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SOLIDWORKS Sell Release 2.13.0: Light it up!

Blog Post created by Oboe Wu Employee on Sep 29, 2020

Dear all,

As we all feel, lights are everywhere in our lives and lighting is essential to the visualization of 3D objects.

Lighting gives life to the 3D products we build and love.

Take a look at these comparisons below. Clearly, with the lights on, the underwater vehicle and the office desk start breathing with a soul right away! 


Hence, we are thrilled to share that the 2.13.0 release has added point lights to individual parts!

As illustrated below, you can add multiple point lights to Parts similar to Attachment points.

You can adjust their location, Intensity, Decay, Color, and Distance very easily. You can also hide, move or delete them as needed.

Parts with point lights are marked up with the total light numbers in bright yellow circles on the Part list.

This new feature has gone live on all tenants last week.

Here is a challenge for you. Light up your products and configurators.

Maybe even practice your Christmas tree lighting now, similar to this truck. Have great fun!



Just in case, there are also exciting new enhancements previously summarized in this forum post, such as advanced appearances, performance enhancements, and reusing Groups among Options.

Thank you!