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Andy Tovey
Good Morning.....I am fairly new at using Solidworks Plactics and I would like help creating a new material. I feel I hit the lottery when I received full material detail from my material supplier. With the 30 pages of data I'm not sure how to use the data to create a new material file. Can someone help me?   Also...…...Since I am new at using… (Show more)
in SOLIDWORKS Plastics
Sagar Zinzuvadiya
I’m  new to composite designing, as far as I have seen for every composite only surfacing is used and not a solid design approach, is it necessary to use only surfaces ? If so how do I ensure assembly of multiple composites in assembly mode of solid works without having thickness to avoid mismatch ?
in SOLIDWORKS Plastics
In this 15 minute video, Brian Zias (Senior Technical Manager, DS SOLIDWORKS) introduces the insights you can gain as a designer of plastic parts using SOLIDWORKS Plastics. You will learn: - What this Injection Molding Simulation Software can do - How you can use it as part of your design process -How it compares with physical results    … (Show more)
in SOLIDWORKS Plastics