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SOLIDWORKS Sell release updates in September 2019 (R2.12.2)

Blog Post created by Oboe Wu Employee on Sep 6, 2019

Dear all, 

After the magical 2.12.1 release, here comes the sweet 2.12.2 on September 5th! 


First off, it features a long-awaited sweet enhancement to set custom views for specific groups. 

For example, in this Omax Waterjet demo, the nozzle in red is a tiny, but vital component. You can define a detailed custom view to illustrate the small changes for the Nozzle group. Now when your online visitors click on the Nozzle group, the 3D viewport automatically zooms in to the component to be customized. 

It greatly improves the user experience. Without group-specific views, certain changes would be almost unnoticeable, especially in a large assembly or a target component being hidden behind other parts. 


Next up, to help new users onboard even faster, 2.12.2 added a detailed Help document along with SOLIDWORKS 2019 models of a speaker, a coffee maker, and an office desk. 

The speaker model is featured in the tutorial videos as shown below. The coffee maker and the office desk are highlighted in the step-by-step workflows in the updated Help document. 

Now you can learn quickly by practicing with models hands-on in your own preferred way, by following the videos and or the Help document. 


Then here is an API candy for web developers and nerds like myself. Brands and manufacturers have been asking for group-specific properties to be populated on internal or external websites. Now, these properties are available for queries through the GetBOM() function. 

This is a major step forward to enable the metadata flow from SOLIDWORKS Sell to your webpages, shopping carts or other applications. This way, your online visitors can make more informed decisions based on the group-specific properties such as Description, Price, Part, Material and so on. 


Have fun.