• HELP! Problem with solidworks pcb services installation

    I'm trying to install solidworks pcb services on my pc. The installation manager (solidworks 2020) requires me to install firebird 2.5, after I install the software, the installation manager says again that the s...
    Maor Ozana
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  • PCB Assembly with Designators

    Hi Community,   I pulled my PCB board assembly from the server but I missed the designators of the components. Does SW PCB support to have the desingator information in assembly file?   Also is it po...
    Bruce Sun
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  • Electro-Mechanical collaboration

    Say, User has one license of SolidWorks PCB but two designers switch the license based on the projects. Also one mechanical designer develops the mechanical designs and collaborates with the two PCB designers at diffe...
    Sindhu V. T.
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  • USB Type C

    Where can I get USB Type C components lib for schematics and PCB?
    Thein Oo
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  • autoincrement

    hi there,   auto-increment in solidworks pcb doesn't wroks, placed part present a designaotr like "J?"   what's the problem ?   regards  charly
    Charles Delepalire
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  • Delete Project from SVN server

    There are some empty or demo projects on our SVN server. Does anyone know how to remove there unused projects? I tried with the remove file from version control command but I can't remove the project entry when open "...
    Bruce Sun
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  • Routing on Internal Polygon pours?

    Is there a special way to route internal planes? First multi-layer board that have internal polygon pours, and just trying to run the battery traces on the power polygon pour but all i get is a complete short. Th...
    Lee Havens
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  • PCB and PDM

    Hey Guys,   How many of you have installed the PDM Connector for SOLIDWORKS PCB? What are your experiences so far? How has this helped you in your processes internally? How much time have you invested in creat...
    Markus Olsson
    created by Markus Olsson
  • SVN Issues!

    Hi All!   After a big Windows update I can no longer create a Project in PCB Services. Error is shown in the attached Picture. If I recall it has something to with the rights to write in certain folders. I can'...
    Markus Olsson
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  • SW PCB 2019  error message : "Failed to retrieve User. Error retrieve data from database"

    I just installed PCB 2019 and whenever I try to sign in I get an error message stating "Failed to retrieve User. Error retrieve data from database". This is occurring from both inside PCB itself and if I try to access...
    Rashid Rashid
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  • DRC: 'Net has no driving source' because of resistor in between

    Hi all,   How could I avoid these "false" warnings for cases where between an Output pin and and Input pin is some passive component, like a fuse or a resistor? I know there are some solutions like "specific NO ...
    Roger Rollins
    created by Roger Rollins
  • How to create a footprint from STEP file object

    I have to add a footprint to a PCB lib from which I only have a .step drawing (only the bottom layer visible now). I know it's not possible to import this type of file  directly into PCB. But if I could just plac...
    Roger Rollins
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  • Changing default font - how to set it

    Hi all,   In our company we use Verdana font for all documents. In SW PCB, Times New Roman is the default font. I already created an own company template SchDot with all set to Verdana. I set "System Font" in ea...
    Roger Rollins
    created by Roger Rollins
  • Windows dialog box fonts too small to read.

    Has anyone seen an issue with most all dialog box fonts whereby the fonts are too small to read? I am using a Microsoft Surface Book 2 which uses a default screen resolution of 3240 x 2160.  See attached.   bp
    Bruno Pupo
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  • How to exclude parts from Pick&Place list

    We have some parts on a PCB that should always be part of the BOM, part of the ERC, but must not be exported into the Pick and Place file. Because depending on the variant of the product, they are manually mounted or ...
    Roger Rollins
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  • Using Snippets in Solidworks PCB

    Does anyone know how to create a schematic and layout snippet in Solidworks PCB that can be reused for future designs?  I would like to have a standard schematic and layout for regulator circuit that can be reuse...
    Bruce Hicks
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  • Network Port setup for PCB Services

    Hi,   Which ports beside 9780 need to be open in the network for the Communication to work without hickups for PCB Services?
    Markus Olsson
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  • Altium - Solidworks PCB Connector

    Altium has released AD19.  It appears to no longer support locally hosted Vaults.    This is a problem for the PCB Connector, which uses Vaults to transfer information back and forth.   Does thi...
    Douglas George
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  • Word Add-ins Solidworks PDM Integration not loaded.

    Installed Solidworks 2019 SPD PDM Client and the Word add-in has issues: Message from "Com Add-ins" property sheet: "Load behavior: Not Loaded.  A runtime error occurred during the loading of the COM A...
    paul stewart
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  • Duplicate Pad designator detected in SW PCB Collaboration

    How to resolve this issue??  
    K. vigneshkumar
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