• Complex PCB File Donation...

    Many SW users encounter serious slow-downs when incorporating complex PCB boards in their mechanical assemblies.   I am doing a study on this impact. While I have quite a few samples coming from my customers I w...
    Alin Vargatu
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  • I bought solidworks from udemy and i am not able to take the certification test

    I bought a solidworks cwsa course through udemy and i am not able to take the certification test through the portal provided by the udemy company.  please help me to take the certification test
    Dhiraj M.
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  • Does Altium + pcb connector = Solidworks PCB?

    As title, will I get anything more than Altium + pcb connector from Solidworks PCB?
    Jason Huang
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  • Solidworks suddenly stopped and shows some error. How this problem will be solved?

    Aiba Siddiqui
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  • Changing default font - how to set it

    Hi all,   In our company we use Verdana font for all documents. In SW PCB, Times New Roman is the default font. I already created an own company template SchDot with all set to Verdana. I set "System Font" in ea...
    Roger Rollins
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  • Is there a way to edit a group of nets at one time?

    Hello All,          I am trying to edit all nets to a larger size at one time, but I can't seem to find a way to do so. Is this even possible or do I have to edit all segments individually? O...
    Lee Havens
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  • Why does my PCB 2019 not connect to thee PCB Server

    I Am trying all of the support tutorials and need some help to login to the server
    Brett Dynek
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  • Looking for some advice on some good laptops to buy to run solidworks?

    Im looking to buy a new laptop to run solidworks but not sure what route I should go.   Looking for some real world reviews and advice?   Thanks
    Brent Ryz
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  • SW PCB connector: Trouble syncing from SW19 to Altium20

    Setup: Solidworks 19 Soldiworks PCB connector 19 Solidworks License server version: Altium 20   The syncronisation only works one way. Push from Altium to Solidworks works fine. Pull from Solidwo...
    Hartvik Line
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  • Is there a way to edit polygon pours / "pull back" in layer stack?

    Hello,          Okay so let me explain what I am trying to accomplish, so what i am trying to do is edit my polygon pours to add about 20 mil space from edge of the board (the board has semic...
    Lee Havens
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  • Error while importing IDF files in Circuit Works

    I have tried to import my IDF(EMN, EMP) files through circuit works, but I keep on getting "Error in board file on line 49116". I had not encountered this error when we were using SW18. Currently, I am using SW19. Doe...
    Akshay Akshay
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  • Parameter Set "Differential Pair" and "Net Class" Not Printed

    Hi, I am using the "differential pair" and "Net Class" parameter sets in my schmematics a lot. During schematics input everything looks as it should on screen:     But when I print the schmatics to PDF u...
    Thomas Thanner
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  • Set default designator font

    How can I set the default font/size for designators on a board layout?  Or can I change all designator strings in one command? Thanks for any help,     Craig
    Craig Schultz
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  • PCB Services - Emails?

    Hi All,   Anyone know if PCB Servies can send out emails when a project has been updated/altered/deleted/created etc ?   BR Markus
    Markus Olsson
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  • solidworks için üye oldum ancak indiremiyorum neden? ve ücretsizmi?

    solidworks için üye oldum öğrenciyim ancak nasıl indireceğimi bilmiyorum. takdir edersiniz ki öğrenci olduğumdan ücretsiz olup olmadığını sormak isterim. covıd-19 virüsü nedeniyle ok...
    Mehmet Veysel Solmaz
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  • ComponentLink Parameter Pair, doesn't display

    I cant get this to work, i set up the pairs like this:       when i try and access by right-clicking on the part in the schematic there is no  References sub-menu. I had no problem getting the ...
    Peter Dikeman
    created by Peter Dikeman
  • Why are via stitching and pad teardrops not available in SolidWorks PCB?

    We use via stitching and pad teardrops in many of our previous Altium designs. Why are these features not available in SolidWorks PCB? 
    Glenn Wontorcik
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  • impossibile ottenere una licenza per solidworks standard "Nodo del server fermo o non risponde. (-96,7,11002)."

    La workstation funziona regolarmente in LAN ma quando mi collego da casa (con VPN) il programma va in errore. Il server delle licenze è pingabile e visibile. 
    Paolo Mutti
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  • Open New Project without PCB Services

    Do we have any chance to Open a New Project without connecting to the PCB Services?   We have Network licences in the company. If I am not at work, I can take a licence from the server, so can work at home/custo...
    Vladimir Hubik
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  • Error from localhost:9780: Cant open file C:\WINDOWS\TEMP.....

    I am getting the following error when trying to open a new project.   Can't make managed project "xxxxx.xxx". Error from localhost:9780: Can't open file 'C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\sharpsvn\servers': Access is denied ...
    Bruno Pupo
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