• SW PCB integration to the PDM

    It has been a while I asked here for the integration of SW PCB in to the PDM. Our company running SW products and PDM integration of all softwares would be great. I dont see the plans in SPs for early 2019. When we c...
    Vladimir Hubik
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  • Duplicate Pad designator detected in SW PCB Collaboration

    How to resolve this issue??  
    K. vigneshkumar
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  • edit library in excel

    How can I create a lot of similar components in a spreadsheet and import them into an integrated library file?   For example, in Pads, I can create a hundred 1/4W through-hole resistors in a spreadsheet by copyi...
    Robin Vice
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  • Altium PCB Connector - Large components only

    We use the PCB Connector between Altium and SW. Overall it works well. Question- Is there a way to have Altium only push selected components? (or eliminate groups of other components) At the early stage of a projec...
    Keith Carter
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  • How to add Layer Stackup table to PCB

    Hi, I was not able to find any information on how to add layer stackup table to PCB. Many manufacturers require to have the specifications inside gerber files, layer stackup is one of them. Thank you
    Sigitas Vilkas
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  • Missing: Routing setup report

    Hello I'm trying to autoroute in one single layer but when accessing to Autoroute setup, a Situs Routing strategy windows pops up but doesn't contain the part of the Routing Setup report which allows me to choose the...
    XX XX
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  • Como doblar?

    Buenas tardes. Sabéis si existe la opción de doblar? Es una cinta transportadora y la lona la tengo en horizontal, con extrusiones, y quiero juntar los extremos haciendo un radio determinado. Alguien ...
    Sergio Martos Romera
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  • Can Someone explain to me how to create a board that uses 1 part or the another?

    Good Morning, Afternoon, or Evening,           I am currently trying to create a simple board that has the option to use two different parts. One of the parts is quite a bit la...
    Lee Havens
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  • Helical Traces, is it possible in SW PCB?

    I am working on a layout for a flex circuit. The circuit will be used as an interconnect. It is somewhat like a "slinky", but it will lay flat. The problem is, I am not sure how to route traces that are helical in sha...
    Jerry Timm
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  • Installation of SW PCB Services, problems

    The installation process of SW PCB Services causes a problem that occurs after the transition to Firbird 3.0. Previously, there was no great need for the work of the SW PCB, so it did not attach much importance that ...
    Andrej Zapoljskih
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  • Altium - PCB Connector - Embedded Board Array

    Hi,   Is Embedded board Array supported through the SOLIDWORKS PCB Connector with Altium Designer 19.0.14 ? 3D models don't get transferred as they do if it's  single board.   BR Markus
    Markus Olsson
    created by Markus Olsson
  • SW PCB: Schematic Sheet Symbol to Lib Part

    To save some time (helpful when working with micro controllers with hundreds of pins), does anyone know how to open a schematic sheet and use a symbol (with pins and descriptions etc) and create a schematic library co...
    Sven Schroeter
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  • 英語版に切り替え

    システムオプション ー 一般 で「英語版に切り替え」にチェックを入れても システムオプションを開くとチェックが外れています。 どのような原因があるのでしょうか
    Shinji Maezawa
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  • Why do Variants Cause Duplicate Entries in BOM?

    When creating a simple assembly with component variants, the varied components end up duplicated in the BOM. The quantity is double and the reference designators are listed twice, this appears in the BOM Configuration...
    Andrey Shmakov
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  • Blankets are hidden in PDF. How to enable in solidworks PCB

    I have used blankets in schematics, but its not reflected when I generate PDF. It's hidden in both logical document and physical document. How can I enable it?
    Sindhu V. T.
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  • How to add a orientation mark in a silkscreen?

    How to add a orientation mark in a silkscreen?  
    Adam Holmes
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  • Altium - Solidworks PCB Connector

    Altium has released AD19.  It appears to no longer support locally hosted Vaults.    This is a problem for the PCB Connector, which uses Vaults to transfer information back and forth.   Does thi...
    Douglas George
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  • Pad stack issue

    Good Morning,           I was wondering if anyone can help me understand how to achieve the footprint i am after. I am trying to create a slotted hole that has an extended pad ...
    Lee Havens
    created by Lee Havens
  • Is there a way to use a file from solidworks to solidworks pcb to create a board outline?.

    Good Afternoon,           I am currently using Solidworks PCB 2019 and Solidworks 2019. Not sure how to create the board outline from the solidworks if it was started in solidw...
    Lee Havens
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  • Polygon - boardoutline clearance

    Is there a way to set the polygon to board outline clearance in the design rules? Altium has a rule for it, but in solidworks I can't find it. I'm using version 2019.1.
    Mark Woldinga
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