• SWPCB 2018 schematic making unwanted connections when dragging components

    When I move a component in a schematic, for some strange reason Solidworks PCB automatically connects any wires that happen to touch during the move. These automatic connections are unwanted and even dangero...
    Jonathan Hale
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  • Drag&drop routing component to existing 3D sketch

    Hi,    I am new to SW routing and have been tasked to find out if my company should start using this add-in for all projects in the future. Weldment is our current method to make piping. I have built u...
    Sondre Knapstad
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  • Use Altium DBLib library in SOLIDWORKS PCB

    Hi there,   Without access to the Altium vault library, I've been getting a bit frustrated managing libraries for passive components.   Currently, for various values of resistors/capacitors, I have to...
    Benjamin Griffiths
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  • SW PCB 2019 Supplier Search problem

    Anyone having error getting Digikey parts in Supplier Search? It says: "Digi-key Error: Invalid Partner Information"   NOTE: That error message in the picture is the best I can do. There are a bunch of glitches ...
    Tauheed Ahmed
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  • edit library in excel

    How can I create a lot of similar components in a spreadsheet and import them into an integrated library file?   For example, in Pads, I can create a hundred 1/4W through-hole resistors in a spreadsheet by copyi...
    Robin Vice
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  • 閉じるボタン 保存されない

    右上の閉じるボタンを押しても保存の画面が出ずに終了して 更新が保存されない
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  • download

    How do I download Solidwork PCB Design Software .exe file?
    Alpesh Borad
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  • Is there a way to panelize a pcb

    title says it is there a way to put 2 seperate pcbs into the same production file?
    Joe González
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  • sldprocmon.exe application error and crashes windows 10

    PC just hangs and need to reboot. Checked the event viewer and found the sldprocmon.exe application error. Any idea how to fix this issue ?
    Mahmudul Kazi
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  • Why does SW2020 not have the SWPCB collaboration add in and why can't I install it?

    Hi, Over the last year, I've been using SW2019 & SWPCB2019 without any issues. However, a couple of months ago we got new serial numbers for our team's SEK. I had upgraded my SW, SWPCB, and all of the necessary se...
    Berk Akarcalioglu
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  • What is the best way to save imported PCB boards in SW? Is that thru to save PCB as part?

    What is the best way to save imported PCB boards in SW? Is that thru to save PCB as part?
    Starboy Light
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  • Solidworks 2020-2021 PCB add-in missing

    I was wondering if anyone else has had this issue where I cannot find the SW PCB add-in in Solidworks CAD. Even in the installation manager it does not show up as a feature listed even though it is supposed to come wi...
    Kanoa Nakama
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  • Having a issue transferring from PCB to Solidworks, Can someone help?

    Hello all,           So just some background information, This board was imported from pads as ascii and txt files. This gave me both the board and schematics. I this was able to extrac...
    Lee Havens
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  • Is there a way to edit a group of nets at one time?

    Hello All,          I am trying to edit all nets to a larger size at one time, but I can't seem to find a way to do so. Is this even possible or do I have to edit all segments individually? O...
    Lee Havens
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  • Why do components overlap ?

    Hi,  For some reasons most of the components overlap with each other.  I have noticed different behaviours that seem to point out in the same direction :  - When being pulled from the schematic into ...
    Francois Sandrez
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  • Error when I try to edit simulation models

    Hi, I'm trying to get started with using the XSpice simulation functions in Solidworks PCB.  I set up a very basic RC circuit and added a sinusoidal voltage source.  I open the voltage source properties, and...
    Kathryn Marable
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  • how to create multiple integrated components under one folder

    How do you create a single folder recognised by solidworks PCB with integrated libraries of the components downloaded from Altium. so when you install the library its the same as (Miscellaneous Devices.IntLib) (e.g B...
    Nick Griffin
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  • Netlist naming management question

    So I currently have a project with multiple pages, and I am trying to make sure my netlist names are consistent. I have a netlist that is connecting a processor pin, with a d-sub connector pin, and along the path ther...
    Brian Gustafson
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  • Complex PCB File Donation...

    Many SW users encounter serious slow-downs when incorporating complex PCB boards in their mechanical assemblies.   I am doing a study on this impact. While I have quite a few samples coming from my customers I w...
    Alin Vargatu
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  • I bought solidworks from udemy and i am not able to take the certification test

    I bought a solidworks cwsa course through udemy and i am not able to take the certification test through the portal provided by the udemy company.  please help me to take the certification test
    Dhiraj M.
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