Oboe Wu

SOLIDWORKS Sell release updates in June 2019 (R2.11.5)

Blog Post created by Oboe Wu Employee on Jun 5, 2019

A common challenge in building a 3D configurator is to fine-tune the display settings to make the appearance professional and attractive. However, a large number of settings can be overwhelming to users, especially those without much graphics design experiences. 


This new release R2.11.5 added predefined environments by popular product categories, such as Accessories, Appliances, Fixtures, Furniture, Jewelry, Structures and Vehicles. Each category brings its own well-polished display settings so that you can simply pick a matching environment from the dropdown list and the model will look vibrant and practical instantly. 


This enhancement will improve the visualization of 3D configurators remarkably, reduce time-consuming expert-level adjustments, and empower users to build stellar configurators easily. 


For newly created 3D configurators, a Default environment will be assigned until you specify a preferred one. The Default has been polished up too to ensure an awesome first impression. 


For existing configurators, you can either choose to save their current display settings into a new environment or discard them. 


Just in case you may still want to tweak the detailed display settings, the image below shows the complete list in an Environment Library. You can edit an environment, preview it for a configurator, or even assign it to multiple configurators all together. Just keep in mind that any edits in an environment in the library will be reflected in all the configurators using this environment, similar to the Material Library and Layout Library. 


You can also easily create your own Environment by cloning the predefined ones as shown below. 

Even better, this new release can now export Order details to a CSV file to support the specific Order metadata flowing from SOLIDWORKS Sell to other business systems and users.