• Rotated exploded steps don't show in animation

    I am currently working on a breakdown animation of an assembly in SolidWorks 2017 and am having issues with using the animation wizard. First I create all the exploded steps. Then I use the animation wizard and click...
    Keagan Standifer
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  • Newbie needs Motion Study help - Redundant Mates and wrong torque

    As the title says, I'm a newbie to SW Motion (and SW as well, really). I want to do some pretty detailed motion studies, so I decided to try some tutorials first to get a better understanding of how Motion works. I di...
    Douglas Kimber
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  • Motion Study won't update with changes and other general issues

    I've created a simple assembly with a screw and nut (acme thread, for a linear actuator). The parts are mated so that the nut accurately traverses the nut when rotated.   When I add a motor in motion study I can...
    Nathan Huber
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  • Negative inertia

    Hello, well I've been using SolidWorks to do a spider robot with 8 legs (4 on each side) (the legs are crank-rocker mechanism) I tried to see the motion analysis using only 4 legs just on one side to see that everythi...
    Adel Saade
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  • Making a rope follow a cam?

    Working with a compound bow and I would like to model the motion profile as the wire rope gets pulled and rotates the cam. (In real life it does move the cam pivot position due to the limbs flexing, but I'm trying to ...
    Jacob Picolet
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  • How to make a model float in water

    I am currently doing a project in which I need to create an animation of a bath toy floating (and possibly swimming!). I am unsure how I should go about doing this. I've worked out how to make the fins, that will prop...
    Alex Baker
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  • Solidworks Animation Related...

    Hi All,   I have an assembly which contains 3 Sub-assemblies...   When I create a Motion, do I have to turn-off all the Mates (Constraints)??? And where would be the option to turn-off those Mates (Constra...
    Jay Dave
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  • falling test is not real

    hi guys i simulated a simple falling of a ball on a plate. i have expected that  after balls contact, it would be jump up and down alternatively. but unfortunately it fall and then stop. the attached file is my...
    Ehsan Hoseinkhani
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  • Trying to simulate and capture the vibrational amplitude/ acceleration (in three direction X, Y & Z)

    Hi, I am trying to simulate/capture the vibrational amplitude/ acceleration (in three direction X, Y & Z) in an assembly consists with 3 Ball bearings, 3 bearing housings (will be fixed on a plane), 1 Shaft, &...
    Md Sobug Mia
    created by Md Sobug Mia
  • Motion Analysis

    When I apply "Motion Analysis" on an Assembly and Start to Calculate, it gives me this Statement "Failure to satisfy velocity initial conditions.  A probable cause is an over-specification of initial velocities o...
    Sherif Soliman
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  • Linear Motion does not work

    Hi,   I wanted to do a basic linear motion on an assembly by following the video on youtube (SolidWorks Motion Manager - Drag Motion - YouTube ) as I am new to solidworks.   I am getting this message. What...
    Wilbert Flora
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  • Chain array motion?

    Can you make a chain array move in a motion study around a belt? Picture a cleated conveyor belt? The motion study says you can use "Anything but free", however "Free" is the only one that appears to move the entire a...
    Matt Juric
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  • Linear motor problem.

    Attached is an assembly with two parts. I've been messing with this in a larger assembly for the last couple days. For some reason the linear motor is not working for me. It works in the animation but not in the motio...
    Matt Juric
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  • I want to make an animation of collapsing the assembly using fading out the parts. How can I do that ?

    I want to make an animation of collapsing the assembly using fading out the parts. i want step by step part appears and get the position and assembled to their path.
    Aashish Jain
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  • Animation Wizard - Explode or collapse incorrect part spacing and duration results

    Topic: Motion Studies, Animation Wizard, Explode or Collapse Assistance is welcomed! Description of undesired results:   After an exploded view sequence is generated in a SW assembly model a new motion study is...
    Steve Kunz
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  • Determining torque required by a motor using motion analysis?

    Can I run my set-up by anyone? It would be greatly appreciated as I've never done a motion analysis before. What I've done is made a rough mock-up of an assembly as one part in order to do a motion analysis because wh...
    Scott Jevne
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  • Solidworks motion analysis bug in motor torque

    Solidworks results for motor torque of a power screw raising and lowering a load are the same. Analytical calculations according to SHIGLEY, the torque should be different. The website Power Screws shows how to calcul...
    Cleiton Camilo
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  • Multiple Rotary Motors Failing

    I'm trying to run a motion analysis to simulate a spacecraft rotating without being in space. It's a very basic model and I'm just using it to show a physical description and the motion that is intended. I'm trying to...
    Ryan Walker
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  • Initial position in duplicated motion study

    Hello All!   I have Created a motion analysis, and duplicated it, so I could use the same study but with a different initial position. My problem is that in the duplicated study, when I ran an analysis, solidwo...
    gil maor
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  • adding variables to motion analysis function builder

    Hello All,   Is it possible to add information from mass/section/global variables properties and use it in motion analysis function builder ?   Thanks!   Gil,
    gil maor
    created by gil maor