2021 and 3dExperience access from Dassault directly for a PR project. So getting help for this is frustratingly difficult.   I am the only known member of the team that has this problem, FYI.   About 7 times out of 10, Solidworks refuses to open because… (Show more)
in Modeling and Assemblies
Dario Piantanida
Hello!   Can you please help me to constraint a component to stay where I need?   The situation is: I have two square pillars of different heights; I would like to put an angled beam that touches the edges of both pillars. I tried mating face and edges, but I had no luck.   After making them touch, I need to position it correctly, maybe… (Show more)
in Modeling and Assemblies
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