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SOLIDWORKS Sell release updates in September 2019 (R2.12.3)

Blog Post created by Oboe Wu Employee on Oct 2, 2019

Dear all, 

Happy to share that SOLIDWORKS Sell 2.12.3 went live on September 25th featuring several handy enhancements and quality improvements.


Customers have been asking for a more visual order summary besides the textual list.

This release added the capability to include thumbnail images as shown below. Now the order list can be more illustrative and the order fulfillment process can be better informed with both texts and visuals.



Since the release of 2.11.5 in June, the preset Environments (Appliances, Furniture, Accessories, Automotive and so on) have been helping customers to polish up product visualizations quickly and easily. However, one challenge was that an assigned environment may limit the model manipulation at the Part and Group levels. Therefore, in 2.12.3, an Environment will only affect the models on the Assembly, Presentation, and Rendering tabs, not on the Parts and Assembly tabs anymore. This way, users can freely edit and view parts and groups. Then make final touches on Assembly, Presentation, and Rendering tabs with the preset Environments.


Here is a screenshot of the Groups tab and the model display. You can rotate and zoom the model freely.



Here is the Assembly tab display. Please note the floor and body shadows included in a preset Environment which also restricts zooming and rotations for more realistic and natural presentations.



Have fun.