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SOLIDWORKS Sell release updates in November 2019 (R2.12.6)

Blog Post created by Oboe Wu Employee on Nov 30, 2019

Happy Thanks-Giving, dear all! 

Thank you for following SOLIDWORKS Sell and sharing your feedback as always. 


Here comes a sweet new release of 2.12.6 in November. 

To further the pricing mockup in 2.12.5, this release added the material multipliers so that the pricing can update per material selections. 

For example, let's assume a wood stool costs $10. However, the satin-finished maple material is 20% more expensive than the polished maple. You can now assign the Price Multipliers as 1 and 1.2 respectively as shown below. 

Then on a public view including a Price Widget, online visitors can switch back and forth between materials and examine the price update in real-time. 


Of course, you can also choose the currency (US dollar or Euro) of the Price widget to display on a public view. 

This enhancement can help illustrate pricing updates per configurations easily and prove the concept. For production-level pricing and metadata update on your webpages, SOLIDWORKS Sell provides extensive API calls to integrate with your business systems. 


Another handy candy is the Group search box on the Groups, Links, and Options flyout menus. 

As configurators grow more and more complex, the total number of groups increases exponentially. Therefore, it was time-consuming and frustrating to discern group names or icons in a long list with our bare eyes to locate a specific one. 


Now when you are building an assembly, creating a link, or building an option set, you can quickly type in the keywords in a group name to pinpoint a group easily as shown below. 



Have lots of fun with 2.12.6.