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SOLIDWORKS Sell release updates in August 2019 (R2.12.1)

Blog Post created by Oboe Wu Employee on Aug 7, 2019

Dear all, 

SOLIDWORKS Sell 2.12.1 went live on August 1st. 


This is a magical release! First off, it added close to 50 new High Dynamic Range (HDR) scenes as shown below.

Users now have a much wider selection of high-quality backgrounds to polish up 3D configurators and create compelling presentations.


Then the API Playground has been much better organized to help new users test, learn and deploy API calls.

Even better, now simply press the “GET CODE” button and you get the basic code to integrate 3D configurators to your own websites.



To top it off, the SOLIDWORKS Sell sample page has been polished up to add a new demo with the OMAX Waterjet.

Just in case you didn’t notice, the tile thumbnails are now 3D interactive like magic. Have great fun!