Oboe Wu

SOLIDWORKS Sell release updates in May 2019 (R2.11.3)

Blog Post created by Oboe Wu on May 17, 2019

Dear all,

R2.11.3 is a major release featuring multiple breakthroughs. Have fun. 

Please upgrade your SOLIDWORKS Sell Publisher Addin to 3.2 or above to benefit from the latest enhancements.

Here are the details: 

  • Enjoy 266 standard SOLIDWORKS materials in the online Design Editor material library.
    • Visualize consistently from SOLIDWORKS to the Design Editor, a configurator preview, high-quality static renderings and Augmented Reality (AR).
    • Save the effort to recreate SOLIDWORKS materials manually.
    • If a SOLIDWORKS model is assigned with these standard materials and then published online, the materials will show up automatically in the Design Editor.
    • Notes:
  • Only a subset of Fabric, Plastics, Metal, Wood and Rubber materials are added right now.
    This addition does not include user-customized SOLIDWORKS materials yet.
  • SOLIDWORKS material names are prefixed with “SW” under the SOLIDWORKS base material subcategory.
  • Optimize geometries for fast loading speed while preserving visualization quality.
    • Now the Coarse Resolution can publish smooth geometries in most cases. 
  • Split controls on the Control Bar in the Layout Editor.
    • The Control Bar used to be one unit including all the controls.
    • Now users can pick more flexible individual controls to fit your needs, such as Augmented Reality (AR), Ruler, 360 View, Predefined Views, Undo and Redo, and Fullscreen Mode.
    • The screen real estate can now be more efficiently utilized per the actual use cases.
  • Provide user-friendly layout names for multiple screen sizes. 
  • Bind shadow lights to vertical camera rotations.
    • Previously, shadow lights can only be tied to horizontal rotations.
    • Now the settings are divided into horizontal and vertical rotation bindings.
    • The visualization on body shadows will look more vibrant, especially in voids, model top or bottom details, and on overlapping geometries.
    • Comparison of a cabinet (no light binding v.s. binding vertically)


    • Comparison of a handbag (no light binding v.s. binding vertically)
  • Fit background images automatically in the Header space in the Layout Editor. 
    • Previously, background images had to be preprocessed separately to fit into the header space in multiple trials.
    • Now it can automatically fit an image, such as a logo, to the header space using the default “Contain” choice. It is respected across multiple layout sizes automatically.
    • Users can customize image sizes using the “Custom” choice from the dropdown list.
  • Control material icon sizes directly via the user interface.
    • Material icons can now be easily resized to look more organized on mobile displays.
  • Replace the spinner with a progress bar when a 3D viewport is loading.
    • The bar tells the exact progress.
    • If needed, it displays on pages with 3D viewports such as:
      • A Preview
      • The Design Editor
      • The Material Library
      • The Order Page
  • Monitor release updates directly in the Design Editor.
    • The updates are posted on the SOLIDWORKS Sell forum regularly following releases.
  • Now the Facebook App and Samsung browsers are supported.