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SOLIDWORKS Sell release updates in October 2019 (R2.12.4)

Blog Post created by Oboe Wu on Oct 14, 2019

Dear all, 

I am glad to share that SOLIDWORKS Sell R2.12.4 went live on October 9th. In one word, it is elegant


Look at the frequently seen office chairs. Notice the fabrics on the back. It looks realistic and compelling. Yes, SOLIDWORKS Sell now supports perforated fabric, metal and plastic materials. You can see through the holes in these materials.


It will serve many more use cases such as home products, medical devices, and industrial equipment where mesh materials are widely used. Best of all, you do not have to make the effort to model these patterns manually in CAD at all. Please keep in mind that CAD patterns could lead to heavy geometries. With 2.12.4, you can simply upload an Alpha map image as shown below in the material library. You can test and fine-tune the translucency of the holes by adjusting the Alpha factor. 0.5 is the default value. Once you are happy, just apply this material to your group geometries similar to other materials. 



After building an appealing configurator, of course, we want to show it off. Now you can share a configurator much more easily with a built-in QR code as shown below. Your audience can simply scan the code with their cameras and start playing with the configurator in a browser. Gone the days when we had to manually type in a link address. 

To add a QR code widget, simply place it on the layout editor as shown below. 



In addition, we also added several new API calls

  • Identify the currently selected group. This call comes handy when you want to nail down the group being selected and its properties out of a high-level assembly configurator. This step is essential when you are selling individual components, rather than the entire assembly. 

  • Display a list in a dropdown menu. Several clients have shown strong interest in presenting lists in a dropdown style on the company webpages. Here is it. 


  • Allow a group's options to persist with a different group selected.
    • As you may know, each group can include its own options. To avoid overlapping option lists of multiple groups at the same place, the software shows and hides the lists according to the selected group.
    • However, sometimes, customers want one option list stand constantly as a driving selector, so do not want it to hide automatically. The API calls below can help. Please note they work when there is only one option set to avoid overlapping displays. 


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