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Markus Olsson

Copper Editing!

Posted by Markus Olsson Feb 5, 2018

What if you have a complex shape and you want the copper-traces to follow that outline? The editing possibilities are far greater in the mechanical domain. Moving copper between the two domains would be a nice way forward for the Solidworks family. It would speed things up dramatically when it comes to certain type of products where the requirements for the copper traces are very exact and unique.


In the MCAD domain the copper-traces should be editable and with just a few clicks it should be possible to send the information to the ECAD domain and perform a Design Rule Check in that environment. What are your comments on this? Is this a great way forward? What kind of issues do you see that need to be resolved to get to this point? Please share!



Markus Olsson

Solidworks PCB Product Manager

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