• path mate motion study

    I have a trike assembly and i would like to move it around a corner of a road.  I used path mate to mate it to a sketch I was successful in mating it and giving it a path mate motor to move, but the whole assem...
  • servo motor simulation in timeline based motion study

    hi, I do not have sw simulation premium and so I just have motion study with a timeline and there is no event based motion study in my sw motion.  recently I have a project in which some servo motors are used a...
    Ray Tajaly
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  • Changing dimension over time in motion study

    Hello all, I have been trying to recreate this animation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JWQSj4A_BkI&t=1s However, I am currently stuck with the changing of dimension over time, is there anybody out there will ...
    Zhicheng Lin
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  • Number of new element states 2 doesn't match number of old ones (3)

    I've been at this for hours. Searched the forum as far as I could. This question has been asked but no one offered a solution. What causes this error in a motion study and how can it be corrected?
    Jeremy Grigsby
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  • Pipe / wire bending animation/ simulation

    Hi, Please watch the video from attached link   Wire Bending Animation - YouTube    48. Paperclip Maker mechanism || free download 3D model - YouTube    I made a similar system. Now I need...
    Suhail P.
    created by Suhail P.
  • Problem with motion study with two rotary motors

    Hi All,   attached file is a complete mechanism for turning over a sheet metal. i tried to use motion study to analyse the forces and torques but something is wrong. the motion analysis has not been complete yet...
    Ray Tajaly
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  • hello everyone any body can help me about motion in solidworks? I just wanna to make carpet scrooling motion please help!! Feel free to get contact by mail : srcnaydemir@gmail.com  Stay safe and healthy xxx

    hello everyone any body can help me about motion in solidworks? I just wanna to make carpet scrooling motion please help!! Feel free to get contact by mail : srcnaydemir@gmail.com  Stay safe and healthy xxx
    Sercan Aydemir
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  • Motion study animation error

    I have done exposed view of three sub assembly than animation of three sub assembly is seen correct than go the final assembly ( combine three sub assembly). The animation is not correct (bolt rotation is not concentr...
    Mukesh Kumar
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  • In motion study animation bolt rotation should not be concentric, it rotate as ovel. What should be done to correct it.

    I have done exploded view than in animation bolt should not be rotate concentric, it shuld be rotate as a ovel. What should I do. 
    Mukesh Kumar
    created by Mukesh Kumar
  • Rotated exploded steps don't show in animation

    I am currently working on a breakdown animation of an assembly in SolidWorks 2017 and am having issues with using the animation wizard. First I create all the exploded steps. Then I use the animation wizard and click...
    Keagan Standifer
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  • My motion study is incredibly broken

    Basically, mates are flipping around as shown in the video. ^   Points of interest are: 1 The scissor going back and forth 2 The whole cart flipping around just before it goes over the threshold 3 The whole c...
    Bodhi de Brabander
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  • Motion Analysis not available in SolidWorks 2010 Premium

    I am new to solidworks and have been going through the tutorials.  I am trying to do the motion study tutorial but I am having trouble.  I don't have Motion Analysis listed in the type of study dropdown....
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  • Error: Number of new element states 2 doesn't match number of old ones, 3.

    Hi   I'm trying to run a motion analysis on an assembly. About 0.2s into the simulation, I get an error message saying:   Number of new element states 2 doesn't match number of old ones, 3.    ...
    John Munroe
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  • Constant speed motor, the speed is not constant. What am I doing wrong?

    I have an assembly with two moving parts. I apply a "constant speed rotary motor" one between ground and part one, and another between part 1 & part 2. But when I look at the results, the speed is not constant. Wh...
    Mats Lindqvist
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  • Peculiar motion analysis behavior

    Hi evereryone,   I'm new here but i'll try to be as consise as possible.   The problem is this: Whenever is try to run my motion analysis i get the following error.   At time   ...
    Bram Janssen
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  • whenever i try to export the MOTION STUDY or animation to custom resolution (other than the Sollidworks screen), i get the black screen in the video

    When i try to export the Animation or motion study using any of the built-in scenes or just colors at custom resolution (other than solidworks screen), i get the black screen in the exported video..Check out the attac...
    Awais Arif
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  • How to add assembly mates to the motion study?

    Hi!   I'm working on a motion study and try to figure out how to add an assembly mate to the motion study. When creating a new motion study it includes all assembly mates. When creating a new assembly mate it is...
    Michael Uhrig
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  • Problems with Coulomb Damping

    I am trying to do a motion analysis for this pawl pusher mechanism. Currently the problem I'm having is that there seems to be almost negligible friction damping, leading to the pawls pushing the basket to and fro. I ...
    Pranav Nalawade
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  • Linking One Configuration to One Motion Study

    I would like to generate motion study animations for multiple configurations and have the results of these be mutually exclusive (one motion study animation per one configuration). In the Solidworks Documentation[[201...
  • Dynamic Balancing

    Hi,   I've got an assembly with a few parts rotating around a main axis of rotation and would like to plot the center of mass of the assembly. I am able to create these plots for all of the parts, but I can't f...
    Stephen Mounioloux
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