• Motion study

    Hi, I prepared 3D assembly in SW,but I don't know how to support it with "Motion study". Can somebody help me?
    Mirko Žohar
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  • Help with Motion study

    I prepared 3D assembly, but I don´t know how to support it with Motion study. Please, help.
    Mirko Žohar
    created by Mirko Žohar
  • I am getting this error while running a motion analysis for 3D 4-sided flasher. Can someone please explain this error?

     I am performing a motion analysis on the 4-sided flasher shown below. I am applying rotary actuation to the center square panel to unfold the flasher. I am also applying contact for all the components so that no...
    David Baldears
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  • Rotated exploded steps don't show in animation

    I am currently working on a breakdown animation of an assembly in SolidWorks 2017 and am having issues with using the animation wizard. First I create all the exploded steps. Then I use the animation wizard and click...
    Keagan Standifer
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  • Importing Data to Motion Study

    I am on a FSAE team and we have sensors which allow us to measure the motion of the wheels. This directly relates to a specific distance between two points in our cad model. I can make a motion study of the vehicle an...
    Julian Sowa
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  • Simulation of Arrow in Solidworks in Motion Study

    I am trying to simulate an the projectile motion of an arrow launching. But so far the arrow did not follow the shape of the arrow or the center of mass of the arrow. I just started in SOLIDWORK so I am not sure what ...
    Hong Jian Tan
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  • Is it possible to calculate eigenmodes and corresponding eigenfrequencies, of a rigid body supported by springs, in Solidworks Motion Simulation (ie. not FEA, but rigid body mechanics)?

    This is a trivial example, but hypothetically you can have one or several rigid bodies suspended/connected with linear springs (and dampers). I'm not interested (at this stage) in elastic deformations of the respectiv...
    Mats Lindqvist
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  • How to get this motion in solidworks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_vWezNG0l8g

    we are trying to get the motion shown in the above you tube link
    Ashwin Kumar
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  • Simulation of hollow inflatable beam

    I am trying to model/simulate a hollow inflatable beam, which is air-tight and constraint by fibers (inextensible). So the main idea is to have a basic hollow cylinder with thins walls. This cylinder should be filled ...
    Dion De Greef
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  • Car crash with bumper and shock spring

    Hi Team,   I want to simulate like in video with SOLIDWORKS motion: Car crash with bumper and shock spring | SolidWORKS 2017 Assembly | Motion Animation Tutorial - YouTube  I want to simulate the bump...
    Tien Do Van
    created by Tien Do Van
  • Why does my chain keep breaking apart during my motion study?

    I am trying to do a motion study for my chain and sprocket mechanism but my chain keeps breaking apart when I'm doing my motion analysis. Why does my chain keep breaking apart during my motion study? How can I fix tha...
    Diego Consuegra
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  • Why are my components flying away during motion analysis

    Why are my components flying away during motion analysis? When I"m running a motion analysis my chain links are flying away. I used the Chain Pattern command to create the total chain. When I run the study, my sprocke...
    Herman Pardon
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  • Motion Analysis for a Replication of a Steam Train

    Hi,  I am trying to replicate a walschaerts valve gear animation from a steam train however when I run the motion the analysis the simulation does not follow the correct path.  From the simulation it i...
    Harris Maxwell
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  • Coincident Mates relation is lost in animation if floated

    Hi dear Friends, I am not a professional but attending some courses for Solidworks and getting my experience in such a way. Therefore I have a question regarding animations by SOLIDWORKS. I am sure, you could help me....
    Tadeus Atraskevic
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  • Animation render

    Hi, I have a problem with render an animation. When i normally start a rendertask, everything is fine. But when i want to schedule the same task to finish many animations at night, then there will be 10x times more f...
    Leon Greiner
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  • Having issue fading parts and assemblies in Solidworks 2019 motion studies

    I'm working on a bunch of animations at the moment and noticed that I can no longer get parts or assemblies to fade in or out gradually in a motion study. I've done this a thousand times in the past, but it just doesn...
    Jeremy Langdon
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  • How can I hide a component during a few second in animation or motion study?

    Hi dears How can I hide a component during a few second in animation or motion study? I'm doing an animation and want one component to hide over in 2 second, both key points are there but nothing happens until the ti...
    Bel Shaw
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  • Any way to animate feature development of a part?

    Hi everyone, I've just finished designing a cool and relatively complex single part in SOLIDWORKS. I'm wondering if there's a way to create an animation which would kind of scrub through the progress of the part's dev...
    Connor H.
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  • Animate changes Mates and does not allow to move part

    Hi Guys,   I have a problem.   1. Open Assembly Drawing. 2. Try to move PEM-M-22-138-0 Swing Mirror Holder & AMETEK motor shaft You will notice the direction that they are going? 3. Click on the Motio...
    Wilbert Flora
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  • Interference Sensor Not Working

    Quick problem that I believe that will be easy to solve:   I have an event based motion analysis, and want to stop the study when there's some interference. The interference I need to detect is a component falli...
    Dara Kong
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