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SOLIDWORKS Sell release updates in January 2020 (R2.12.7)

Blog Post created by Oboe Wu Employee on Jan 8, 2020

Dear all,

Happy New Year!


The SOLIDWORKS Sell 2.12.7 release went live on January 7, 2020, after the happy holiday break.

This release features a significant enhancement that easily saves several hours per configurator per user.


Cool? Here is the story.


In our daily life, product families often hold one SKU to include a certain component and another SKU to exclude it.

For example, scooters with and without the basket.


 Image result for urbe scooter basketImage result for urbe scooter basket

Recycle bins with and without the backboard.


 Image result for recycle bin, backboardImage result for recycle bin, backboard

Previously in the software, an option without a component had to be represented by a tiny and unnoticeable piece of geometry.


A user had to publish the unnoticeable geometry separately from SOLIDWORKS, organize and reuse it in a long list of groups, drag and drop the dummy groups to option sets.


Besides the initial setup, the online presentation might also have to be tweaked manually. For instance, if the geometry was too big, it might not hide itself well and distract your audience. Or if the location of the geometry was outside of the main model, it would skew the bounding box and the overall size dimensions.


Now with the 2.12.7 release, all of these issues are resolved.


Let’s take the scooter as an example.

Please notice that within an Option Set in the picture, you can now simply click on the big eye icon to hide the default group “Basket” in the second option. The default name is “Empty 1”. If needed, click on the pen button to change its name to “No Basket”.


That’s it. No more worries about separate publishing from SOLIDWORKS, or tiny geometries, or a long list of dummy groups, or manual setups, or skewed 3D dimensions.


Now you can see why this can save hours per configurator per user. What a lovely enhancement!


Besides this huge time saver, 2.12.7 also brought in a good list of issue fixes such as the AR mode on Android devices.


Log in to SOLIDWORKS Sell now. The software has been updated to the latest and greatest waiting for you to have a ton of fun.