Oboe Wu

SOLIDWORKS Sell release updates in October 2019 (R2.12.5)

Blog Post created by Oboe Wu Employee on Nov 3, 2019

It is autumn now in the northern hemisphere, a fruitful season. And SOLIDWORKS Sell just released a fruit basket: 2.12.5 on October 30, 2019. I am sure that friends in the southern hemisphere will enjoy it too.  


First up, this release added a simple, but handy “Copy” function on the Parts tab as shown below to make geometry reuses a lot easier. 


With 2.12.5, you can easily make part copies and use them at various orientations or locations. For example, it is much easier to build exploded views using attachment points to drive geometries to different locations as shown below. Previously, you either had to republish the geometries from SOLIDWORKS or download and upload OBJ files to the online Design Editor. There is no detour anymore. Hooray!  


Even better, the reuses do not increase the assembly size or memory consumptions at all because the software recognizes them as identical geometries. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about any performance slowdown.




Once a product is built, it is important to show the pricing options per various configurations, especially in ecommerce workflows. Today, SOLIDWORKS Sell provides rich API calls to integrate with the business systems where key properties reside, such as pricing. Furthermore, for a quick and easy mockup, the Layout Editor in 2.12.5 has added pricing labels so that price properties on part properties can be reflected dynamically as shown below.









Please note that the Layout Editor and its mockup views are only to illustrate a quick presentation. Your actual production pages, metadata and workflows can and should be much more sophisticated and powerful thanks to the flexible online programming. Bottom line, please don’t limit yourself by the Layout Editor.


Another quick treat for engineers used to metrics and thousand separators, 1 meter and 220 millimeters in 2.12.5 look much more familiar than the 1 meter and 22cm before. Don’t you agree?









Please play with these new enhancements and let them save your time and serve your online visitors right away!